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Toy Story 3-D

On Saturday we went to see Toy Story 3 in 3-D.  This was the first time ever that the Fiddle family went to see an entire movie.  Together.  The last time I attempted to take all 3 children to a movie theatre was when Jensen was 3.

This was the exciting period of his life when he could do nothing but scream if he were trapped indoors.  We had gone to see a free showing of Candy Land, and lasted a full 3 minutes.  I left the girls with their Aunt and cousins, while I paraded Jensen around the building.

If it had been the walls of Jericho, we would have blown a trumpet.

So I was a little trepidatious about the outing.  Even though the screaming phase has mercifully passed. You just don’t get over something like that easily.

We negotiated the stairs with my crutches, and found suitable seating on an aisle with a railing in front of us so that I could prop my bad leg up without fear of anyone tripping over it.  We arrived in time for the previews, which incidentally were also in 3-D.  We all donned our groovy 3-D eyewear, compliments of the $10 price tag that came with each ticket, and thoroughly enjoyed the preview of the upcoming “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” which is due out in December.

This was perhaps my favorite book of the Narnia series, so the anticipation is great.

I think the thing that I enjoyed the most about Toy Story 3, was catching sidelong glances at my son, who spent the entirety of the movie leaning forward in his seat, eyes glued to the screen behind 3-D glasses, while he furiously sniffed of his Blues Clues Blanket.  A comforting coping mechanism that I will sorely miss when he is 18 and finally grows out of it.

It was a lovely movie.  A bit intense at moments, but the ending is heart warming.

My only mis-giving was the sticker shock at the price tag of a family of 5 attending a 3-D movie.  And to add insult to injury, the theatre asked for the glasses back as we exited the theatre.  We could have seen in in regular old 2-D, but we were seeking a more exciting adventure.  Because that’s how we roll.

However, the exciting adventure occurred when we left the theatre.  As we climbed into the van, Jensen announced that he didn’t feel well.  This is one of my children who is prone to motion sickness.  Perhaps the 3-D experience wasn’t the best of our ideas.

We made it through the drive-thru of Steak & Shake, because we hadn’t spent nearly enough money on our date.  I knew Jensen was serious when he declined the offer of chicken strips and a shake.  GUN IT.  We made it home in record speed, all the while Jensen held fast to his little blue car-sick bag, kept for moments of emergency.

We made it home, and Fiddledaddy had the brilliant idea of putting Jensen in our bed.  ON MY SIDE.  Moments later we remembered what Jensen had eaten for lunch.  But thankfully, after many well rehearsed moments, he hit the throw-up bucket.  And all was well with the world.

I don’t think we’ll be seeing any more 3-D movies in my lifetime.  In fact, I believe that we’ll just wait for all future movies to come to our local library in DVD form.

So. Have you seen Toy Story 3, and ‘fess up, did you cry like a little girl?

To answer your question, yes.  Yes, I did.

23 Responses to Toy Story 3-D

  • We saw it on Father’s Day but in 2D. Charlie wouldn’t wear the 3D glasses from our visit to the theater last summer seeing Toy Story/Toy Story 2 double feature so we didn’t bother with it this time. Loved the movie! And I didn’t cry but I definitely sniffed and had a lump in my throat. I was rooting for the attic I’m ashamed to say.

    • Elizabeth,
      I have to admit I was rooting for the attic as well. Mostly because that’s where I stored my beloved Barbies when I was ashamed to publicly play with them at the formidable age of 12. When I had my 2 girls, I delighted in dragging out the ones that survived all of those years in the Texas heat for them to play with. The ones from the 60’s were of particularly hearty stock. This admission solidifies it. I’m a goober. 🙂

  • I took my two, (3 and 5) on opening day. We all loved it, and yes I did cry. I thought they did a great job. We didn’t do the 3D though. I knew neither of my kids would enjoy it, so we skipped that part.

  • We have seen several 3D movies over the last year. Our theater offers 10AM movies on Wednesday and Saturday. These are only $4 to attend unless they are 3D then it’s two extra dollars for glasses that they strongly suggest you recycle( I say strongly suggest because ever 10ft there is a cardboard box for you to put your used glasses in). I have noticed that the more animated the movie the worse I feel after watching. Toy Story 3 was special to us. Our oldest, soon to turn 14, loved the first Toy Story movie. We have one more year of Jr. High and then he’s off to High School and then in a blink college. So, I cried watching the movie, it’s hitting a little too close to home for this Mama.

