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New Digs for my Dawgs

I do not care all that much for shoes.  I like for my toes to be available for gripping the floor, peeling a banana (sound of phonograph needle ripping through vinyl), whhaaa?

I can peel a banana with my feet.  Now you know.

I can also make a noise with my toes that makes anyone within earshot think that someone is knocking at the door.


A bonus to living in Florida is that it is a rare day when I can’t pad around in my bare feet.

When I was going through my FlyLady phase, one of the suggestions she makes for starting the day is to get dressed, apply make-up, and cram your feet into a pair of shoes.  Even if you’re not going anywhere.

I’ll get dressed, and I’ll even throw on a little make-up, but shoes? No.

I’m following all sorts of recommendations to ensure healthy knees that will keep me vertical well into my AARP years, and I got a big one yesterday.  The doctor that saw me when I had my knee stitches removed told me that since he moved down to Florida from New York, he has never ever seen so many cases of unhealthy knees and backs in all his practice.

He attributes it to the fact that Floridians basically walk around barefoot on concrete all day.  We don’t have basements or floors with any kind of give to them.

He went on to suggest that I start wearing shoes around the house.  He came this close to uttering the dreaded phrase “support shoes” but he saw the look on my face.  I drew in a sharp breath.  I asked him if Crocs counted.  He said yes, they would be wonderful.

Well.  At least there’s that.  I would say that if I’m FORCED to wear shoes out of doors, 90% of the time it’s a pair of Crocs.

Fiddledaddy has been after me to wear shoes indoors for years, and he is living large with all his I TOLD YOU SO’S of late.  And since he has been witnessing me still padding around free of shoes today, he FORCED me to sit down at my computer and order a new pair of Crocs.  Just for the house.

My master plan. (insert maniacal laughter)

Yes.  All of this pain and suffering has just been a ruse to procure me THESE!


How about you?  Shoes or no shoes around the house? And bunny slippers do not count.

29 Responses to New Digs for my Dawgs

  • No shoes around the house for me! It’s warm enough in Houston to not wear them pretty much year round. I can always throw on a pair of socks if my feet get cold. Hubby always wears shoes. Charlie goes about 50/50 shoes on or off. Liking the Croc flipflop though!

  • I developed foot problems after my daughter was born. I too had to give up going barefoot in the house. I love crocs for that reason. I have a pair sitting by the back door for our muddy yard and a pair to wear around the house. They are great!!

  • I’m a no shoes gal. However. I did have back surgery two years ago and during my recovery, wearing tennis shoes did help me greatly. I’ve slipped back into the bare toes routine and as my back is sore this morning, umm, I’m thinking I need to heed the lessons and put something on the feetsies.

    Hope your new digs for your dawgs are quickly in and just what the doctor ordered.

  • Hmm. I’ve always said my feet are “allergic” to shoes and now I’m wondering if that’s why my back hurts so much. Definitely something to think about.

  • NO shoes… socks if the floors are too crumb-y for bare feet 🙂

  • Shoes in the winter, otherwise not — unless my plantar fasciitis acts up again. 🙁

  • Definitely no shoes. But only when I’m alone because I have ugly feet. Don’t tell anyone. 🙂

  • We just moved into a new place with nice light carpets. Combine that with my 8 months pregnant nesting hormones and you will see why I am not only a no shoes gal, I’m a “If you even think about walking on the carpet where my precious baby will soon be in contact with while wearing your germy shoes, you will die a slow and painful death” type (just to my husband, I’m slightly nicer to guests 🙂

    Once the baby comes I’m sure that will fly out the window, but for now I’m blaming the hormones.

  • I have been wearing shoes around the house for a couple of years now. (at least most days)
    plantar fascitis being the larger root of this phenomenon, also living on a farm, where we need shoes everytime we go out.

  • I used to go barefoot all the time… until I had kids. Now I just don’t want to feel how dirty the floor really is. 🙂 So it’s slippers in the winter and flip-flops as soon as it hits 50 degrees.

  • I prefer to go without shoes but if I go too long, my feet, knees and back starts to hurt. So generally, I wear shoes almost all the time :\

  • I too started wearing shoes during my Flylady period and it has not worn off. In fall, winter & spring, I either wear my “running” shoes (which haven’t done any running, but do get worn a lot) or my Skechers slip on tennis shoes. In summer, I am totally a flip flop girl =)

  • No shoes for me. I’m not crazy about crocs so flip flops are my shoe of choice for outside.

  • All shoes, all the time. If I’m not walking on the beach you can bet I have on shoes, and cushy socks. FL heat or not FL heat. I can’t stand nasty callused feet. Mine are always baby butt smooth. Not that anybody can see them…ever, but still. If I ever decide to play footsy I’m all set. Assuming I can oh so casually, slip off my double knot tied Nikes under the table with my other Nike clad foot.

