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Just Call Me Hop-Along

I survived my post surgery day with little incident.  Except for the hemorrhaging, everything is splendid.

Fiddledaddy drove me to my appointment to have the drain mercifully removed from my leg.  We had a positive conversation with the therapist about my prognosis.  Evidently, I have an issue with my ACL.  This is the ligament that pretty much keeps everything all together in the knee department.  My doctor didn’t go into a lot of detail about it yesterday, since I was drooling and not very lucid.  But he wants me to keep my knee completely immobile for 2 weeks so that the swelling and inflammation will subside.  Then I’ll begin therapy, and we’ll go from there.

I learned today that I may be able to strengthen my ACL through PT.  If not, I will have to have ACL reconstruction.  Which is basically taking ligament from another part of my being, and transplanting to my knee bone.  Or region.  Or whatever.

There’s also the possibility of a cadaver donation.

I know.  I had to ask for the throw-up bucket for that one.  Fiddledaddy informed me of this while doing research on the internet.  Something I try never to do before bedtime.  Especially if it involves ME and MEDICAL CONDITIONS.  I prefer to operate under the assumption that ignorance is bliss.

Anyhoo, I know for certain that I don’t want to have to undergo ACL reconstruction, so I’m praying specifically for my ACL to STAND UP AND FIGHT.  The recuperation period for that kind of surgery is long.  I’ve only been immobile for a day and I’m already twitching.

So.  After my drain was removed, the bandages were applied and my leg brace was put back on.  I was told to stay on my crutches for 2 weeks, take it easy, and DO NOT BEND MY LEG.

Roger that.  While I was checking out at the reception desk, I noticed blood running down my leg and pooling in my Crocs.

Um.  I don’t think that’s suppose to happen.

A wheelchair was dispatched toot-sweet and I was cleaned up and re-bandaged.  We almost lost Fiddledaddy when he went to clean out my shoe.  Then I was given further instruction to NOT PUT ANY WEIGHT ON MY LEG AT ALL for the rest of the day.

Upper body strength?  I don’t have it.  Add to that, my complete lack of grace, and you can imagine how I look on crutches.

In fact, after making Fiddledaddy a nervous wreck all day as I attempted to negotiate my crutches on my one good leg, he wanted to demonstrate, me, from his point of view.

Wherein he confiscated my crutches and went careening around the house, knocking over furniture and children, and stopping only by crashing into the wall.

Hilarity.  The offspring were quite amused.  “I DO NOT LOOK LIKE THAT!” I stated for the record.



Tomorrow I can put more weight on my leg as I motor about on the crutches.  Which is a darn good thing because I can barely lift my arms to type, as they are weary.  Also, I get to take a real shower.  Everyone is excited about that.

To make things really interesting around here, my sweet Cailey is having surgery on Thursday to remove her Thyroglossal Cyst.  Fiddledaddy will then have 2 uncooperative patients to deal with.

Some day, I’m going to find the humor in all of this.  Not today, or tomorrow, but someday.

Have a great weekend, everyone!  And again, thank you for your well wishes and prayers.

12 Responses to Just Call Me Hop-Along

  • You’re cracking me up here in NY, and praying for a quick recuperation!

  • DeeDee … wanted to give you encouragement about the ACL situation. I tore the ACL in my left knee, along with fracturing my tibia two years ago (took a dive off the chancel at church while directing my kids choir in during a Sunday morning service … in front of a full congegation … but that’s another story).

    Recovering from all that was tedious enough. I was told the exact same thing as you. about the ACL and I was determined not to have surgery. After recovering sufficiently, I have been faithful to a walk aerobics program (Leslie Sansone’s “Walk at Home”) and I am happy (and thankful) to report that while there’s always that feeling that something’s “different” my knee is strong and functional. The strength of my muscles are compensating for the torn ACL.

    Of course, It was the combination of the exercising and a lot of prayer … both have to been done without ceasing (I sound like Oral Roberts now … my ORU background is showing!).

    Hope my story is encouraging to you. Hang in there and enjoy having your family wait on you for awhile.

  • My uncle had ACL reconstruction with a cadaver donation. He sent pictures. I will never be the same. But he’s happy as can be.

  • I’m so sorry this has turned into more than you had hoped. But I tooootally hear you about the crutches. I just about fell into a puddle crying when I learned I’d have to be on crutches for 8 plus weeks a few years ago when I had a very bad break on one foot. I had a little scooter thing but I had to prop my bad foot’s knee on it and use my good leg to push myself along. Don’t think that would work for you. I so feel your crutches pain. Maybe you need a hoveround or something like that. : )

  • Your knee story takes me right back to my 9 month journey of back injury and surgery. I don’t wish those days of immobility and lack of strength upon anyone. Wishing you an astounding recovery though. That one day the AMA will contact you about that ACL that spontaneously and miraculously recovered.

  • I had an ACL repair using part of my hamstring. My circumstances were different as I had a complete tear as a result of completing a somersault with my ski still attached.

    My advice is to follow all instructions to avoid the repair. While I am happy that I had the surgery, it is a long recovery. Post surgery PT was three times per week for 1.5 hours for 2+ months.

    On another related note, the one day in my life that I couldn’t put weight on my led and had to use crutches was the day after the ski accident. The hardest day ever. Good luck!

  • Oh sweet friend, I feel your pain! 4 years ago I broke both bones in my lower leg (tibia and fibula) right above my ankle. My foot was literally dangling off the end of my leg. Not attached. Yea, I know, not a pretty picture. After surgery with 7 screws and a plate on one side and 2 pins on the other, I was off my feet FOREVER it seemed. AND I couldn’t use crutches since it had only been two months since I had a lumpectomy and my arm pit was still healing. Sooooo….I had to use a walker and a wheelchair. Not fun, but you do what you gotta do, right? Anyway, I tell you all this to let you know that you will get through this. I promise. I play tennis again 2-3 times a week, dance, ride my bike, do whatever I want. You will too. I promise. Hang in there.


  • Oh, DeeDee! Praying here for your ACL to be a MAN about it!

  • Prayers said for your ACL situation. Hope you heal fast and completely!

    If it helps you can repeat our family’s unofficial motto (said away from little ears):

    This too shall pass . . . like a kidney stone.

  • Praying for you DeeDee….do what the Dr. and your Fiddledaddy says so you can avoid any more surgery!! And by the way you do have a great sense of humor still…keep us posted on you and Cailey.

  • Speedy recovery wishes…but hey…no picture of the crutches..even FiddledeeDaddy? Maybe no humor there yet! Best to you.