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The Nose Clip, my latest fashion accessory

I come before you, befrocked in lycra, to ask for your forgiveness.  Yesterday, I mocked water aerobics.  As though it was something that only the elderly would endure.

I am reminded of the time just after Emme was born, when I joined a group of my neighbors and attended water aerobics at our community pool.  They welcomed me with open arms.  I do love those ladies. And for the longest time, I was the youngest attendee.  But gradually a few younger neighbors joined in.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I had completely forgotten this, and I blame it on breastfeeding 3 children.  With each successive birth, I lost more and more brain cells.

Eventually, the weather turned chilly and I stopped attending.  And after adding 2 more children to my brood, there just wasn’t time to go back.

Now I belong to an amazing health club, with EXCELLENT child care, a heated pool, and access to water aerobics classes.

Diane, you’re right, it is not just for the elderly.  And Elizabeth, I do remember that it is NOT an easy workout.  Thank you for lighting a fire under my sagging butt.

I was dinged again when a girlfriend of mine who goes to the same gym e-mailed me and challenged me to join her for an ongoing water aerobics class.  She didn’t actually double dog dare me, but I could hear it in her tone.  The gauntlet has been thrown down into the pool.

I’m certain that this type of workout is what my new Ortho doctor will recommend.  So I’m digging through my drawer of lycra and spandex, and will dust off the stretchiest sausage casing I can find.

I’m thinking that if I really work at it, I just may finally get my shot at the Summer Olympics by joining the synchronized swimming team.

I’ll keep y’all posted.  LAST ONE IN IS A ROTTEN EGG!

6 Responses to The Nose Clip, my latest fashion accessory

  • hee hee hee….

    just wait till the next day. And dont even think about forgetting your water shoes.

    Lucky enough to live within walking/biking distance from an indoor pool with water aerobics at a lovely county park. – Just not excited about going and having my 40 year old heiney kicked by a bunch of older woman 😀

  • I did water aerobics a couple of times and it was a HARD workout! Loved it because it was easy on the joints and definitely not your normal workout!! Have fun!!

  • Hallelujah! I know you won’t be sorry.
    Well, you just might be sorry for a few days… a week, tops.
    And Bonnie’s right. Don’t forget your water shoes.

  • My husband and I call our water aerobics class “old lady water ballet.”

    Good luck in the Olympics!!

  • Nice thing about water aerobics? No sweating!! I’m of the 30ish (okay mid-30ish age) and feel out of place at our gym in the morning water aerobics class (attended by mostly those of the senior citizen age). But it’s a good workout and I obviously NEED it (as my scale and body keep telling me). There’s an evening class that’s supposed to be more of a workout (and younger attendees) but I haven’t made it to that one yet. Check it out, there might be different classes to attend. 🙂

  • Good Luck DeeDee! I hope you don’t ever find a Baby Ruth in the bottom of the pool!

    Jana, OH YOU JUST HAD TO GO THERE! I had been thinking it, but not voiced it… 🙂