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Blog Feeds, and other stuff I don’t understand

My feelings about the way my blog works are much like my feelings about my car.  I just want to climb behind the wheel, turn the ignition, and roar off down the road.  I don’t want to know about what is going on under the hood, what an axle does and why it’s important, and LOOK, THE FAN BELT TURNS A REAL FAN.

That being said, this week I noticed that my stats were down.  Way down.  I’m no longer a stats junkie (first two years of blogging I was a pitiful stats junkie) but I will admit that every couple of days, I get curious.  But I chalked it up to all the talk of poop and vomit.  Sometimes my own gross-out threshold can only take so much.

But then a sweet reader left a comment telling me that Google Reader had stopped carrying my feed about a week or so ago.  I use Google Reader now and interestingly, I never checked my own feed.  Huh. Maybe Google Reader had enough of my bathroom talk, too.  But I dusted off my old Bloglines account and there before me was a large red exclamation point by my blog name.  And upon further inspection, I noticed that Technorati no longer cared if I was writing or not.

I knew enough about blogging that I had food feed issues.  I was able to validate my feed (check it to see if it’s working) but still there were no updates.  Fiddledaddy knows very little about feeds and he is busy this week working so that he can keep me in the manner to which I have become accustomed.

So, mostly I was on my own.  I checked on some troubleshooting forums, and all had various fixes.  Which were evidently written in a foreign language because I had NO IDEA what they were talking about.

One thing that I discovered (and understood) was that a number of bloggers have been having feed trouble due to the type of format they use to compose their blog posts.  For example, if you use Word, you may have trouble because Word can add imbedded symbols into your post after you cut and paste it into your blog.

The recommended format is a straight text edit program.  I’ve been using AppleWorks for years because I love it, I understand it, and it does what I want it to do.  However, I’m going to try Text Edit because I AM NOT AFRAID OF CHANGE.  I’m using it right now, and I’m pleasantly surprised that it recognizes BLOG and all forms of BLOGGING, BLOGGER, etc. as real words.

Have your eyes glazed over yet?

Anyhoo.  I’ve learned today that my Google Reader is updating my blog.  I honestly don’t know how I did it.  I did add a feed plugin, and I synced with my Feedburner account.  Plus I did a good deal of hand wringing and cursing in my head.

A few readers have asked about subscribing, and I have a little box in my right sidebar, powered by FeedBurner.  All you have to do is add your e-mail and I’ll show up in your e-mail box if I add a blog post.

Bloglines still isn’t updating, but that’s fine because Bloglines is now officially dead to me.

And now for a blog poll.  Because I want to show my father that his money was NOT wasted on my college education and all of those communication courses I insisted on taking.  I will put my findings into a color coded spread sheet and then use it as a placemat on which to eat massive amounts of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies.  Not unlike college.

UPDATED TO ADD: I should have put BOOKMARKS as an option also! Maybe this is why I switched from Communications Major to um, whatever degree it was that I graduated with.

26 Responses to Blog Feeds, and other stuff I don’t understand

  • Glad you’re all fixed up! I’ve been thinking about switching to a self-hosted blog, but your paragraph 9 has me a little skeered.

    Feed plug-ins and feedburners sound like they are better used on a farm than on the internet.

  • I didn’t even know you could check blogs on twitter.

    You can use a plug-in called Twitter Friendly Links, to get shortened links for new posts. Then you post a “teaser” with the link on Twitter. I find lots of new posts and blogs that way.


  • MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm, Thin MInts!!

    As for the rest of your post… I think I need a translator.

  • You don’t have my choice in your poll, so I’ll comment – I use Sage Reader, which is a FireFox extension. And your feeds have come through just fine this week on Sage. 🙂

  • Glad it’s working again! For what it’s worth – if you miss some of AppleWorks’s features too much, you can always copy and paste from AppleWorks to a plain text editor, THEN do a new copy-paste to the blog. Pasting it into a plain text editor strips any extraneous formatting, so you can just copy the clean/pure copy from there. An extra step, but if you miss your old editor too much while writing it may be worth the trade off. 🙂

    Oh, I LIKE the way you think. You are my people.


  • Your feed has been coming through fine on my google reader.

    Oh, and I *loathe* all things techy and behind-the-scenes.

    And I HATE change. Because I am 90.