  • I bawled.

    Also our first move as an entire family of five. Very fun. We went to a matinee — no 3D for us. It didn’t seem worth the extra money this time.

    Great movie. I hope Hollywood is paying attention: make a clean, family-friendly movie of high quality, and lots of people will go!!

  • I have a 15 year old that is 3 years from graduating college…it hit a little close to home for me! I cried and my husband sat there and rubbed my leg for me. =(

    I wasn’t rooting for the attic. The scene where he gives the toys to the little girls was so heart-felt and touching…I think it was the best ending.

    My favorite part though, when Buzz gets reset to spanish. Hilarious!

  • Yes I cried like a baby. Whats funnier is my children are only two and four, but as I looked at the screen and then back at my children I saw them growing rapidly before my eyes and then my crying turned to panicky thoughts of graduation and college and weddings and the fact that I’m not ready!!!! Fortunately the movie then ended and I returned to partial sanity. lol

  • So I guess we’re the only ones who go on a “date afternoon” to see a kid movie, without the kid!?! Hehehe. Our Cole is 1 and we dropped him off after church with the Grandparents so that we could have lunch and see TS3.

    We did 3D, but ONLY b/c it was the time that worked for us. I think it’s pretty ridiculous that everything is coming out in 3D now that doesn’t really “need” to be. Unless you’re a big ole special effect movie,you can do without it… my humble opinion.

    Yes, I bawled… Several times, the last 10 minutes or so. I couldn’t decide if I should come home and savor the fact I’m a pack rat and have tons of my old toys in our basement where they are revisited randomly every few years or if I should donate them to be played with for their own good?! 🙂 My husband confessed to it making him sad thinking that eventually Cole will head off to college one day too, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise. (my PawPaw use to say that) I told him since Cole turned 1 a few weeks ago, we were good for awhile 😉

  • Yes, and yes. My 16 and 18 year old sons took me to see it on Saturday for my birthday, but they didn’t spring for the 3-D version, which was fine with because I usually react to 3-D movies the same as Jensen.

    It really touched us because my oldest will be starting college this fall. He was 3 when the first Toy Story came out so the timeline of his life paralled Andy’s. Fortunately, he is going to community college for the first two years so he’s not leaving home yet 🙂

  • We went to see it in 3D this weekend, as well. I had been forewarned, so I knew it would be a tear producing machine. I told myself I would be strong and keep my big girl panties on. I was wrong. I sniffed and choked all through it.
    My kids are not close to leaving for college. Well, they are, but it’s a little ways away. No, my problem is that I am going back to work today, after being a stay at home mom for the past twelve years. I have homeschooled both of my kids for the past five of those years, so this weekend was bitter sweet for me. I spent some time with each of them, making sure they understand what the plan is, how I need their help, and how Daddy and I will be there for them, even as we both work.
    As for the movie, I did hear that it wasn’t necessary to see it in 3D. I wish we hadn’t. It didn’t really seem worth the extra $3 per person. But since grandma paid for us all, I didn’t complain.

  • We saved our pennies and quarters (and a few dollars) for 6 months in anticipation of this film! Then made a trip to the bank sorting machine and found out we had enough for popcorn and 3-D! Yippee. At the end, as the lights came up, RockyDaddy looked over to see three of his girls sniffling. Truth be told, I was sobbing along with RockyK and RockyE. RockyDaddy exclaimed, “This was supposed to be family FUN night!”. The funny part is that I cried at the expected “son is all packed for college part”. K and E bawled because Big Baby never found her mother. They’re having a hard time gettting over that. RockyA loved the movie at mostly rolls her eyes along with RockyDaddy at our tears (:

  • We saw it in 3-D and I felt it was worth the extra money to get the full effect. Technology has come such a long way from the junky 3-D movies that came out when I was a kid.

  • Yep, cried like a baby. It was a great movie! We saw it in 3D, and I wasn’t excited about the extra $2 it cost. However, this will be in our library when it comes out. I will watch this again.

  • Saw it yesterday, regretting the 3-D, but not regretting the precious time just the 3 of us (left the baby napping with friends).
    Yes, my eyes were just leaking when Andy & mom surveyed his empty room…but as a reformed clutterer, I am so happy his toys will be loved & played with instead of shut in the attic!

