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The Office

I’ve often said, in this game of Monopoly, I’m the banker.  I keep track of all the accounts, financial books, businesses, homeschooling, and running of the house.  I don’t pretend to be great at all these things, in fact in a couple of areas I am more than a little deficient, but I kind of have a head for business.

And yet, I thought it would be a good idea to spend 4 1/2 years in college earning a degree in the arts, and then go on to become a starving actor.  And then a struggling painter.  It is only fitting that now I run a blog, and work in the social online media circus arena.

I love working with numbers.  When tax time rolls around, I start sharpening all the #2 pencils in the house.  My pulse quickens and I crack my knuckles in preparation of pulling together all of our tax information and then writing it all down legibly on the forms that my accountant sends to me at the beginning of tax season.

I rant and rave about how hard it all is, and how my HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLODE FRACTIONS ALL OVER THE WALL, but secretly, I long to close myself away in a quiet place.  Just me and all those decimals.

My husband thinks I’m a freak.

And he would be right.

Up until recently I have been managing my husband’s two businesses and my own business plus all the homeschooling and household stuff out of a tiny computer cabinet in the dining room.  When I had to do Quicken and paperwork, I would either spread out all over the kitchen table (with leaf extension) or set up a folding table in the bedroom.

Fiddledaddy has been trying for the better part of a year to talk me into moving my operation into the bedroom, and buying myself a real desk.

I have fought him tooth and nail on this, because I had it in my head that I needed to remain in the hub of the house (even though the bedroom is 6 feet away).  And I did not want to turn my sanctuary into an office.  I did go so far as to look at office furniture.  I found a set by Christopher Lowell that I LOVED at Office Depot.  There were 4 pieces that I was eying. A desk and credenza both with hutches.  But the price of the set was FAR MORE THAN I WAS WILLING TO SPEND.

I even looked for the pieces on Craig’s List.  And found mismatched parts here and there, but I thought the price was still too high.

I did what any intrepid shopper would do.  I gave up.

But then after my knee started giving me so much trouble, Fiddledaddy insisted that I buy a real office chair.  In lieu of the hard kitchen table chair that I’d been using for years.  The chair that I would sit in for hours, and upon standing up, I would find myself eyeball to linoleum because my legs had fallen asleep.

I knew he was right. So a couple of weeks ago we went shopping for an office chair. On our date night.  We wandered into Office Depot and I peaked around a corner to gently caress with my eyes the office furniture of my dreams.

And I blinked.  Twice.  IT WAS MORE THAN HALF OFF THE ORIGINAL PRICE. They were clearing out all the floor models of office furniture, and all 4 pieces that I wanted were MORE THAN HALF OFF.  (Plus I get a teacher discount.)

The next day, Fiddledaddy and my BIL went and fetched it for me with the van and a truck.


There is now a place for everything, and everything in its place.  I feel way more productive and even though a clutter free desk is the sign of a sick mind.  LOOK!  NO CLUTTER!

And this is the office chair that I ordered from Target online that will be here any day now. Cute, no?

The lamp I found at Home Depot.  I wanted a floor lamp because there was no additional room on the desk because of the hutch.  I’m downright giddy.

The word you are searching for is NERD. I’m off to locate my pocket protector now.

13 Responses to The Office

  • I get so excited about things like this I was on the edge of my seat like you were buying this stuff for me. And PICTURES! Happy for you.
    I’m ignoring the part about the clean desk, though.
    Now I have to go and clutter my desk.

  • I LOVE it…I too was excited to see your new space! It is beautiful…enjoy your new office and trust me it probably won’t stay decluttered for long! LOL!

  • HAHAHAHA! You’re new office is sooo pretty.
    We are doing Biggest Loser at work and someone was trying to show me how to figure out percentages with our weight loss.
    I told her, “You lost me at math.”
    I admire your skills sista.

    p.s. I just got reading glasses, who’s the NERD now?

  • Love your new office! So jealous!! Enjoy it!

  • Wow! What an office!
    I think the thing I’m most jealous about is how tidy it is. That’s not at all my strong suit.
    What? I cleaned my desk yesterday!
    (found a gift certificate I was looking for.)
    (after I went through the garbage looking for it…)

    (I’m lowering my voice to a whisper) I did have some mail and papers on it, but cleaned those off for the sake of the photograph. During the day, the desk will be visually very busy. And let the record show that I have been known to go trash diving in search of important items that I’ve tossed. (Like a much needed nearly empty canister of frosting.)

  • That’s office furniture?

    Wow. It’s gorgeous. Congratulations!

  • Looks great!! I love the chair too. I know you are super pumped!!

  • As one secret nerd to another, you have just spoken my love language. Those pieces are beautiful, and I completely understand the joy that comes from a perfectly orderly desk and accessories at the ready. Congratulations!

  • You know what? I’m just sitting here at my new desk thanking God for all you guys who come to this little blog. And make me feel like I’m perfectly normal. 🙂

  • Very nice!

  • FiddleDeeDee, I am quite sure I heard the harps playing as I scrolled down. Lands, that beautiful work area made my OCD smile. I have no doubt that you and I would be fast friends if I lived in the armpit of Florida instead of the ankle of West Virginia. Oh, did I mention we’re heading to Florida on Friday? Yes ma’am we are. Ft. Walton Beach. I praying for WARM weather because um, the Sun has been missing for months round these parts.

  • Nice! I’m pea green with envy….wait, green was yesterday……. 🙂

  • Ooohhhh, I love it!! All of it, even the cute tea set on the top shelf!!! We’re in the process of working on an office/library for me….. Hopefully to be completed by summer….hopefully.