  • Shoes, or Isotoner slippers at the very least. For the very same reasons your doctor gave you. My sciatic pain (developed while carrying 10 and 11 pound babies during pregnancy) starts after about 5 minutes of standing on the ceramic tile floor in my kitchen. That’s been the case for over 16 years … now I’ve added knee and foot issues. I am actually uncomfortable being barefoot around the house for anything more than walking from the bed to the bathroom.

    And your doctor was right … shoes are the key, along with exercise. As long as I wear shoes and workout I’m fine … miss more than 1 day and I hurt. Of course, I don’t want to bother with lacing up around the house, so I have a couple pairs of slip on Keds with really good support.

    You really will feel a lot better all around if you do this. It’s a small price to pay to feel good. It will be an adjustment, but it’s not like you’re being asked to give up chocolate 🙂

  • I padded around barefoot EVERYWHERE for years, and now I have the foot and back problems to prove it. I can no longer tolerate my bare feet to touch the bare floor – it hurts too bad. So there’s various pairs of Merrell sandals in every room of my house. When I land somewhere with a gel -mat, I take them off. If you don’t have any gel mats, seriously invest in one for every room where you stand still for any period of time. They are expensive but totally worth it.

  • interesting, my husband own a pair of five finger shoes. incredibly unusual, but only as ugly as crocs are (sorry)

    The whole premise is wearing shoes is the problem, not barefeet.

    Totally a bare foot girl myself, as are my kids… it’s good for their muscle and arch development. flat feet run in my family.

    Sorry so disjointed trying to finish throwing my thoughts out before my battery dies…..

  • Socks alone. And only because here in Argentina all our floors are ceramic and kind of cold even on the hottest day of summer. When we lived in Michigan we had hardwood floors and I went barefoot except when it was really cold and then I wore socks. Which, come to think of it, was about 7 months out of the year.

  • Shoes. Hanging on to that one thread from my flylady phase. That and I don’t sweep the dining room/kitchen NEARLY often enough and absolutely cannot stand to walk on all those crumbs.

  • I hate shoes. So glad it’s warming up here and I can go barefooted and not just sock footed. My piggies need to breathe! Shoes inside the house make me feel claustrophobic. I would totally pull out all the stops to get something fun just for indoor wear too. I would D.I.E. if I had to wear sneakers or closed toed shoes INSIDE.

  • I wear shoes almost all the time. In part, this is because I don’t sweep my floors enough and I don’t like cereal sticking to the bottoms of my feet. I also just find it easier to move around the house with shoes on. With an 8 year old boy, I need protection from army guys and Legos. HOWEVER, even though I wear shoes a lot, they have to be the kind I can take off easily and stretch my tootsies. And leave the shoes places where I can’t find them again. Birkenstock, Born, and Dansko are my faves.

  • Alas, it must be shoes. I prefer going barefoot but when I do my feet ache. I have had bouts with plantar fascitis (sp?) as well as heel spurs. I do wear Birkenstocks instead of tennis shoes. I can’t stand having my feet enclosed inside. I may give the Crocs a try tho. That looks like a nice style.

  • I like to be barefoot at home, but my husband likes his feet covered. He got the interesting fivefinger shoes and loves them.

  • I used to be a barefoot girl, but then old age and achilles tendonitis reared its ugly head so not only shoes, but shoes with ortho supports! Oh, how I miss my flip-flops!

  • Barefoot all the way…. I was even married in my big poofy white gown with barefeet underneath in an outdoor wedding!! But I do love some cushy socks in winter.

  • I have an interesting side note to add to this conversation… First, let me say that the first thing I do whenever I get home, is to take off my shoes! I LOVE going barefoot!

    When I was a teenager, the world-renown leprosy doctor, who was also a renown orthopaedic specialist, Dr. Paul Brand, happened to visit my home (long story). I knew who he was, and what he was famous for, so when he walked into our home and I was barefoot, I was embarrasesd. He actually contratulated me for going barefoot–he said that was the best thing for feet! Now, I will add that we did have a basement, and no concrete floors–so I’m sure that makes a big difference. I have just always remembered his wise words about going barefoot.

  • My husband REFUSES to allow shoes in the house. They dirty the floors you know. So, I bought a pair of lime green Crocs that are my ‘house shoes’. I only wear them indoors…unless it’s cold in which case I wear warm, fuzzy slippers. We don’t have have nice warm weather in Chicago but 2 months out of the year.

  • Oh, I am *totally* a shoe person around the house. And that was before FlyLady, before I got old, before there were Legos on every square inch of the floor.

    And they have to be tennis shoes. Nothing else. Anything else is uncomfortable and makes me feel like lying around the house all day. 🙂