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Molly the Owl, an unlikely TV star

I will admit to watching the occasional reality TV show.  And once, many years ago, and before children (b.c.) I spent an entire New Years Day in bed watching marathon MTV’s Real World – Boston.  I hang my head in shame.

When reality TV first burst onto the scene, it was like a train wreck, which I desperately wanted to turn away from.  YET I COULD NOT.

I have since reined in my enthusiasm, and watch only select American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, and Survivor episodes.  But I’ve been tempted to add the latest reality craze to my lineup, MOLLY THE BARN OWL.

A couple in San Marcos, California built an owl house barn, and had the incredible foresight to install a camera.  Molly moved in some time after that, laid 6 eggs, and since February, millions of folks just like me have been watching as 4 of her eggs hatched and she has cared for her young owlets.

And few lucky viewers have had the good fortune to watch Molly dine on LIVE RAT. I admit that I’ve seen more than my share of disgusting fare being consumed on Survivor, BUT LIVE RAT TOOK THE CAKE.

I still suffer from horrifying memories of watching Willard and Ben (1972 horror flick and sequel) as a youngster.  No amount of therapy has ever fixed that, and now I cannot get the image of Molly licking her claws after enjoying a little Rat breakfast.

Clearly I need more help than the psychological industry can offer me.  But, whatever.

Today Fiddledaddy once again did the grocery shopping trip to Wal*Mart because I still haven’t been given clearance to walk at will.  He and Cailey spotted an owl hanging from the rafters of Wal*Mart.  When they reported it to me I thought, WAY TO JUMP ON THE SOCIAL MEDIA BANDWAGON, Wally World.  Alas, the owl was a cheap imitation designed to frighten hapless birds that have taken refuge in frozen foods away.  It clearly wasn’t working because the stray birds (the ones WITH ACTUAL FEATHERS) were circling the Owl trying to figure out a way to TAKE HIM DOWN.  Right there in the raw meat department.  Awesome.

Anyhoo, I’ve been peeking in on Molly and her brood now and again on UStream (live feed).  Although I do try to avoid the dinner hour.  I find the whole thing fascinating.

And because Molly is a social media savvy type of bird, you can now also friend her on FaceBook and follow her on Twitter.

Twitter.  Bwahahahahahahaha.

Now that’s entertainment.

4 Responses to Molly the Owl, an unlikely TV star

  • San Marcos, CA, is MY HOME TOWN! How wonderful it was to see it mentioned in the blogosphere!

    Hope you’re up and running in no time. It is, after all, almost frog season!

  • Thanks for the link. Molly is sleeping right now. Hope you are up and running after your family soon. So glad your husband is shopping for you. I remember sending my husband to the store once and he used a cell phone photo as well to ask me what milk we drank. “Love what color milk do we drink?” me “What?” Him “Yes the yellow top, blue top, purple top?” all with phots of milk tops. I laughed at that one for YEARS!

  • Ha! Twitter…What a hoot! Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

    Thanks for introducing me to Molly. I had not had the priviledge yet.

    And do they really have that much of a bird problem in Wal-Mart that they need a decoy to defend the frozen food??!

  • The thought of birds in Walmart has always troubled me. After all, they have to let loose every once in a while. Why don’t I ever see the merchandise spotted in a cottage cheesey like fashion? And what do they eat? Where are all the starved carcases and random feathers? Was that all too morbid? I apologize, but these questions pester me. (But not enough, yet, to shop elsewhere.)