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Television Rehab

Frankly, I’m relieved that my television viewing season is coming to an end.  There have just been too many decisions and juggling acts to suit my schedule.  And technological know-how.  Tuesday nights alone have just taxed my already over-burdened and beloved TiVo.

I had to jettison 24 from my lineup.  And I let go of Flash Forward and V as well.

That left me with Biggest Loser, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, Survivor, Glee, and my beloved Lost.

For a card carrying member of the Screen Actor’s Guild, who swore she’d never watch reality TV because it was taking away jobs from starving actor and writer-type friends, I certainly do watch a lot of reality TV.  I mean, come on, you just can’t make that stuff up.  I am comforted only by the fact that every once in a while, actors do get gigs on reality TV.

Think Celebrity Fit Club.

On second thought, don’t .

Anyhoo.  Survivor ended on Sunday night, and I was relatively pleased with the results.  Especially pleased that Russell, who personally scared me, did not get ONE SINGLE vote.  And a note to Survivor producers, if he’s ever on the show again, I will not watch.  He gave me nightmares.

I’m awfully happy with the final two on American Idol.  LOVED Casey James, but I thought Crystal and Lee are the best choice for the finals.  And I’m truly torn as to which one I think ought to win.  America got it right narrowing it down to those two.  And I was awfully angry at America for letting Chris Daughtry go home a few seasons back.  But he’s gotten the last laugh.

Likewise, I love the final 4 on Biggest Loser.  I will tell you straight up that I want Daris to win.  But things don’t look good for him after his 2 pound gain.

And Dancing With the Stars has been a joy this season.  After America eliminated the riffraff.  My money is on Nicole Scherzinger.  She is an unbelievable talent.  But, secretly, I would love Erin Andrews to win.  I love her story.

Then there’s Lost.  I’ve made it known in to Fiddledaddy, that I want to set the clocks up on Sunday, so that the kids think it’s much later than it really is.  I’ll put aluminum foil on all the windows if I have to.  I understand there will be a 2 hour introspective, with the last show lasting an hour immediately after.

Frankly, I don’t know how they are going to answer all my questions, and still leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling all in the span of 60 minutes.

I’ll just tell you, that I want sideways world to become reality.  The only reality.  I don’t know how the writers are going to do that, and frankly, I don’t care.  Just do it.

After next weeks finale extravaganza, I’m going to take a nice long summer respite from my television set.  I have a whole stack of books I want to tackle.  And about 4 months worth of house filth to finally face.

I may have to hide my TiVo remote from myself.  Not unlike how I hide the Oreos.

What finale are you most looking forward to?

(UPDATE:  I’ve been informed that the finale is TWO AND A HALF HOURS LONG!  And if you count the retrospective, that’s FOUR AND A HALF HOURS of Lost.  I won’t have a single cuticle left on any finger.)

19 Responses to Television Rehab

  • Wow, “stack of book” that must be quite a book! 🙂 I’m sure you meant books.

    I guess since the only one ending right now is 24 so that one, we’re also watching Glee. 🙂

    That’s what happens when your eyes slam shut before you can proofread! 🙂 Thanks.


  • Actually, I think the last episode is 2.5 hours long…. from 9:00 until 11:30. And that’s not counting the retrospective…


    WHAAAATTTTT? My joy knows no bounds. Now, maybe, just maybe, I’ll get my “and they lived happily ever after….” 🙂


  • I dropped 24 too this year–it seemed darker and I just didn’t enjoy it–but since the finale is the last one ever, I might watch it.

    I don’t watch any of the other ones you mentioned; Fringe, my favourite, ended tonight, and The Amazing Race, my other favourite, already ended. I watched Castle a few times, including the finale this week, but that’s about it for me!

  • Definately Lost! I just can’t see how they’ll end
    it so my curiosity it really peaked.
    Got it dvr’d already.

