I’m Idolly LOST

I fear that Tuesday nights are simply not going to be a good night to put together a post with any reasonable story line.  Especially when I am furiously taking copious notes while watching the first part of American Idol, hitting the pause button, switching over to Lost, and then back to A.I.  And then scouring the pantry for cookies.  Any kind of cookies.  Or a saltine, maybe.

And next week, Biggest Loser will get thrown back into the mix.  Hold me.

It takes me several days to digest Lost.  The only thing that really stood out for me was, OH MY GOSH, when Jin was getting up from the ground for the first time in Claire’s chateau, he had black boxers with red hearts on them totally peeking out of the back of his pants.

Fiddledaddy noticed this, and I was all, NO WAY, and then he hit rewind, AND OH MY GOSH. JIN WAS WEARING BOXERS WITH RED HEARTS.

Rewind if you don’t believe me.

Favorite lines of the night belonged to Hugo:

“I just lied to a Samurai.”

“Thanks for the 7 years of bad luck, dude.”

I am beginning to love the characters in the parallel time sequence.  Who do you think Jack was married to?  I HAVE NO IDEA, but I think it will surprise us.  Maybe Juliet?  Hmmm?

I need to watch the whole episode again in slow motion.  The symbolism?  It is mind bending, man.

Now on to American Idol.

I am so very sad to admit that I was not impressed with the ladies.  Seriously.  Not one of them really showed their full potential.  Of course, it was their first time singing in front of a GAZILLION PEOPLE.  But still.  And I got the idea that all of the song choices were just someone’s idea of a practical joke, and thought that the contestants really wouldn’t go through with it.

But YEAH Simon for wearing a sweater.  My favorite lines of the night belonged to him.  “I’m only saying what you’re thinking.” And of course his zinger to Ryan, “I think it went both ways.”

I have a few favorite picks.  Although I wasn’t crazy with their performance, I think they’ll shine in upcoming weeks.  My top picks for the ladies are (in no particular order):

Paige Miles
Lilly Scott
Didi Benami
Siobhan Magnus
Crystal Bowersox (LOVE HER, LOVE HER, LOVE HER)
Katie Stevens

Those are who I think will go through to the top 6.  But, Katelyn Epperly is a close call. But next week I hope she leaves the fish nets at home. Fish nets have only one valuable use.  Catching fish.  The end.

I think that sweet little Haeley Vaughn will go home.  And sadly, I also think that Lacey Brown will join her.  I LOVE Lacey’s voice, but oh my gosh, choosing “Landslide” was a train wreck for her vocals.  I hope I’m wrong.

Can’t wait to hear the boys.  Who do you see going through to the top 6 for the ladies?

12 Responses to I’m Idolly LOST

  • We assumed Jack was married to the gal whose spine he fixed. Way back when. But of course, WE COULD BE WRONG.

    Love Hurley’s lines.

    I like Crystal as well.

  • What, no Olympics?

    I KNOW. My TiVo only tapes 2 shows at one time. Some hard decisions had to be made. I am usually glued to the ice skating. sigh.


  • I’m with you on the Tues night TV shows! What are we going to do??

    Hugo always has my favorite lines on Lost. The Samurai line made me laugh out loud.

    LOVE Crystal and Didi! Thinking Lacey is in trouble but I liked her from audition shows. Really bad song choices this week.

  • Totally agree with your assessment of crystal, love her, too!!! And sad you missed Olympic ladies on the ice, I broke down into a sob when the Canadian who lost her mother on Sunday but decided to continue in her olympic competition took the ice. And she rocked it by the way! I’m a real sucker for the human interest storylines.

  • Haha I totally used the word “Gazillion” too! I totally Agree with 4 of your top six..I didn’t like Sibohan or Katie… Although I don’t know who I’d put in their place…It’s all pretty even to me after the first four.

  • “the Canadian who lost her mother on Sunday”–Joannie Rochette. What a brave young woman! Sobbing here too!

    Proud Canadian

  • Mamasox and Didi are my top two favorites!

  • I gotta say… I really don’t care. They were ll pretty bad. I ca’t wait for the guys tonight because my boy ANdrew s going to KILL it! Woohoo!

    PS What do you think about Ellen so far?

  • I clearly need a spellchecker. Or a proofreader. Or a brain that works, take your pick.

  • I gotta say I was not all that impressed with either the boys or the girls this week. I am hoping that as they get used to being on stage they will all get better.

    As for Lost, I am completely lost!! I think Jack was married to Juliet, and that is who David’s mother is. My husband and I also think that Sawyer is pulling a long con on Flocke. He is too smart and cunning to fall for Flockes stories.

  • OMGosh! LOL! I looked at my husband when we were watching LOST and said “Seriously? Black boxers w/red hearts?” That show is definitely a mind bender…

  • I saw London, I saw France, I saw Jin’s fancy underpants!