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Contests & Confinement

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I got myself into a bit of trouble yesterday.  I went to the gym.  Just to do my required knee exercises and stretches.  And I was feeling pretty good.  So I thought, LOOK, THE BIKE!  And I climbed aboard for 10 minutes.  Traveling at the speed of smell.

Now I can’t walk.

This morning I received a stern lecture from my daughter that went something like this:

Emme: MOM!  I cannot believe you got on the bike, when you are NOT suppose to.  You are going to be SO BUSTED at Physical Therapy this morning.  THAT IS LIKE THE WORSE THING YOU’VE EVER DONE.

Me.: Actually, it’s not.  I’ve done far worse. But it was the worse thing that I did YESTERDAY.

My P.T. went easy on me, and DID NOT treat me to the stern lecture that my 10 year old felt I deserved.  He said it was perfectly normal to test my limits.


Two steps forward, three steps back.  It should also be noted that Fiddledaddy refers to me going to P.T. as my dance class.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!

2 Responses to Contests & Confinement

  • Dance class…to funny! Have a great weekend and don’t do anything that will get you in trouble!

  • Lol…I always enjoyed PT. I know, I’m weird. I’ve been on my own self-destruct course with physical fitness. I have something wrong with my hip (2 doctors later and no real diagnosis or progress) and I continue to run. Yesterday it was 2 miles. Cause I’m really smart like that. Kinda limping today. And…I’m thinking of running up to my friends house to do a workout video with her…cause I’m really, really smart!