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The Pie Hole

First of all, I was astonished at your comments on my Sleepover post. Astonished mostly by how open and vulnerable you all were, and shocked that I’m so not alone in my decision to curtail sleepovers.

And Fern, your suggestion of an “Under Night” party is brilliant.  Basically, let the kids come in pajamas, bring sleeping bags and pillows, serve pizza, play games, and watch a movie.  Then the parents come to collect them at 9:30.

I loved the entire discussion.  Thank you all so much for participating!


Our Awana year is drawing to a merciful close.  To celebrate the fact that so many of the kids have finished their books, we had a “Pie Night”.  Which is not what you might think.  I would have had visions of tables of delicious pies, paper plates, and plastic forks and bibs if I didn’t know better.

No.  Our beloved childrens pastor asked each of the leadership teams to select one leader from each group to take a pie to the face.  The pie throwers were the children who finished their books.  Only because of time constraints, all of the children’s names were put into a bowl and 10 names were randomly drawn as the lucky recipients of a pie to throw into a leader’s face.

Frankly, I think that those lucky 10 children should have given the leader a FOOT MASSAGE or something equally wonderful.  But no one consulted me.

Anyhoo.  I threw myself on the sword for my group, because this year I have been blessed with the most awesome group of leaders and mom volunteers IN THE WORLD.  And I did not want them to have to take a pie to the face.

And did I mention that this year I managed to finagle a group of Awana Sparks comprised mostly of homeschooled kids.  Kids that knew I KNOW THEIR PARENTS AND WHERE THEY LIVE.

One of the reasons that I asked to put the homeschooled kids together was because we were starting a support group for our homeschool moms at our church, and I thought it would be a good idea to get to know the parents better, and a chance for the kids to bond.

And bond they did.  Especially all my little girls.  It was a precious sight to watch them hold hands and skip out to games every Wednesday night.  This same group of little girls are now in American Heritage Girls (Christian scouting) together and B.F.F.’s.

And as a happy byproduct, their moms have become very dear friends of mine.  (Hence the rectangle table discussions on Friday afternoons.)

This last Wednesday night was the dreaded Pie Night.  I came prepared, however.

I really am smiling underneath everything.  I wore my yellow rain slicker, fastened at the wrists and tied tightly around my head.  Therefore I didn’t see the need to use the SWIM CAP that I packed just in case.  Then I wore my safety goggles and face mask.  And for good measure, I donned the black plastic garbage bag thoughtfully provided by the children’s ministry.

Basically, I was in-penetrable. I knew these steps were necessary because my group of kids had ALL finished their books, and delighted in torturing me all week with tales of how they were going to nail me with a pie to the face.

Listen, I’m a girl from the south.  We do not like to be wet, or take a pie to the face.  We have our hair and complexion to think about.  Not to mention that whip cream can go horribly awry if not properly refrigerated.

I worried for naught.  Sadly, none of the kids from my group were among those called up to throw a pie.


Actually, I did feel kind of sad for them, as I looked back at their forlorn faces on the back row.  While they sat all neat, tidy, and well folded.

But I got over it.

I actually did do a bit of suffering while waiting with the other hapless leaders to have a pie thrown into my face.  My yellow rain slicker WAS HOT, and my face mask was causing my safety glasses to fog up and then large beads of perspiration ran into my eyes, causing a stinging sensation.

So I’m sure I stored up a treasure or two in heaven just from that experience alone.

After next week, my Cailey will be graduating up to T&T (Truth & Training) in Awana for next year.  And I’ll likely stay on as a Sparks leader.  Because Jensen will be a Sparks.  I’ll let that one soak in.

I’m not certain, but I think that fact alone could send the entire Awana program into a tail spin.  And I want a front row seat.  The blog fodder, it will be plentiful.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!

6 Responses to The Pie Hole

  • Ahh, I took a pie to the face last year. Our kids have to buy the pie with their store dollars at an auction. I am the Sparks secretary but it was my own daughter (in TNT) and a friend of hers that bought the pie and picked me. I just made sure I didn’t breathe when they did it. It wasn’t that bad at all!

  • Love the pic of the little girls hand in hand. So precious. Glad you caught that on film.

    Now that you mention it, I did have a birthday ‘pajama party’ for my dd once, and it was over at 8:45 in the PM. They wore pj’s and we played games etc and then THEY WENT HOME. It was the best almost slumber party ever.

  • We are doing AHG down here in Texas. Did yall happen to watch the webinar that they said we can no longer call it a scouting organization or call tenderfoot a tenderfoot- they are now tenderhearts I think. I just wondered how another ahg parent/ leader feels about the changes?

  • Hmmm, but not sad enough for them to let everyone throw a pie at you even though their names weren’t called! 😉

    Loved the whole “pie” outfit! Very stylish!

  • You look gorgeous, doll!

  • A few weeks after I started my out-of-the-house/pre-baby job. the group I was working with held a “Carnival”. It was intended to be an employee appreciation, blow off some steam thing.

    And my boss, who I had known for maaaaybe a month, was signed up for the pie-tossing booth. To be the recipient of a pie in the face.

    And I jumped all over that opportunity. He got beaned but good.

    And everyone kept asking me why I would do such a thing to poor, sweet Kevin, who I hardly knew at the time. And I said, because I just KNOW there is going to come a time when he will hand me some heinous assignment. And I will remind him of the pie he took in the face and let him know that pie was payment for the awful assignment of hideousness. Worked like a charm. 🙂