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Traveling with children

I have a new guest blog post up over at MSN’s Mom’s Homeroom, in honor of an upcoming episode of traveling with children.  Other wise known as, My Next Nervous Breakdown.  See if you can recognize my dream invention for my van.  Something we’ve been bantering about on this blog for years.

The patent is pending.  So far, Honda is not going for it.  Pity.

5 Responses to Traveling with children

  • Loved the guest post, and loved seeing a picture of you. Hardly recognized you without the cucumbers. (Oh, I am sure I am the first person to say that in history.)

  • As a childhood sufferer of car sickness, you have my sympathy. My kids and I have had great luck with Sea Bands for eliminating motion sickness. They are kind of tricky yo get the positioning correct, but so worth the effort, as I can read in the car for the first time in my life!

    We travel 8 hours to Nana’s house several times a year, and stop at the same Burger King for some gross motor output. Our plan is grownups sit and eat, read the paper, relax, while kids run, climb and make loud noises. Then we order the kid’s food on the way out the door, and they eat as we drive. This gives us a break, them some wiggle time, and then an activity as we go!

  • Ya’ mean Honda won’t go for built in motion sickness bags? It would be better yet if they supply ones that clean themselves. Or perhaps, a built in potty room so no stopping is needed?

  • Although we don’t have any motion sickness problems in our family, I certainly feel your pain. I can’t imagine if we could only travel a little ways away from where we live. We would barely be out of our county and we have done ‘where we live’ to death. Good luck keeping it fun and keeping the van umm clean. Ahem! : )

  • I have mentioned that partioned in comments to you before. I think the minivan companies are afraid it seems cruel to have them and how would they market them without sounding harsh. So I think they need to have some secret code word for it so those of us interested could add that feature on!! LOL