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Knee Drain, not unlike Brain Drain

Do not fear, no need to turn away.  I did not, repeat, I did not take any pictures or video of the dreaded Draining of the Knee.

Fiddledaddy, who is a curious sort, investigated exactly what would be involved in an actual knee fluid drain.  And WHAT LUCK, he found something on YouTube.   I, who prefers avoidance as a favored coping skill, wisely chose not to look.  The only advice he would offer was JUST DON’T LOOK.  BUT IF YOU CAN TAKE ANY PICTURES, THAT WOULD BE COOL.  JUST POINT, CLOSE YOUR EYES, AND SHOOT.

I just hoped that the doctor wouldn’t use that technique.

Fear and trepidation settled in as we all piled into the van this morning.  The only thing Cailey could offer was a tearful, “Mommy, I don’t want to hear you scream.”

Well, then, you might want to leave the building, little missy.

When they called my name from the waiting room, all too quickly, I turned to face my little family, perhaps for the last time.  Emme called out a cheerful, “DON’T CRY, MOM, BUT IT’S GONNA HURT.”

Just wait until she sees what falls into her dinner tonight.

I took stock of all the exits before I was ushered into the examining room.  A kindly nurse then entered.  Thankfully one who understood my humor and how I tend to gravitate to the inappropriate when nervous.  All the cursory questions were asked.  Except the one about if I had a living will.  I don’t know why they left that one out.  It was asked at during every one of my labors.  But, whatever.

Then I was left alone.  And the room started to spin.  I’m not even exaggerating this time.  I thought I was going to just pass out on the examining table.  And the instruments of torture hadn’t even been presented yet.

And just as I considered making a run (or limp, as it were) for it, the doctor came in.  He looked at my knee and said that it indeed needed to drained.  I asked him for other options. (And no, amputation wasn’t among them.)  He said that I could go home, pack it on ice, up my anti-inflammatory drugs, and hope it resolves in about a week. Or so.


I could have the fluid drained off, which would take about 5 minutes.

Sigh.  I thought for all of about 3 seconds and went with what was behind door #2.

I lay on the table as the assistant entered with the tray of torture.  I did not look.  Instead I became engrossed in counting the number of ceiling tiles, and wondering if I could set off the ceiling sprinkler system using mind control.

The first thing they did was spray some stuff on my knee.  Then PAIN, SHOOTING PAIN.  I said “OW, THAT HURTS.”  And my doctor, who has his own brand of personal humor said, “That was just the small needle.”


That was indeed the needle used to deaden the knee.  And then, blissfully, when the elephant needle was applied, I did not feel a thing.


He finished, bandaged me up, and I had the nerve to say, “That’s it?”  He asked me to stand and asked how my knee felt.


He told me to stay off of it for the day and pack it in ice.  And by Wednesday, I’ll be able to resume Physical Therapy.  Or dance class, as I prefer to think of it.

If I could have skipped out, I would have.  However, some hours later as the novocain wore off, it occurred to me that I my knee felt so much better BECAUSE IT HAD BEEN DEADENED WITH WONDERFUL DEADENING DRUGS.  DRUGS THAT ARE SADLY NOT AVAILABLE OVER THE COUNTER.

The doctor assured me that he really believed all of my pain and suffering was due to the fluid, and not the defect on my bone.  My recovery should proceed at a faster pace.  Provided I don’t overdo it.  I’VE LEARNED MY LESSON.

All in all, I’m awfully proud of myself for not chickening out.  And for not uttering audible curse words at the doctor, or kicking him with my good leg, or anything like that.  I was relatively brave.  For me.  And just so you know, I did go to You Tube to view the Knee Draining.  That almost did me in.  I won’t leave a link, because it’s too horrifying to watch.  If you have to ever have it done, JUST COUNT THE CEILING TILES.

Thank you all for your prayers, your wishes for Oreos (which I still have yet to purchase even though I totally deserve a column..or two), and especially your heartfelt encouragement.

Now, I look forward to an unopened bottle of Darvocet, and Dancing with the Stars on TiVo tonight.  It’s the little things that bring me joy.

13 Responses to Knee Drain, not unlike Brain Drain

  • Great blog! I love this post! My knee actually ached just a bit while reading this and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it! Youtube is just too, too informative!

  • It is amazing how much better things like that feel once they get the junk out. My story is pretty gross so I will just say that when the doctor lanced it the relief was so wonderful I could have kissed him on the cheek. I didn’t even care that it initially hurt when he did it. Glad to hear that your procedure went well and that your knee will be ok. Take care of yourself!

  • Did I tell ya, or did I tell ya?

    Pass the oreos, and let’s put on 3D glasses and look at all the colors on my foot…

  • Modern medicine is pretty awesome. Glad you’re feeling better.

  • Good girl – way to be brave!! I hope your recovery is uneventful now.

  • Glad to hear that the procedure went well. And your children will not be forever haunted by your screaming. 🙂 Hope it heals quickly!

  • Glad you are doing better! We had a 3.3 earthquake here this morning and I thought maybe it was you jumping up and down for joy because you were healed! (Just kidding!)

    We have a diner here called the Hot Rod diner and they make a delicious Deep Fried Oreo Cookie Sundae Dessert. The cookies are dipped in cake batter and deep fried, served with vanilla ice cream, warm chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and crushed Oreos on top! 🙂



  • Aren’t drugs wonderful? I’m so glad the draining worked. 🙂

  • *bows in awe* I so would have cussed him out and made a break for the door. So go you! 😉

  • Awwww, DeeDee … so proud of you!

    My foot doctor’s website had videos of actual bunion surgery. Started watching it before I had mine and made it to about 1 centimenter into the incision. TMI for me, even after the surgery.

    Didn’t even TRY to find a video when my hysterectomy was scheduled …

  • I’m so glad your knee is feeling better. But your story really brightened my sad day. Greetings from across Alligator Alley!

  • Modern medicine is pretty awesome. Glad you’re feeling better.

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery!
    You must be healed in time for the homeshool convention! You won’t last a full year without a “vendor fix”. 🙂 Or is it the weekend in a fancy hotel fix??? Whichever, both are important! 😀