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Spring is in the air

The first day of Spring is upon us.  I watch for the signs, you know. The time change, the subtle rise in temperature, the cookie pusher Girl Scouts delivering their booty, and the leaves sprouting on my backyard Maple. Who was aptly named Lana by a toddler who lived in this house once upon a time.

It was that same toddler that grew up and tossed her sister’s hot pink hula hoop high up into Lana’s naked branches this winter.  You can reminisce about that saga here.  All attempts to extricate the hula hoop have been in vain.  And in fact, have only served to drive the hula hoop deeper into the tree.  Since the branches will not hold anything heavier than a hula hoop (and the squirrel that sat poised ready to pounce on my head – click on the picture and you’ll see him and the thirst for blood in his beady eyes) I fear we may never get that hula hoop down.

What is the shelf life of a hula hoop anyway?  Any and all ideas for freeing the hula hoop from Lana’s clutches are welcome.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

9 Responses to Spring is in the air

  • See if you can bribe the squirrel to toss
    it down…

  • Hey, at least this time of year the hula hoop matches the tree. Looks nice up there. I say leave it there year round as a reminder that spring is always coming (except when it is here).

  • Got any neighbors with one of those branch-trimmers-on-a-pole thingys? I’m thinking a couple of well placed cuts. Depending on the height of the tree, it might involve a ladder as well. Do you have health insurance?

  • Try tying a long piece of twine around a rock and throwing it through the hoop. I don’t know, it might work. 🙂


  • We have a blizzard in Central Oklahoma — yesterday the neighbor children were playing in the water outside in shorts (72 degrees); it’s supposed to be 70 by midweek. (If you don’t like the weather here, wait a day or two and it will change.) Anyway, I’m looking forward to spring and hope it will last more than a week or two this year! Good luck with the hula hoop!

  • Yeah, I was going to suggest one of the long reaching trimmers, too. Something like this:


    They make saws and pruning shears, I’m betting you need to go with the saw. Time for poor Lana to get a bit of a trim!

  • No, don’t cut Lana with the pole cutter thingy. It’s not her fault. Cut the hula hoop in two spots so it will fall off.

    Better yet, if you could get a matching hula hoop for the other side it would look like she has earrings.

  • I guess I’m the only one more concerned with the booty of the girl sout pushers, and the affect it has on my booty.

    And your readers just crack me up.

    Oh, no!

    I’m on a roll.
    (’bout to blog about that one!)

  • That is Mrs Girl Scout Cookie Pusher 🙂
    Good luck with the hula hoop!