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An Anatomy Lesson

First of all, I wanted to tell you all that we got the Disney pins we won on e-Bay.  They were everything the children dreamed of.  My hopes of photographing them in all their glory were dashed when the children pounced on the kitchen table, divvied them up, and took off to the far corners of the house to pin them to their respective lanyard.

I had no idea that Jensen knew division.  But I saw him count out 10 pins for himself.  And he made sure that my future daughter-in-law, Minnie Mouse, was well represented.  So each child got 10 shiny new pins for trading.  That left 10 extra for the parents to split.  And since Fiddledaddy’s math is rusty, that’s 8 for me and 2 for him.

Moving on.

Fiddledaddy took Cailey to the E.N.T. specialist this morning while I stayed home and wrangled Jensen.  The Daddy managed to talk Emme into keeping Cailey company on the trip.  I suppose his reasoning was that if Emme and Cailey were kept busy tormenting one another, it would take Cailey’s mind off of the doctor’s visit.

Which she had been dreading.

And if you thought, how sweet, an act of sisterly kindness by Emme to go with her sister to a doctor’s visit, you would be wrong.  Emme was bribed.

A couple of things have been brought to my attention, regarding my reporting of Cailey’s congenital cyst.  In my original post, I called it a congenital cyst, and went on to babble about how it’s probably been there for a while.

People.  Congenital means present from birth.  So I would say, yes, it’s been there a while.  I really should check my medical terminology against my handy computer DICTIONARY before I publicly embarrass myself.

But that was not all.

When Fiddledaddy told the doctor that I had been explaining the lump on Cailey’s throat away as her Adam’s Apple, the doctor OPENLY MOCKED ME.

As it turns out, women do not have Adam’s Apples.  Unless they are transvestite in nature.  And in that case, they could be called Eve’s Apple.  So there you are.

This is why I never sought a position in the healthcare profession.  That and the pesky fact that I have a relatively low gross-out threshold.  Just ask anyone.  Whenever anyone vomits, I’m the LAST PERSON you want around.

Mother of the Year.  The award is mine.

Anyhoo.  The recommendation that the doctor gave us, besides me NOT teaching Biology, is to keep her on the antibiotics for 10 days to bring the swelling down and control the infection.

But.  Then she does have to have this thing removed. As in surgically.  Because if she doesn’t, it will re-occur, continue to get infected, and she’ll have an Adam’s Apple.

And frankly, a little girl who gravitates towards frilly pink princess fare, should not have an Adam’s Apple.

I know this now.

I feel a good deal more peace with everything.  As does Cailey.  Especially since the doctor gave her permission to do pretty much anything she feels like over the next couple of weeks.  With the exception of karate and heavy wrestling.  Nothing to worry about there.  Oh.  And she is most excited about the likelihood that she will get to exist on ice cream for the week following the surgery.

And he assured her that she wouldn’t feel a thing since she would be asleep.  I will be asking him to go ahead and put me under as well, which would I think be a benefit to everyone involved.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  And again, your prayers and well wishes have meant the world to my family.

7 Responses to An Anatomy Lesson

  • I just can’t believe it. I don’t think I’ve ever been the first one to comment. Wow. (Now watch someone will hit the submit button 5 seconds before me and this will make no sense at all.)

    Tell Cailey it’s a piece of cake to have a cyst removed. I had one removed in January..from my neck and if I can do it …anyone can.

  • I think you should openly mock the doctor. Google “do girls have an Adam’s Apple” and you will find a website called kidshealth. On it, an M.D. explains what an Adam’s Apple is, how it appears and that while it is unusual, some girl’s do have one. There are many other websites underneath it that talk about it as well. I would say from her definition tho, that a child who has not hit puberty would not have one. My 11 yoa daughter has always had what I thought was a prominent Adam’s Apple so you are not alone. I guess based on this that I will have to get it checked.
    P.S. From what I am reading it looks like an Adam’s Apple would be more prominent on a grown female with a deeper voice than most. Think Kathleen Turner or Lauren Bacall type.

  • It sounds like you are a bit calmer, its nice to know what you are dealing with. Prayers continue everyday for just… everything! I’m so glad Cailey can keep the social calendar as it is!

  • I may have mentioned this before on your blog, but I am blacklisted from the children’s dentist. Only my dear husband is allowed to take the kids. At one point my oldest daughter had to have a tooth removed and when the dentist explained the procedure to me I passed out. Seriously. When I came to I was in laying in the dentist chair which they had kicked my daughter out of. Pretty embarrassing!

  • So glad the news is pretty good! I love your idea of going “out” during the procedure. How about during recovery period, too?
    I am POSITIVE I am medically inaccurate most of the time, so it never even occured to me when I read congenital…
    I don’t know what that means about your readers…

  • I am also medically incompetent and make a regular fool of myself over all things “body.” And if one of the kids starts bleeding–count me out. I’m toast.

  • I had a cyst on my thyroid when I was 4 and had it surgically removed, along with a small piece of my thyroid. From what I hear, I remember nothing, it was fairly uneventful and I was happy to play in the playroom at the children’s hospital and eat popsicles for weeks on end. I had no effects until I was in my mid twenties and then had to start taking a very low dose of medicine for low thyroid issues. It’s regulated with medicine though and only been adjusted through pregnancy and after. I am sure she will be brave and do fantastic, hopefully never having an effect from it again! Hang in there and prayers.