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I’m Healed!

Okay, I’m not healed.  At least not yet.  BUT I WILL BE.

I met with the Orthopedic Specialist today.  My brother-in-law sports a plastic ankle after a horrific fall a few years ago, so he knows a little something about the orthopedic doctors in the area.  When I told him who I was seeing he said that the doctor is considered the best in the area.

THANK GOODNESS.  Big relief.  Because I usually gravitate to the dark side and I was certain I was getting the guy who keeps showing up in the news because, OOPS, amputated the wrong leg.  Again.

I fell in love with my doctor’s office nearly immediately because they have all the forms needed when you’re a new patient ONLINE.  In fact, I completed all my online forms, well, ONLINE.  And only needed to show up sporting sensible shoes. And the x-ray on disc.  This gave me an opportunity to wile away my waiting room wait time by catching up on some deep reading material.

Except that all they had was an old copy of Entertainment Weekly from way back when Kate still had angry hair.  I didn’t have it in me to play my iPhone Scrabble because I’m still sore that Scrabble wouldn’t accept LAMAZE as a word.  Thusly netting me boo-koo points because it was a triple word score. I’m bitter.

Anyhoo.  I first met with the doctor-in-training.  Who did the requisite PRESSING ON MY KNEECAP UNTIL I THREATENED TO KNOCK HIM INTO NEXT WEEK with my good leg.  Then the doctor came in the room and said that he didn’t need to do any pressing, BUT HE LIED BECAUSE HE PRESSED ON STUFF until I cried uncle.

And I warned him, DO NOT MAKE ME CRY.

I’ll cut to the chase regarding the diagnosis.  Yes, I have MILD osteoarthritis.  But that’s not what is causing all the pain.  I have a torn meniscus. That will not heal by itself.

Therefore, there was some discussion about an incision here, and an incision there, and some trimming and scraping and, well, that’s when the room got all fuzzy and I may have started screaming.

They looked at my wide eyes and said, “But you’ll be asleep through the entire procedure.”


My surgery is scheduled for the end of the month.  I will simply think of it as a spa day.  Wherein I will be getting a much needed nap.

I am so completely grateful for this diagnosis.  And I’ll tell you why.  If Osteoarthritis was what is causing all of the pain and discomfort, I knew that there isn’t a darn thing  that anyone could really do for me.  That didn’t involve anything radical. I envisioned myself resigning to the fact that I had to buck up and learn to manage. In other words, stop whining.  As if.

And frankly, I think if I write much more about my knee, I’LL STOP READING MY OWN BLOG.

This knee issue is completely fixable.  And I look at it as a wake-up call.  Now I know I have Osteoarthritis.  A mild case.  And I can begin now to take sensible measures to ensure my joint care for later in life.

I am relieved.  And so very grateful.  And I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t  looking forward to the totally awesome pain meds that will undoubtedly be heading my way.

19 Responses to I’m Healed!

  • Gotta love some pain meds! 😉 I’m glad to hear your acute pain is fixable.

  • DeeDee,
    Will be keeping you in my prayers for the upcoming surgery and, more so, the recuperation. Please don’t plan on doing much for a while after this. You will be helpless for a few days at least and then it will be a while before you’re doing more than limping on crutches. Hubby has had that surgery and I don’t think he got off the couch for the first week. Of course, he’s a man and milked it for what it was worth, but still……
    But ultimately it gave him the relief he needed!!

  • There’s nothing quite like looking on the bright side. Those “totally awesome pain meds” make everything more bearable.

  • Glad it’s something fixable! And you forgot one more bright spot to be looking forward to: All the after surgery sympathy you’ll be able to milk for as long as possible!

  • So glad to hear, Dee Dee! Milk it, Bay-bee!

  • Deedee,

    My son had this procedure done several years ago and he was up and walking in two days and he said that there was NO PAIN. Didn’t even need the pain meds! He was playing football again in TWO WEEKS! Praying!!!


  • I know exactly what you mean. A month ago, I tripped over the baby and hurt my arm. I managed for a few days to just not use it, but eventually, I went to the doctor in so much pain. There was drama with x-rays and tears, but I finally went to bed for three days, hopped up on pain meds. Then the diagnosis came back and it was “just a sprain.” They told me it would have been better to have broken it, then they could have helped me. I remember feeling so ridiculous for ditching my family for a week for a sprain. And the Osteo guy I went to made me feel like a total idiot. But then my regular doctor called me and told me that it was okay to hurt, to take my pain meds, and to baby it for awhile because it would hurt worse than a break.

