American Idol – Top 12 Guys

I’m awfully glad to see the industrial sized Coke cups back on the judges table.  I just can’t trust anyone who drinks mineral water. Or say they drink mineral water.  What is mineral water, anyway?

Moving on.  The boys sang tonight.  I have to say that my socks were not blown off of my feet.  I didn’t have a Daughtry moment.  Or a Bo Bice moment.  I don’t think I’ve ever watched A.I. this closely so early in the season.  I usually tune in when it gets down to the final 10.  So, I’m sure this will begin to heat up.  Here are my thoughts on the top 12 guys.

1.  Todrick Hall – sang Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson.  He is such a great performer.  Made it his own by changing arrangement hugely.  Secret to making a song very fresh – pick a song originally recorded by opposite sex.

2.  Aaron Kelly – Double dose of adorable.  Sang country song Rascall Flatt’s “Here Comes Goodbye”.  GREAT voice suited for country.

3.  Germaine Sellers – I was surprised he made it to top 24. He was the guy that told the music director that he didn’t do the song the way he was suppose to.  Dude.  He seemed more humble on this night.  Sang “Get Here.”  Not crazy about the performance.

4.  Tim Urban – He’s the guy that got into the top 24 because someone had to get the boot because of a prior undisclosed contract.  Sang Apologize. I wanted him to do well, he’s cute as a bug.  But he fell short.  I want him to come back next week and surprise the judges.  In a good way.

5.  Joe Munoz – I don’t know what that song was.  I didn’t care for it. I agree with Simon, no star power.

6.  Tyler Grady – Sang American Woman.  Loved watching him. Not the strongest voice, but very likable.  Kara had great advice.  Bring it into the present.  He’s fun, he’s different.

7.  Lee Dewyze – Sang Chasing Cars.  So off key. But Simon LOVED IT. So what do I know. He is adorable. I hope he does well.

8.  John Park – Sang God Bless the Child.  Started way too low.  Not the right song for him. But golly, he has a pretty voice. I think he’s going to surprise everyone.  But he needs to make a better song choice.

9.  Michael Lynche –  Sang This Life. I loves when he performs with his guitar. I think he has good potential. But I keep worrying about his wife with all alone with that new baby.  HAS HE EVEN HELD THE BABY YET? I worry about these things because I have become my mother.

10.  Alex Lambert – Sang What a Wonderful World.  Very interesting voice.  I don’t like this song for him.  He has terrific potential.  I hope he can pull together his nerves.  And the mullet?  I’m not a fan.  But he is absolutely cute as can be.

11.  Casey James – {faints} ADORABLE.  I had a stupid grin plastered on my face during the entire performance. Embarrassing. I think this guy has star potential. And the boy is from FORT WORTH.  I do think the whole teasing Kara thing is a bit distracting.  He handles it well.

12. Andrew Garcia – I like his voice, but I thought the performance was forgettable.  I loved when he sang “Straight Up” during Hollywood week.  He needs to recreate that type of performance.

My picks for the top 6 guys are:  Aaron Kelly, Casey James, Michael Lynche, Lee DeWyze, John Park, and Andrew Garcia.

What did you think? Any front runners yet? If you have an American Idol post up, head over to BooMama’s.  She is rounding everyone up with Mr. Linky.

5 Responses to American Idol – Top 12 Guys

  • I mostly agree with you. That Casey is kind of irresistable. Mmm. Picking a top 6 is kind of hard, since I wasn’t that impressed by most of them, but here they are, in no particular order –
    Casey, Andrew, Michael, Lee, Tyler & Aaron.

  • I had a stuipd smile on my face the whole time Casey sang too…I might have drooled a little bit. I really liked Joe though. I thought he looked too nervous though! And OMG I totally thought the same thing about Micheal Lynch!! He hasn’t seen his baby yet! I told my husband that he would not be on AI if his first daughter was being born…but I’m selfish like that 🙂

  • Michael – I said to my husband (before Ryan said it), “it looks like he’s holding a ukelele”

    Casey – probably the best performance of the night. Wasn’t hard to be the best of those, though.

    I think Tyler has potential if he’d stop trying to channel Jim Morrison/Mick Jagger.

  • Am I the only one who found Kara’s gushing over Casey downright uncomfortably embarrassing?