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High Maintenance

Recently, Fiddledaddy had the nerve to say to me, “Your blog is bloated.”  Honestly, you would think after knowing me this many years the man would know better than to use “your” and “bloated” in the same breath.  Alas, I’ve been cleaning out some old old posts and even older reviews, in the hopes of lightening the load.  I also discovered that I had 56 pages of media library images.  Fifty six.  Many of which were duplicates before I discovered that I didn’t have to reload an image every single time I used it.  I may have gotten rid of a few too many, because in some older posts, the image has completely disappeared.

So I put my blog on a diet.  And now Fiddledaddy is going to attempt to change servers.  AND if that’s successful, he’s going to install the Thesis WordPress theme and I’m going to get a makeover very soon.  Therefore my site will be down possibly for much of the weekend.   Or forever.  Depending on how nice I am to Fiddledaddy and don’t stand over him wringing my hands, IS IT DONE? WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE DONE? ARE YOU ALMOST FINISHED?

Because of my incessant need to chatter, you can bet that I’ll be burning up the internet on Twitter and my Facebook Fan Page.

I’ll be back soon!

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