  • LOST is my very favorite and I just wanted you to know that the last episode is 2 1/2 hours long with a 2 hour introspective preceding it. Here in my time zone it starts at 6pm and is over at 10:30pm. Just wanted you to know that they will be able to leave us with that warm and fuzzy feeling in the 2 1/2 hour time period 🙂

  • I lost a season of In Plain Sight & Burn Notice when our DVR died. I’m already behind this season for both shows. I plan on catching up this summer.

    Reality TV – The Amazing Race is my absolute favorite.

  • I am with you. So glad Russell didn’t win. He is a legend in his own mind. I can’t believe “America” gave him $100,000. I guess since Survivor and NCIS have had their finales my vote goes to 24. I missed alot of the middle stuff but picked it up again because I don’t want to miss what happens to Jack. I do like my summer series tho. In Plain Sight is one and I look forward to Psych returning also.

  • Hulu is my friend. I will be watching, 24 (I will miss Jack!), Flash Forward, V, Private Practice, Castle, and In Plain Sight. I never used to watch much TV, but having TV shows on line that I can watch at my own convenience, has made it too easy!!!

  • I always liked Daris, but after finding out that he went home and really blew it, i don’t know if he should get the chance for the final 3. What I DO know is that I totally called it in week 3? or so that Sam was going to hook up with Stephanie. When she took him to subway during the food bank week. Now I’m thinking Ashley and Mikey have relationship as well. My 8yo son noticed during the marathon that they were sharing a water bottle. Whoever wins, i bet we find out that they are a couple.

  • I had to drop Criminal Minds from my line-up, and I have an entire season of Law and Order SVU still waiting to be watched. I’m hoping to catch CM in reruns this summer, though.

    it’s funny because I was just thinking about this last night, now that 2 of my favorite shows have played the season finales. I feel so FREE! Free to watch different shows…

    I may need to scale back on the TV watching in the fall. I think my people prefer food and clean clothes. (Oh, I’m kidding. The clothes are clean. They’re just in a mountainous pile.)

  • Ok, I’ll admit it….I’m a freak. I’m not watching any of them.

    Current obsession is rewatching the six seasons of Sex and the City (on DVD) plus the movie so I’m READY for the 2nd movie coming out next week!

    I was considering leaving the vendor hall at 9PM Thursday night and finding a theatre to catch it on opening night, but good sense prevailed. I have to spend the night looking at my new toys, er….tools for school!

    Just a thought, you may NOT want to hide the remote and the Oreos in the same place! Having that double whammy of a temptation in one place might be too hard to resist! 😉

  • I am with you on LOST!!!
    I’m hoping they don’t screw it up. Surely this caliber of show will end well. If not, I’m… Well, I don’t know what I’ll do…
    Meanwhile, I was annoyed to hear that Flash Forward is bing cancelled. What’s the point of watching anymore, when there will be no resolution?
    I have a whole season of CSI and Criminal Minds stored on my DVR, so I’m good for the summer.

  • I have never watched any of those shows you mentioned, except 24. We’re weeks behind on that! I am a reality tv hater…I am…sorry, but I can’t help it. It annoys me.
    Someday I want to watch LOST…I think.

  • One more good one: The Good Wife.

  • I love the shows on the SciFi channel — ghosties, ghoulies, etc. So, I always look forward (with a big bowl of popcorn, of course) to the season finales of any of their shows!

  • Hi there!

    Like you, my tv viewing time has really changed. I’ve been planning our daughter’s wedding for a full year. Now that it’s over (last weekend), I’m finally getting back to visiting my favorite blogs….and getting to watch a bit of TV. Loving DWTS!


  • I’m right there with you. There is madness in my Tuesday night viewing schedule, too!!! Looking forward to AI and DWTS. I’m cheering for Lee, and Erin. =)

  • Hey! I found you through Rocks in my Dryer. I am enjoying reading through some of your past posts. Funny. I do watch most of these shows, I am embarrassed to say. Please don’t tell anyone. LOL! Husband and I started watching Lost last year when my folks gifted him with all of the past seasons on DVD. So we watched it all like speed reading. Talk about bad dreams….yikes! So nice to meet you and good luck with your homeschooling curriculum decisions. Lisa~