    And I was actually relieved just to have someone tell me “you’re not crazy for saying this hurts.”

    Then I took 3 pain pills and forgot it ever happened…

  • Everything is brighter through the foggy haze of pain meds – I think that’s an old proverb. 🙂 Glad you got a diagnosis and it’s ‘fixable’ – reminds me of Romans 8:28 and how God has actually worked this for the good for you – you now know about the osteo and can take measures to prevent it from getting worse.

  • Gotta say, whenever I’ve had surgery, that sleep has been some of the best sleep I’ve had in years. So peaceful! And quiet! And not interrupted!

  • Sweet! Pain meds AND a drug-induced nap! Plus a few days of legitimate bed time. I’ll take two, please.

  • Whew! What a relief to know they can actually fix it.
    Do the surgery, enjoy the nap and possibly some lovely meds, then in a few weeks, strap on that sausage casing.

    PS. Lora Lynn totally rocked her comment!

  • Just to be clear….Your brother-in-law has a “composite” TAR.

    Besides the modular high density composite joint replacement, there’s actually some steel, titanium, silver, and maybe a tad of nickel in there too….

    I’m getting a gold ankle bracelet on on top of it all to really piss off the TSA people at the airport…

    “Plastic” makes me seem so cheap…..Well, in the orthopedic sense anyway…..

    Enjoy the few days of percocet sissy……

  • I’m sorry that I’ve been off the bandwagon with reading everyone’s blogs. I’m still “postpartum” with my nearly one year old… and now know what women in their late 30’s feel like after giving birth to yet another child that will be getting married when they are in their 60’s. LOL I have no brain cells left and I’m quite certain I may also have the onset of Osteoarthritis as well… (isn’t that what my new grey hairs mean?)…

    I’m glad you are able to do something about the pain!

    Don’t be a stranger, my long lost in the jungles of Florida friend. 😉 Sending you a merry yeeehaw from Texasville.

  • Well, I’m glad you are able to get it fixed….however, I was so looking forward to the stories of Jensen in the powered chair! Maybe you will get him a little motorized car to entertain us this Summer. 🙂

  • Will pray for your upcoming surgery. Though, I totally agree with you on freaking out about pain, and thank Jesus that you won’t feel a thing. It’s awesome that you’ll finally be able to move around without pain or aching — I had a torn ligament a couple months ago and know how that feels. 🙂 Ouch.

  • Here’s some unrequested advice. Hope it helps you. My son had meniscus surgery when he played college baseball. It was outpatient. He lived 2 hours away, and I told him ahead of time to go ahead and tell his roommate that his mommy was going to be sleeping on the couch that night. He sulked, but knew better than to forbid it. About 3 hours after surgery he was so grateful for me. He hoofed it out of the hospital on crutches, insisting he was fine, took a pain pill on an empty stomach (NO! NO!) and threw up for about an hour. Then refused to take anymore pain pills, just tylenol. On the other note, the osteoarthritis. My mother has it, in a bad way. She’s WAAAAAAAYYYYYYolder than you, and due to the fact that she’s hypersensitive to any medication other than aspirin, she can’t take any of the rx meds they like to give for improving bone density. So, she began gradually doing little things to “work out”. She bought some 5 pound weights and does arm lifts every day, she push-mows around her bushes and shrubs (I think she uses that as an excuse to keep daddy from plowing them all under), and she just does light lifting and, well, strength training. She increased the bone density in her spine 14% in the past year! So they were right – working out with weights, even mildly, helps make stronger bones!

  • So glad you have a way to pay for your surgery. I guess I’ll be one of the ones who stays on the couch the rest of her life.

  • Hooray for a torn meniscus! (Who da thunk we’d cheer for that?)

  • If you use a CPM machine afterwards, I can’t wait to hear you blog about it (: I will be praying for a speedy recovery! Sorry you have to go through this but glad there is a good fix. Make sure you do some strengthening before and after the surgery. Even if its just isometrics.