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A Leg Up

It occurs to me as I stare at the same 4 walls while on mandatory immobility for 14 days, that my ability to harness blog fodder is at an all time low.

Car trips to anywhere other than doctors appointments are nearly non-existent due to difficulty maneuvering the offending leg.  We discovered this when Fiddledaddy attempted to wrench me into the van after surgery.

My leg cast extends from the bottom of my calf to the top of my thigh.  It is removable, but only for a beloved daily shower and an hourly icing using my industrial sized ice pack.  It doesn’t matter really though, since I can’t bend my leg at all.

Thankfully, Fiddledaddy brought the van to pick me up.  I would have had to be roped onto the hood had he brought the Prius.  After moving the middle van seat as far back as possible, I still had to sit and lean back into the opposite seat.  My leg would not clear the door.  I considered just letting it hang out of an open window, but feared it might be distracting to other drivers.  Finally I lay down in the seat and lifted my leg higher than humanly possible, especially considering my lack of grace and mobility.  It barely cleared the front headrest.  I then used the front cup holder as a leg rest.  Giving Fiddledaddy special instructions not to hit any bumps, pedestrians, or other vehicles.

Lather, rinse, repeat when we had to have the drain removed the next day.  The day of the Big Hemorrhage.  When I could put no weight on it at all.

Good times.

Getting around the house has been a bit troublesome.  So, mostly I stay in my room.  Which is not a bad gig since I have my computer.  And, well, the bed.  There’s a large picture window as well, and I have a birds eye view into the kitchen.  Where my pills are.

I have fashioned my leopard print office chair into a makeshift wheelchair when I get too antsy.  I can motor about my room and fling myself across the cheap linoleum into the bathroom with ease.  Since we have yet to change out the carpeting in the rest of the house, I have been stopped dead in my tracks at the threshold to the hall more than once.  And by dead in my tracks, I mean that the chair comes to a full and complete stop while I continue onward.

I think I’m getting pretty adept at maneuvering myself around on the crutches.  Or “crunches” as Jensen calls them.  Which is really not far off since I often put them down onto my own foot.  I am constantly knocking them over, and they make a nice loud clatter, bringing everyone running.  Prepared to find mommy splattered on the floor.

This is especially entertaining in the middle of the night.

We’re hanging onto our sanity by a slim margin, people.  Nine more days of this, and then we’ll see what adventures my dance class has to offer.  Dance class is code for physical therapy, in the event you are new to my saga.

On the bright side, dance class will mean that I get to go on a car ride.

Baby steps, folks.  I’m clinging to those baby steps.

8 Responses to A Leg Up

  • I think your quirky humor is supplying the blog fodder well enough.

    My hubby had ankle surgery 10 days ago. Which means only 4.5 more weeks of no weight bearing activities. He’s pretty darn adept at the “crunches” though, which is great as our house has 3 floors for him to manuever around (the basement is off limits to him).

  • (Sorry, fingers got happy, and I hit the submit button to fast.)

    Praying for a speedy recovery for you, and a successful surgery for your daughter (tomorrow?).

  • Good friend of mine shattered her femur right where it joints with the knee when she was 39 weeks pregnant with her 3rd child. She had to be in a wheelchair with her leg straight out for 2 months, then on a walker, then on crutches, then on a cane. She still limps, more than a year later. She had to go through LABOR with her leg like that, pushing out her baby witha nurse holding her braced leg up in the air straight out.

    Picture that for a moment.

    So see? It’s not so bad after all!!!! 🙂

    Hang in there. You’ll make it. I’ll send up lots of prayers for sanity. 🙂

  • My husband arrived home Monday evening with a wrenched knee. He stepped on the edge of a concrete pad just so and it twisted and crunched and popped-his description. He blew out his knee playing basketball 16.5 years ago, two weeks before our oldest daughter was due to be born. He was on crutches for 6 weeks. We lived in a 2nd floor apt. You know how miserable an about to pop pregnant woman feels, picture that woman having to walk the dogs, do all the shopping, bring up the groceries, etc. Then have to be the one to carry the baby and all the related paraphenalia everywhere as well. Crutches are a pain in the you know where, and not just for the user. I don’t know why I was so stubborn and didn’t ask for help from friends. He finally had the knee repaired about 8 yrs ago, now it looks like he may have to have surgery again. Fortunately, his knee braces allows for a slight bend making car trips (him driving) possible.

    Bless you and your knee, bless your husband and your little helpers and bless your doctor and your dance instructor. Do you get to wear the fancy outfits like they do on Dancing with the Stars? I bet your daughter would be happy to be your hair and makeup crew!

    http://www.wimp.com is a wonderful website to wile away some time, and it’s family friendly too. That’s our in bed with a fever/cold/whathaveyou, Mom I’m so bored, goto website.

  • The vision of the leopard covered desk chair as wheel chair is funny. I always say we can get through any crisis with humor. Glad yours hasn’t left you.

    On another note…can you wear a special costume to dance class? Thinking Dancing with the Stars gown style would look good!

  • WeREALLY need to live closer. Iam in the same predicament, except I have my (now) beloved wheel chair and a downstairs full of blessed hardwood floors.

    So, basically, no one is safe from me.

    The boys took off to Montana yesterday for a 5 day road trip (with a little bit of “empty out the 4 yo storage unit and bring my stuff home” in betweenst.

    So it is me and the Katester, cooking and watching old movies.

    As I ice my surgically-impaled knee.

    And pop pain meds all day long.

    But know that if I lived closer, I would totally let you borrow my wheelchair. Or get you one, so we could terrorize the neighborhood.

  • You really should have a walker. Way easier than crunches.

  • Have you ever looked into Hulu? They’ve got lots of tv shows you can rewatch or catch up on. 100 Questions is pretty cute. And Make It Or Break It was fun. Although, that might be hard for you to watch right now. LOL. Prayers for a speedy recovery and a slower chair!