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The surgery went fine.  In other words, the living will didn’t have to be exercised.  I’m not having as much nausea as before, which is a very good thing.  However, I have to wear a stinkin’ brace on my entire left leg for two weeks.  My wings have been clipped.  I am now going to play the sympathy card.

(My leg ware, replete with hospital issue socks)

My children have all been simultaneously fascinated and repulsed by THE DRAIN.  They can’t take their eyes off of it.

I have to say that I lay in bed this afternoon counting my many blessings.  I have a husband who has totally stepped up to the plate and is taking awesome care of everything.  My children are at my beck and call, and she doesn’t know it yet, but Emme is going to get a crash course in laundry upkeep.

I really don’t know enough about my prognosis to type it out yet.  There are some issues that we’ll only know more about with time.  And I’ll write more when I’m more lucid.  Darvocet, you are my friend.


I so look forward to the Curriculum Round-up tomorrow (Friday)!  That will take my mind off of my woes.  So please join me!

8 Responses to Updates

  • Very interesting picture….you kind of look like a science experiment. We home schoolers have to get that learning where we can:)

  • Keep those socks handy! there is nothing worse than being on crutches and feeling like you are about to slip! take it easy and get plenty of rest!

  • Hey friend I pray you are back to being an Olympian contender here soon!!

    And about the black lizard type things…um keep them on your side of Florida. Have not seen them here, nor do I want to. =)))

  • Now, I am afraid. My surgery is Monday at 7am, and I was told to expect “significant” increases in pain for the first 72 hours.

    (I did learn the best way to ice things? A lrg ziplock bag full of pinto or kidney beans. Whodathunkit?)

    Being in a wheelchair already, the waking part doesn’t scare me so much. It is the getting out for little things like getting into bed or going to the bathroom.

    The impending possibilities are endlessly, well, petrifying, if not humiliating.

    Good luck to us both. Think FD would mind if I crash t your place?

    My spawn don’t get the “beck and call” thing too well anymore.

  • So sorry you’re laid up! Of course, it would be fantastic except for the PAIN part. Hope your recovery goes well…

  • Sorry Lori. I live in west Central Florida and we have the “black lizard things” known as skinks here too. They used to get into our family room when I was a teenager all the time. My mom would hunt them down and beat them to death. I can’t stand the things. Supposedly they bite too.

    DeeDee, I hope your knee heals right this time. I’ll be praying for you!

  • IS THAT BLOOD???!!!!! God Bless you and keep you and heal you soon. But in the meantime, milk it girl, miiiillllllkkkkkkit!

  • I’m so thankful you have such a supportive and wonderful family! REST UP. Do you hear me? JUST REST.