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The Walking Wounded

Cailey’s surgery to remove her Thyroglossal cyst was last Thursday, and she is making a remarkable recovery.  And being such a good sport about it all.  And by good sport, I mean that she’s still wearing the same pajamas that she wore home from the surgery FOR 4 DAYS NOW, refusing to bathe or change.  And even though she has the strength to stand and play the Wii, the mere mention of resuming her daily chores cause her to lie down on the couch, will herself pale, and sigh in exhaustion.

She has found a way to keep herself amused though.  Which I’ll get to in a second.  She sports a large gauze bandage on the front of her neck.  This conceals the Frankenstein-like stitches, and subsequent drain which resembles a small straw sticking out of her neck.

The most difficult part of this whole ordeal for Cailey has been the tape that is used to keep the gauze in place.  Every time she has to remove it for bandage changing, there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth.  We have resorted to using two simple bandaids with low adhesive.

And by “we”, I mean Fiddledaddy.  He is in charge of all bandage changing.  Since I’m still dealing with nausea and whathaveyou from my own surgical ordeal.  Which, btw, I’ve been released from the leg brace and am now free to move about the house on crutches.  Goodbye priceless family heirlooms.

Anyhoo.  We know when Cailey’s gauze needs to be changed when blood begins to soak through the pad.  Cailey has discovered a whole new means of terrorizing her little brother by alerting him to the fact that her bandage is soiled.  She follows him around making the Zombie face, one arm outstretched, the other pointing to the offensive seeping wound.

He responds by gagging, running and screaming, and finally yelling, “DAD, CAILEY’S BANDAID NEEDS TO BE CHANGED, IT’S GETTING GROSS!”

I have to hand it to her, she really is creative in her attempts to exact revenge on her siblings.  I’ve enjoyed chronicling some of my favorites from time to time.

And to make things even more exciting around here, Jensen began campaigning for a baby brother recently.  My body involuntarily responded by throwing itself headlong into menopause.  Replete with hot flashes.  Lots and lots of hot flashes.  AND MOOD SWINGS.  Just as Emme is firmly ensconced in puberty.  And all the joys THAT entails.

A virtual Fun House, that’s where I live.

Fiddledaddy is out shopping for more bandaging materials.  And I suspect that a bottle of wine, or two, will appear in the shopping cart.  I offered the use of my Always Feminine Pads, in lieu of gauze and bandages, to save us a little money. You know, since I likely won’t be needing them much longer.   And I reasoned that the adhesive strip is already applied.

My idea was shot down.  I cannot understand why the people I live with won’t embrace my frugal ways.

Happy Monday everyone!

4 Responses to The Walking Wounded

  • Ahh…thanks for the chuckle. Your idea of multi-use pads reminded me of a girlfriend in 6th grade who was mortified by her mother’s use of them to help paper train a puppy. Glad everyone is on the mend!

  • Sooooo glad that she is recovering and doing well! Does she get that drama from her mama? Must be the “actor” in her….it’s in the blood! If the bandaids are not working we use an adhesive remover when we change Nikki’s site and have to remove the old one. It is called TacAway and there is another brand called UniSolve. Both are great and if we didn’t use them we would have A LOT of tears at our house. They come individually wrapped like an alcohol pad. We get it mailed to us, but I bought some UniSolve at a pharmacy local once. Email me if you want more details. It really does work great.

  • I’m glad to hear that everyone is on the mend…or sort of on the mend. At any rate, I hope the sick and infirmed are healed soon.

    I thought of you the other day when I actually told our older son that we were “feathering our nest” in the Target bathroom! Ha!

  • Are you CERTAIN that it’s the onset of menopause and not just a due to the emotions surrounding your surgery, Cailey’s surgery and the general chaos that is the obvious result of mom being out of commission?