  • To show you how inept I am when it comes to all things bloggy…to your poll I say, “Huh???” I found your blog ages ago through someone else’s blog (as if I remember whose) and I bookmarked it. I check every day to see if something new has been posted. Like I said…completely inept. And I even HAVE my OWN blog. That I can’t do squat to.

  • Ditto what Lisa said. 😀 Except the blog part, I don’t have a blog.

    Why didn’t we get a category on the poll??? I feel left out. 🙂
    AAACCCKKK. You know, the first thing that I wrote on my scratch paper pad when I was thinking up this scientific poll was 1) The old fashioned way – nothing fancy! Not even kidding. I just put a line through it because I wasn’t sure if anyone would understand… BUT YOU DO! 🙂


  • As I looked over your blog poll choices, I chuckled, because I too, have a blog and have no idea about feeds, rss, googles, and readers. Oh, I kid. Sort of. I have a general knowlege of each of them, but my way just seems easiest. I mean surscribing is pretty simple, but I don’t like my inbox being clogged because I tend to spaz out if I have unread stuff, so this way, I read blogs on my terms. If I have time I read, if not, I don’t. I also don’t have a clogged inbox that causes me grief. Sheesh. I didn’t mean to leave a long, windy tail here. Sorry.

  • Oh, and I’d love to have an hours worth of time to pick someone’s brain about blog stuff. I suspect I only use approximately 1/3 of my blog’s capabilities because I don’t know much about WordPress….. *big sigh*

  • I am a subscription girl because I can’t figure out how those feed things work:)

  • Ummmm Dee Dee I totally don’t understand your poll! I found your blog much like a previous commenter, a link was on some other page somewhere in the webesphere! I just have you bookmarked and check it everyday!!!!! Have a great day!

  • I’m still washing my hands from your previous posts.
    I prefer to think of it as internet magic, and I don’t mess with magic.
    I have you on favorites and I just click it, if that makes me sound stupid, well,
    the shoe fits!!! 😉

  • I have a blog but am so beyond clueless about technical stuff. Stats? You get stats? What are those & how do I get them? I found you via Blogher Family Connections #momspotter on Twitter. But I get updates via Google Reader (which I’ve had for about 2 weeks).

  • bookmarks and RSS feed.

  • I read your blog the old fashioned way. I have a set in my bookmark folder called, “Mom’s Blogs” which I open every day. While I wait for it to all open I go get my coffee. 🙂

  • *eyes glazed over* What?? We can do that to our blogs? Do I NEED to???
    *blink blink*

  • I took your little poll, and like most, it seems, I like the Google Reader. However…in the reader, we only get one paragraph. When I am on my phone, and trying to catch up on blogs, it takes a sweet forever to upload the full thing. Any chance you could change that setting and show the whole post on the Reader? I tried to change it from my end, but apparently it’s in your settings, not mine. I really hate missing out on all the poop/vomit/trash can diving talk. 🙂

  • I wish I could have picked more than 1..lol..

  • Couldn’t vote in the poll; my preferred method wasn’t listed (go directly to the blogs you actually like and read them every day).

    This was very helpful to me. I was a stats junkie, then I wasn’t, and now I sort of am again because by gum people should be flocking to my site and they’re not and so it must be some feed thingie’s fault.

    So I won’t be cutting & pasting from Word anymore, that’s step one. Beyond that… I dunno. But thanks.

  • You do {love} us!! 😀

    You made me laugh today, that’s always a good thing!!! 🙂

  • Call me old fashioned – but bookmarks!

  • Bookmarks too! I go through all my bookmarked blogs during my lunch break.

  • I don’t really use the subscription readers much… I like to just save them to my favorites then go through them and catch up when I get a chance! Much better for me, cuz I don’t want to feel “forced” to read a blog if I don’t really have time, ya know??!!

  • Just plain old bookmarks, here! I wish I knew how to use some kind of blog reader that would tell me which blogs have new posts so that I don’t have to check them all every day. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to go about it!

  • Well, first you were in my bookmarks (after I had to hunt you down through other blogs!) And then I thought, this woman is hilarious, and I certainly need a good laugh in my life!
    You are now on my blogroll labeled “Truly Noteworthy.” I love your techie talk, that’s ’cause I am a closet techie!