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A Bloggy Make-Over

As I approach the 4th anniversary of Fiddledeedee, I knew I was in need of a blog re-do.  Fiddledaddy has been dangling the new Thesis WordPress Theme carrot in front of my face, seducing me with the technological wonderfulness of it all.  Yes, but will it tell me I’m pretty?

I’ve been dragging my feet about the whole thing.  Because change?  I am not a fan.  But last week we discovered that my site had been hacked into by all manner of disreputable pharmaceutical spambots.  Therefore lighting a fire under Fiddledaddy’s office chair to quickly change the theme, since Thesis is a more sound and secure WordPress venue.

Does it sound like I know what I’m talking about?  Because I really have no idea.

After a good deal of tweaking, trial & error, and an Excedrin or 15, we’ve finally worked out a new design.  And by we, I mean that Fiddledaddy presents me with his hard work, and I either approve it or violently shake my head NO.  And then add my twenty cents.  And then go fetch him some more Excedrin.  Or wine.  Or both.

The basics are all together now, and we just need to make a few buttons and adjustments.  Again, I’ll just point and nod my head.  Although, I must say that with this new theme, even I am able to go into the back end of my blog and change stuff without fear of bringing the entire internet to a grinding halt.

I’m making a few changes while I’m at it.  I’ve added a homeschool section in my toolbar for homeschooling resources and links that I love.  Also, because so many people have asked about it, I added Atopic Dermatitis as a Category, so that Jensen’s journey and what methods of treatment we use can be more easily found.

I’ll likely be constantly tweaking and rearranging the furniture until I get it just the way I like it.  So bear with me.

So, whaddaya think?

11 Responses to A Bloggy Make-Over

  • I love WordPress and have been very happy with it. Glad you kept your Fiddledeedee icon in the tub. Wouldn’t have been the same without her. And the color scheme is cheery. It will take me a while to get used to the new sidebars–where everything is; but press on, it’s coming together.

  • Me thinks I will be getting a lot of use out of both of those categories! And it’s different, but I’ll adapt. If I have to.

  • Looks good to me! But I’m not a computer techie guru type of gal. I seriously need to redo my blog, switch to wordpress, etc. *sigh* just more stuff to add to my To Do/Save Up For list.

  • I like it. It’s crisp and clean and easy to read. It also loads a lot faster, which is a plus. Unlike Elle, I don’t have the Fiddledeedee icon in the tub, but I can live without her (and maybe that’s what was making it load so slowly before). Good work, Mr. and Mrs. Fiddledeedee! 🙂

  • Love love love it!!! (And I haven’t even seen everything on a pc yet.) I subscribe to your feed on my blackberry and then link thru that to read the full post. There used to be a ton of ads and info to scroll through before your post. NOW, the posts are much closer to the top! Yay. Have I mentioned that I love it?

  • I love it thus far! Nice, bright, clean and airy! Hope you are feeling better and better each day. Cailey as well!

  • I love the new look! Bright and fresh. Hope your knee is on the mend too.

  • Wow. Y’all have a lot going on at the house of Fiddle.

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new theme. It loaded in a split second which is about nineteen and a split seconds quicker than the last theme. Oh, I kid. Kinda.

    I love the little flowers and the buttons, too! Very nice! Fiddledaddy did a great job!

  • I like it! Pink and flowers. Perfection. : )

  • Anything with more pink and green wins my vote! It looks great and easy to navagate. I bow down to you and fiddledeedaddy. I can don’t do excederin…so I had to hire someone for my site. I still feel lame and am always firing off questions. But slooowwwly I learn. Great job.

  • It’s easy on the eyes, so me likey!