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What goes up, should just stay put

When I relieved the kitchen of its overflowing garbage this morning, I discovered the floral flower watering can on top.  You know the one.  The watering can that never watered a flower in its life, but was instrumental in adding the final touches to Lana, the maple tree.

I then scanned the back yard and searched the naked tree branches, noticing that the blue mat was missing from the top most branches as well.  I suspect that it has become a part of the landfill behind our house, which disguises the nature preserve that we paid an extra $1,000 to live next to.

Money well spent.

We’ve managed to relocate all manner of toys, unwanted tree limbs, and dead rodent carcasses behind our 6 foot privacy fence. (The privacy is more for the sake of the neighbors, than for us, by the way.)  I thought certain that a navy blue Croc just went to its final resting place back there as well today, but alas, an older sister’s aim was off, and the younger sister lived to tattle.  The shoe was located in a neighbor’s yard.

The hot pink hula hoop remains firmly affixed to the topmost part of Lana, the Maple tree.  Frankly, I hope she stays.  As it gives our back yard a little character.  Which it sorely needs.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed it or not, but I’ve been droning on and on about the goings on in our backyard lately.  Mostly because it’s been my only frame of reference.  All 3 kids have been sick with a cold, and my view has been limited to a) a tissue trail from the only child who bothers to use a tissue, or 400, b) that same child’s last will and testament scattered throughout the house, and c) the back yard as seen from the family room window.


So I wanted to share with you a picture that Fiddledaddy found of our dream backyard.

The only thing that is missing is a hot pink hula hoop in the trees.

Now, I just need to start hanging out at our local Home Depot in hopes that the HGTV guy that surprises people in the store, and then shows up to redo their backyard, you know, SEES HOW DESPERATE I AM.

What do y’all think.  Isn’t that yard fabulous?  It’s just rustic enough to coincide with our lack of yard keeping skills.

11 Responses to What goes up, should just stay put

  • I love looking at landscape photos.

    Of course, our landscape is bleak in a different sense, and I think I’d take your yard over mine right now in a heart beat! (You’d have to see the pics on my blog to get what I’m talking about.)

  • I am hoping that same HGTV guy shows up at my Home Depot! Right now, my yard is looking bleak too. This is Phoenix, for goodness sake, shouldn’t my grass be LOVELY this time of year?! Nope, dead…and what’s worse? The kids and the dogs are constantly dragging that dead grass in on their feet. So I see it INSIDE my house too….GGRRRRR. Oh wait, this blog is about you…oh fine;)

    That is a fabulous backyard!!!!!!!

  • I hear you about that Home Depot idea. I love that picture, THAT is a peaceful backyard.

    Oh, and we too have hit the season of the cold. Yuck. I thought I had it bad here, with one kid. I can’t imagine it with three. Good luck!

  • Oooh I want that backyard too! Ours is a yucky little hill overlooking the neighbors trampoline. Nice.

  • Girl, you should see my backyard pics. In fact, I do believe I wrote an entire post dedicated to its white trashiness. At least your toys sound “whole.” Our yard includes a broken infant tub, sleds, deflated balls, an old and holey wading pool and a swingset that is leaning dangerously to the right…

  • I’m a couple days behind, and just read your posts and looked at the photos of the can, mat and hula hoop and I am still laughing! Thanks so much for giving me a much needed laugh! At Fiddledaddy’s expense

  • That is one fabulous back yard! Good luck on getting it! =)

  • It’s not bad, but it needs some furniture of the comfy upholstered lounging variety. And a small table nearby obviously.

  • i wanna hang out in Home Depot for the guy that comes and does major remodels INSIDE the house. I want to build some built in bookcase type shelves in my Master sitting room thing

  • I’m thinking a sparkly hula hoop hanging from each corner….maybe even make each a different color for added flair. 🙂 Loving the backyard tales.

  • Now if that would only fit into a lovely suburban Florida back yard..it WOULD be a dream yard. 🙂 I want one too. Can I hang with you at Home Depot? ha ha