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Sharp as a Tack

Hand me a #2 pencil sharpened to a fine point, and I get giddy.  Back before I discovered the joys of Quicken, computers, and spreadsheets, I did all of my accounting by hand.  Neatly handwritten in a ledger, with a finely sharpened #2 pencil.

Suitable for framing.

My children have inherited my obsession for a sharpened pencil point.  And I supported that until daughter #1 stabbed daughter #2 in the head with a bright pink princess pencil.  And btw, my how-to book on parenting will be out some time next year.

We’ve gone through a plethora of pencil sharpeners.  Everything from the cheap manual palm sharpener that comes with your Maybelline eye pencil, to the allegedly superior electric sharpener.  I believe I’ve spent a small fortune on electric sharpeners that have either fallen apart or just stopped even pretending like it was going to sharpen my pencils. Always one week after the manufacturer’s warranty expired.

I finally decided that the only competent pencil sharpener was the old fashioned crank kind of my parochial school daze.  But I didn’t want to start drilling holes into the furniture to accommodate it.

Solution.  I found a old fashioned crank pencil sharpener by X-acto that has a suction cup type bottom so it can be moved at will.  I found it at Wal*Mart for around 5 bucks.

It is beautiful to behold.  For more sharp Works for Me Wednesday tips, head over to Kristen’s at We Are That Family.

17 Responses to Sharp as a Tack

  • THANK YOU! I thought we were the only ones still looking for a suitable sharpener!

    It’s funny you posted this, because just today my husband was sharpening a pencil and there were several comments from the peanut gallery wishing him luck with the results.

  • Oh, this is so me! I finally caved and bought a real old fashioned metal one from a school supply store and mounted it in my pantry. Bliss…pure bliss!

  • I thought I was the only person on the planet with a pencil point fixation! Haha! (Is there a link for Kristen’s at We Are That Family?)
    Thank you for alerting me. I was having all sorts of havoc trying to get this post up. Links disappeared, the whole post disappeared, I couldn’t link to the image, chaos. It’s all fixed. 🙂


  • I have that old parochial schoolhouse sharpener hanging in my homeschool classroom! I LOVE it!

  • Oh I didn’t know they make them with suction cups now! I bought one for my desk years ago and mounted it on. I gave it away with the desk. I haven’t replaced it because I didn’t want to mount on another one! I’m going out today to get one!

  • What a considence…my sister pierced my forehead with a lead pencil when I was 4…back in the 70’s…when there was really lead.

    It is still stuck in there, and I think that is why I act like I do…giggle.

  • i am not a pencil girl, but there was something satisfying about those old fashioned sharpeners!

    hope the emu oil does the trick:)

  • I have an obsession with sharpened pencils, too. I recently posted on Facebook that my favorite office supply was a pencil sharpener, and I got razzed for it. 🙂

    My DH has an old electric sharpener that he got from one of his old offices; works like a charm! My DH8 likes to work her pencil tip down right to where she likes it, and then I come along and sharpen it! LOL!

  • We bought that one (only in PINK) but my sharp pencil fixated children have already broken it. I plan to return it to Wal-M (if only I could find the receipt!!!!). So I’m still searching for an old fashioned one. I hope yours works for YEARS to come. (My 4-year-old son may have something to do with the early destruction of said pencil sharpener.)

  • @chocolatechic, good news! I wondered about the lead content of pencils, and checked online… They’ve been making pencils of graphite since the middle 1500s, so I doubt that in the 1970s there was ANY lead in that pencil. Now you’ll have to find another reason for acting like you do 😉

    And btw, everyone, I HAVE BEEN TO THE PENCIL MUSEUM in Keswick, England, so I am clearly an expert on pencils! http://www.pencilmuseum.co.uk/


  • I have that sharpener on my kitchen counter! It looks so stylish, doesn’t it?

    I’m just THRILLED that now my girls will sharpen their own colored pencils! They used to hand me the box of 96 (you NEED lots of colors to color) and ask me to sharpen them. argggg.

    What other cool toys, err I mean tools do you have that make homeschooling a breeze?

  • I am also partial to the old fashioned crank pencil sharpener, but my maniac children can’t get enough of the battery operated monster that belches after each round of sharpening.

  • Wow – they still make that model? We had that exact same one when I was growing up many moons ago.

  • Funny thing – my daughter #1 is OBSESSED with sharpened pencils. I am not so much, but we are talking borderline OCD with her (not kidding). Anyway, we’ve tried all kinds, too, and I saw this very one at Wal-Mart and pondered it. I am SO glad to hear of your sharpening happiness with it. It’s goin’ on ye olde list.

  • I too have an sharp penci obsession. So much so that now mechanical pencils are my only choice of lead writing instruments.

    No pencil sharpeners necessary anymore!

  • I love sharp new wooden pencils as well, but I have eraser-destroying children who use up the nice pink eraser ends of the pencils before we make it to the 3rd sharpening. There is nothing sadder than a nice wood pencil with a used-up eraser. Those crummy add-on erasers break the first time we use them, if not the first time we shove onto the end of the pencil. We have a lovely collection of big pink erasers which no one can ever find. And don’t even get me started on children who pull the lead out of the mechanical pencils!! (O.K., do I sound a little burned out? Let me go get some chocolate, strictly for attitude-adjustment purposes.)

  • Holy Cow! I had no idea there were other pencil sharpener fanatics. (I wanted to say freaks but that’s not nice) My husband has an entire sharpening routine! Whew! I thought he was a little crazy….glad to know he’s in good company! 😉 (he enjoys electric)