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Silly Fadz

It’s apparent that I live in a cave.  With no ties to outside social influence.  A few weeks ago, a friend mentioned that she was looking for Silly Bandz for her daughter.

“What are silly bands?”

She looked at me like I had sprouted an additional head.

Then she went on to explain, very slowly so that I could understand, that Silly Bandz were silicone bracelets that come in bright colors, shaped like everything from animals, to flowers, to SpongeBob.  The kids collect and trade them with each other.

“I’ve never heard of them.”

She countered with, “Oh, you will.”

And sure enough, after church that week, my 8 year old was sporting a couple of silly bandz on her wrist.  “LOOK MOM!” Evidently she was “gifted” two bandz from a friend that took pity on her naked wrist.

Since then I have noticed the arms of nearly every child within spitting distance heavily ladened with the bandz of many colors.

Of course my children want to join the bandz craze.  After learning that a package will only set us back a few dollars, we told them that we’d look for them.  We usually don’t fall into the latest fad trap, but they really are cute.  And cheap.

Fiddledaddy checked at our local Walgreens during his last visit there.  He was told by the store manager that their latest shipment sold out in two hours.  And he went on to relay that he’d seen young girls come in looking for them, only to leave in tears.  Empty wristed.

I figured my daughters would simply have to make due with the few bands that were bequeathed to them by their girlfriends.  And interestingly, as I was composing this post, the children bounded in the door after an outing with their father.  Each child sported an appropriate amount of silly bandz on each wrist.  It seems that Fiddledaddy stumbled into a Walgreens that had just gotten a shipment in.

Oh happy day.

Jensen scored a package of car shaped bands, and the sisters chose the bandz of many shapes.  Come to find out, they are of the inferior variety since they don’t glow in the dark.  But they are still beloved, just the same.

We discovered a website that sells the original glow-in-the-dark hoopty ploopty Silly Bandz. And they can even be purchased online.  Not that we would ever stoop to such a thing. BUT LOOK!  Princess Silly Bandz!

I really have no room to judge regarding this juvenile fad obsession.  I was the proud owner of a mood ring, three pet rocks, and a set of clackers.  You know, the two colored acrylic balls suspended on the end of a sturdy string, and you held the center ring and hit the balls together.  That is, until a concussion ensued and your mother forbid you to play with them.  Or they were discontinued, whichever came first.

Those were the days.

What was the favorite fadz of your generation?

26 Responses to Silly Fadz

  • I remember more from the 80s (which was high school for me) than my younger years. There were similar bracelets called (I think) Jellies back then. Along with plastic shoes, also Jellies, Swatches, leg warmers, Calvin Klein jeans,& oh so many more….

  • The 80’s also had the neon colored jewelry, the off the shoulder/torn sweatshirts ala’ Flashdance, the Docksider shoes with the laces curled, and a side pony tail. Oh, and what about friendship pins that everyone attached to their shoes laces? Does anyone else remember those?

  • I remember jelly shoes and lots of blisters. 🙂

  • I’m pretty sure I had similar bracelets made out of the jelly shoe material when I was a child of the 80’s… also argyle socks, mini skirts with matching tops, penny loafers, Reebok shoes, swatch watches, bangs that were hairsprayed to oblivion, “feathering” my hair, etc. And yes, Dawn, I do remember those friendship pins… and sticking my fingers horribly everytime I tried to make them myself!

  • I had clackers, but not because of a school fad, I just happened to have a set.

    I lost mine to the heights of the chestnut tree. Sigh….

  • You are not alone I have not heard of these bracelets until you mentioned them just now, maybe they have not made their way here to the northwest yet LOL. Anyway I remember those jelly bracelets we had, I also remember normandy rose jeans, legwarmers, jelly shoes, and wearing two pairs of socks in different colors and if you were really cool you checkered them. oh the memories.

  • friendship pins, swatches, and Guess? jeans (zippers at the ankles), also wearing 2 t-shirts and rolling up the sleeve so you would see the color of the one underneath. Big hair with bangs standing straight up. Oh how I treasured my first “Walkman.”

  • even the jr high boys want those silly things. lol. fadslol i remember all of those above and jelly shoes/purses, lemon ball skip toy that went around your ankle and dont forget the rolled long shorts and laceless keds when the movie dirty dancing came out….jsut to add a few

  • I remember the barrettes decorated with ribbons and the safety pins with beads, pinned to tennis shoes (freindship pins?) etc. I loved the kind of things the kids could make for themselves, rater than just buying them. But these silly banz sound like fun.

  • DeeDee, did you know that your blog is considered educational? I know, crazy huh? But I did not even know what silly bands were for and we just received a double shipment of them in the mail from grandparents yesterday. I ignorantly thought they were just to use as manipulatives for math (: But after reading your blog this a.m.- I am in the KNOW! Thank you for the knowledgeable info (:

    Gosh, I don’t think I’ve ever been accused of being educational. 🙂 Cannot WAIT for you to move back to Florida!!!!


  • I guess you’re readers are mostly kids of the ’80’s. Same here- Guess jeans, jellies (the shoes), Swatches, Converse high tops in a variety of colors, and neon clothes (Cindi Lauper-esque). I had a walkman, too, and a boom box. I tried to make that portable as often as possible. And as much as I hate to admit this, I had the full MJ ensemble… parachute pants, red leather zipper jacket, penny loafers, sequined socks, and a single sequined glove. I actually wore it to school. What was I thinking?!?!?!