  • We did not spring for the 3-D version, because my daughter wears glasses and just can’t adjust to putting the 3-D on top of those. They also each had friends, so I was not gonna spend a week of grocery money on the movies, the popcorn alone was $9.75 for one bag. I feel like a grandma for saying this next line BUT I remember when popcorn and a drink were FIVE DOLLARS, and we thought that was bad.
    And to answer your question. Yep. I cried. With my son sitting next to me with his 10 year old self and my remembering his absolute favorite toy was his Buzz. He had this cute little costume when he was little, and he would raise his arm and yell, “IFFINININIIIIOOOONNN” eighty times a day.

  • I so cried like a baby. I only took one child because my older two were both gone. And since my oldest will go to college in 2 years…I double cried. Once when the toys didn’t go and once when Andy said good-bye. My eleven year old thought I was crazy.

    My favorite character… Big Baby! I sometimes look at my son and say, “Big Baby Rocks” and again he just shakes his head!

  • I sent hubs and the two boys for “free” to the 3-D showing. Got my “free” tickets by buying 18 boxes of frosted shredded wheat. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie when it comes out on DVD. I’m also looking forward to eating something for breakfast besides sawdust.

    Last movie I saw in the theater was “Cars” with a 2YO who couldn’t sit through it. And I did the same thing. Paced the halls with him while the rest of the family enjoyed the film. Mmm-hmmm.

    So I have vowed to not return to the theater until all the kids are 5+ and money starts growing on trees. 😀

  • Everyone I know that has seen it said it was wonderful and they all cried. We are actually going this Friday to see it and for reasons you can totally understand we will be seeing it in 2-D.

  • We saw it this weekend, but not in 3-D and yes, I bawled like a big ole baby for the last five minutes of the movie!!

    Also saw half an hour worth of previews for movies that are all in 3-D. We’ll probably end up seeing most at some point, but usually in 2-D because the 3-D theatre is not as close to our house!! My recommendation in the future is to just go to the 2-D version of the movies. You don’t lose anything by seeing it this way, trust me because there are some movies we’ve seen both versions and you’ll get the enjoyment of the show without the vomiting attached!

  • Yes, we saw it on Saturday…in 3D. I would be the mom at the counter with the Joan Crawford eyes when she was about to go at someone with a wire hanger when they told me what they charged my card.

    We saw the movie. We did not get popcorn. We did not get dye-contaminated frozen beverages. We went commando. I didn’t even know 2D was an option because let me tell you – we’d have seen it in that version and I’d have told the shorties to cross their eyes and imagine it was 3D without the glasses. $40 for four – insane.

    Loved the movie though and re-committed myself to keeping Jessie, Buzz, Buzz2 and Woody forevah. They will go the way of my Barbie’s (some from the 60’s ::faints::) and be lovingly put away until another shorty, preferrably with the handle “grand”, wants to play with them.

    There might have been some choking action at the end. Someone might have been grateful for the dark glasses at that point.

    P.S. Our preview was The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. We lamented that we didn’t get Voyage of the Dawn Treader. We did get, however, Tangled and can I just say….the 9 year old and I are totally catching that on $5 Tuesday as soon as it comes out.

  • We took our two youngest (4 & 5) for the very first time (for some reason, the 13 year old opted to stay home. go figure.). We went on opening night to the DRIVE IN. It was better than I remembered! The kids loved the movie, and so did their parents.

    I did not cry, but was actually happy for the gang. They have so many new adventures to look forward to! I did hear part of an interview with the guy who voiced Andy (can you believe he’s 25?!) and he admitted to having a difficult time getting through that part.

  • We took all five kids to see it on my son’s 10th birthday! We did not go to the 3D version because quite honestly it cost us a mint to just see it in plain old 2D!! LOL

    Both my husband and I cried (once when Andy’s mom comes into his nearly empty room, once in the inferno and then at the end). We are big babies. My son cried at the scene with Big Baby and the heart.

  • We finally saw it today. I didn’t cry but that was only because I held it in. If I had been watching alone I would have been sobbing! I have to admit I loved Big Baby. She reminded me of the baby dolls I would get for Christmas when I was little. I was glad when she looked happy at the end. I thought they weren’t going to tell us what happened to her. Andy and Molly fighting sounded just like my 15 year old son and 12 year old daughter LOL! My son is 3 years away from leaving for college and that scene when they walk in Andy’s room was big “lump in the throat” time. It was sort of sad to me to see Andy give his toys away but at the same time you could see the little girl AND the toys were happy. Nice ending!