The lack of an actual post can be attributed 3 hours of my being glued to the long awaited and much anticipated televised premiere of Lost.  One hour of recap, and two hours of premiere.

In other words, my head hurts.  And I may have completely stopped breathing 2 or 23 times.  It was a good good premiere.  We’re off to a fun start for this final season. It was nice to see some old faces.


But don’t worry.  No spoilers here.  Fiddledaddy cannot view it until Friday, and nothing he can do will make me give up any information.  Although, I may delight in torturing him with falsified dropped hints and misinformation.  Because that’s how I roll.

I won’t spoil it for you all, though.  I have a friend who has threatened to de-friend anyone who posts spoilers in their facebook feed.  That would be just a wrong thing to do.  (insert maniacal laughter)

I am excited to find out that Lost will be airing on Tuesday nights.  Instead of Wednesday.  Which means that I will no longer have to break the law while racing home from church on Wednesday where I serve as an Awana leader.

Makes you want to entrust your own children to be under my tutelage, right?

Anyhoo, TiVo and I had a long talk about what to record and when over these next months.  And unfortunately, episodes of Brady Bunch and Bindi the Jungle Girl will have to be sacrificed to make room.  I’ll just tell the children that WE ALL HAVE TO MAKE ADJUSTMENTS HERE, PEOPLE.

So, did you watch Lost?  And are you more lost than ever?  And isn’t it GREAT????

14 Responses to Lost

  • My head has exploded. Which is unfortunate.

  • I got to tell my husband that I was right about who Locke was, which I love. And I agree that it was great to see some old faces.

  • Yup, watched all three hours. My head is spinning!

  • Oh, I know! My head was just about to spontaneously combust all day today while I waited.
    Lost is the only thing on TV that I will preference over The Biggest Loser on the DVR.
    Happy last season!

  • Gosh, all this talk of Lost has made me wish I watched it from the beginning. I’ve never seen it.

  • Have you seen Human Target on Fox? It premiered after American Idol 3 weeks ago and I just happened to watch it. I think you would like it. I am also able to watch it online- which helps as it is on Wednesdays which is AWANA night and though I don’t teach, the frown upon parents being late to fetch their little ones for having watched a TV show….hmm. My hubby has succommed to the LOST phenom., along with my best friend. Never have gone there. But happy that you all have gained so much enjoyment!

  • I LOVE the Lost. Was very excited to watch all three hours last night, too. The whole Locke thing had my head spinning!

  • I LOVE LOST. The show always makes you think, and you really have to pay attention. I was watching with my dad last night, and he went to bed early, he couldn’t handle it! LOL! Yes the Locke thing had my head spinning too!!!

  • Holy mind bend, batman! I’ve heard we’re now doing flash sideways. I’m a bit skert my brain can’t keep up. I’ve heard answers will come we just have to be patient. They clearly don’t know me.

  • Oh yes I watched all three episodes and i am more LOST than ever!!!!! And I LOVE it! lol

  • The cable company messed up and I still don’t have TV! I’m hoping thy put it online soon.

  • I think I liked it, but you know, it takes some time to really figure out how you feel.
    Implausible, yes, but in a bizarre, really plausible way.
    Lost leaves me very contemplative. And feeling like my life is boring and predictable.

    I hear you. I need to watch it again. But this time from the comfort of my couch and not the ceiling.


  • I have watched LOST from the beginning and this last season promises to be the BEST! Parallel universes! Sooooo Cool! and that’s all I’m sayin’ so as not to spoil the fun! Though it still would be hard to figure out if you’ve never seen the show at all! I love LOST!

  • this is easily the best show on tv. i love that it defies convention and demands that the viewer get engaged. even small details that aren’t crucial to understanding the show are brilliant. like illana’s buddy bram meeting his end with a stake thru his heart. very bram stoker’s dracula. love it!