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Night at the Oscars

In all the years I lived in Los Angeles, I never attended the Academy Awards.  I knew people who were “seat warmers” and I thought that would be really awesome, but I never had the nerve to do it.  I just knew that I’d end up accidentally sitting on someone important.

And now I’m kicking myself for never trying to camp out to get an up close and personal gander at the red carpet walkers.  I’m pretty sure that would have been A BLAST. When I was much younger and wouldn’t have had to wear orthopedic inserts though.

Each year, our acting company put on a big glitzy Oscar watching bash for Christians in the entertainment industry.  It was well attended, and we all got dressed up in our favorite party frocks.  Shrimp was served. You just knew that it was going to be a fancy event if the shrimp and cocktail sauce was served.

In hindsight, I believe it was because all of us starving actors were less likely to pilfer shrimp into our pockets for the lean days ahead.

Just sayin’. Not that I would have ever ruined a perfectly good handbag by trying such a despicable act…

I enjoyed sitting around with good friends, dining on hors d’oeuvres, and discussing what everyone onscreen was wearing, and OH MY GOODNESS, I HAD NO IDEA THAT ACTOR HAD DIED during the death montage. (Which always brings me to tears.)

Since leaving LA, I have missed those gatherings on Oscar night.  And pretty much, since then, if I even watch the Oscars, I’m watching alone.  Sob. Sob.

Sunday night was different.  Fiddledaddy hooked EyeTV up to my computer.  What that means, is that I was able to watch the Oscars, Tweet with my peeps, and even compose this blog post.  ALL ON THE SAME SCREEN.

All that technical know-how freaked me out a little.  And I won’t even pretend that I understand how it works.  I just know that there is a little box above my computer with a blue light that looks like an evil eye (hence the name EyeTV) staring at me.  But I don’t care and just won’t look upwards. Ignore/Avoid = Coping Skill.

I almost felt like I was back in Los Angeles, sitting around with a bunch of starving actor types, eating shrimp.  Except that I was wearing my pajamas. And I’m pretty sure that known of my Tweeps are starving.  And I traded in the shrimp for vanilla cookies that I really don’t like all that much, but @redclaydiaries HAD to go and mention cookies and so I spent an entire commercial rummaging through the pantry for any type of cookie I could find.

Other than that, it was just like being there.

I thought that Sandra Bullock gave the best acceptance speech ever.  That was my favorite moment of the entire show.

“Here’s to the mamas who take care of the babies and the children no matter where they come from.” ~Sandra Bullock

Amen sister.  And I love that a woman finally won for Best Director.

Did you watch?  Any surprises?

7 Responses to Night at the Oscars

  • I did watch in fast forward (more on that tomorrow). How fun to have all that technology together. TV of the future 🙂

  • I did not watch, because the kids were watching a movie, and because I am not an Oscar watcher, however I was glad to hear Sandra Bullock won, she is classy! I was disheartened to hear however that both Bea Arthur and Farrah Fawcett were left OUT of the death montage, I think it stinks especially that Farrah Fawcett was left out because she is already known in Hollywood press now as “the other person who died on the day MIchael Jackson died” don’t get me wrong I liked MJ too but just sayin…two great talents were not recognized. I am going to watch Sandra’s acceptance speech though!


    You know, Twitter was all aflutter about the omission of Farrah Fawcett. I would imagine that the Academy will be addressing that.


  • Oh, dear DD, I am so excited that our feelings are mutual about Sandra B. SHE GAVE THE GREATEST PERFORManc I could ever imagine in Blind Side. I hung on to every WORD AND ACTION, and altho I have already seen it 4 times, that’s not the end! I didn’t care at all that the movie didn’t win, I JUST WANTED SANDRA TO GET IT!! I could hardly believe my ears. Can’t get a handle on her ‘look’ now as compared to ‘then’ . . but she even mentioned the Touey’s being there . . . ONE CLASSY LADY!!! (and otherwise I would never have watched the O’s)! Harriet (Di’s mom)

  • I second your praise of Sandra Bullock’s acceptance speech….it brought me to tears….a mama’s heart is a tender place.

  • Visiting from Tom’s site. I watched the Oscar’s and I think my wife and I would both agree that our favorite moment was Sandra Bullock as well. No surpises in the show to me. I didn’t expect Avatar to win. I enjoyed the show.

    Nice blog!

  • We had a couple of friends over and played Oscar bingo. That was really fun! Except half-way through we realized the sheets were for last year’s show, so L’oreal was not a sponsor despite the fact we all just needed a L’oreal commercial to win. We still had a great time arguing over what constituted a “political statement” and whether or not the montage from the tech awards qualified as “previous Oscar footage.” I recommend the Oscar bingo.

  • I too loved Sandra Bullock’s speech! Brought tears to my eyes. Does anyone know what was up with George Clooney?