  • See now I am laughing because I always wanted one of those clips with the feathers hanging from them so I could wear them in my hair. My parents forbid me to wear them and I thought they were old fuddy duddies. Then I came to find out that those were called Roach clips and people used them to smoke pot. LOL Apparently my parents were more in the know than I thought! ROFLOL!!!

  • What about slap bracelets? You held them out (they looked a little like a ruler) then you slapped them onto your wrist and they became a bracelet. (was there a proper name I don’t remember?)

    I think my kids have some of these but I thought they were rubber bands. I saw some somewhere, but they do come in lots of cool shapes like letters and animals. You are so “in the know”! 🙂

  • Oh wow!! I loved clackers! LOL Never got into the pet rocks, but I loved my mood rings too.

    My girls are wearing these bracelets too…even in the high school. They are cute, but they have been “banned” from the elementary schools here, because kids are using them as rubberbands. 🙂 And they lose their shape once you put them on…so I don’t get the fascination with them. LOL

  • I’ve never heard of these things either – I just know now I’ll see them everywhere I go!

    CB radios (Breaker, breaker – this is Simon Peter, do you copy? – that was my dad’s ‘handle’ for our neighborhood watch – we used to ride around with him until 2 darkthiry on Saturday nights watching the neighborhood. I.n.s.a.n.e.).

    The smiley face

    What I wouldn’t have given for a mood ring!

    8 tracks – rocking with the Ray Coniff Singers or Lynn “I Beg Your Pardon I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” Anderson. Don’t be hating until you’ve listened. Lynn was my Taylor Swift.

    Polyester. Gag.

    Gee Your Hair Smells Teriffic (big lie – that stuff is overwhelming!)

    Banana seat bikes. Ouch.


    Shag rugs…that had to be combed. Not in this lifetime.

    Pop rocks baby!

    The Jewel T man. I loved it when he came over.

    I know I just gave the age away (DeeDee is still older than me though…by a bit…just sayin) – the 70s for fun…except for the polyester.

  • We are of the same generation 🙂 I tried to start my own fad, after making biscuits for a crowd. The circular disks were good for a lot of things, but eating wasn’t one of them. Some of the suggestions: use for skeet shooting, to prop a door open, or (my favorite) paint with a smiley face as sell as “pet biscuits”. I think they would have caught on, don’t you?

  • What a fun little trip down memory lane.

    I must live in the cave next to yours! No one in this house knows about the bracelets. Shhhh, don’t tell them!

  • Mood Rings, Baby!!

  • Ahh, DeeDee and Judy we come from the same time. I graduated in ’81 but consider myself a 70’s child. Loved the mood ring and the clackers. I did not succumb to the pet rock. Judy, I thought I was the only person in the world my age who loved to listen to Lynn Anderson’s ” I Never Promised You a Rose Garden”! It started playing in my head the minute I read that. I liked Engelbert Humperdinck too. Yes, that is a real name for you younger folk reading! I loved tetherball too.
    As for the Silly Bandz? Just heard about them yesterday when the kids got their teeth cleaned. They aren’t popular at our church yet and since all of the homeschooling clubs have stopped for the school year I am safe for awhile anyway LOL!

  • I can’t believe nobody mentioned this yet … BEANIE BABIES! My boys were preschoolers during the Beanie Baby craze, but I was the one who stalked them! Remember the LONG lines when the new shipment came in? With the one you just HAD to have? And when “teeny beanies” were in the McDonalds Happy Meals? I actually went to three MickyD’s in one day just to get the whole collection (X2).

    Oh, if I just had my $5 back for every Beanie Baby in the bottom of the closet now!

  • I had jelly shoes and jelly shoe blisters. In jr. high I remember NEEDING a pair of dark green Girbaud jeans. Which is ludicrous, because I think they cost more than I’ll pay for jeans now. And hyper color tshirts!

    I haven’t heard of silly bands yet. I like a cheap thing like that, especially with the sharing aspect. Maybe I’ll see if I can find some for my girls. Perhaps the insanity over it hasn’t hit Wisconsin yet.

  • I am SO with you – I had never heard of these and the day after I did, Coleman came home with a couple that he got from some kid at school. Now, a week later, he has become very skilled at getting the other kids to give them to him, haha! He did get a bunch for his birthday this weekend, so now he’s all cool for school. Except for the fact that today the Kindergarten teacher has declared the classroom a “silly band-free zone” on account of the HUGE distraction they are causing! HAHA!

    In elementary school, I loved making those barrettes with ribbons and beads hanging from them, and in High School I had jelly shoes and some very sweaty, stinky feet! I also had one very treasured pair of Express flip-top acid washed jeans. I worked there for a few months so I could get the employee discount!

    Ahh, those were the days.

    PS Will pray for your sweet girl! When is her surgery?

  • We had a school here in Texas that banned the silly bands because the kids were so distracted by swapping, showing off and stealing them.

  • This will date me a little, and I’m about a decade (give or take a few years) older than the average poster here, but when I was in grade school the “must have” fad toy was a Troll Doll. Talk about ugly! But they had long hair, and you could buy (or make) outfits, and everyone brought theirs to recess to play with them.

  • My 5 yr old came home with an arm full of Silly Bandz from school today. I need to find some of the car shaped ones.

  • I don’t want to be a spoil sport on the issue or anything. But, I think it is important for us parents to be aware of the potential hazards of these bands. Here is an article outlining what to watch for…don’t let the fact that the article comes from FoxNews scare you off…