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Due to human error, this blog may self-destruct

It has come to my attention (thank you Amanda!) that my blog is no longer updating in any feed reader.  Not Google, not Bloglines, not Technorati, NO WHERE.  It is as if I dropped off the face of the blogosphere for the last week.

I’m trying to figure out the problem.  In the meantime, stuff may disappear and then magically reappear with no warning whatsoever.  Have I mentioned lately that I have no idea what I’m doing technically?

Pray for me.  And the entirety of the internet.  I could bring the whole thing crashing down. I offer my apologies to Al Gore in advance.

10 Responses to Due to human error, this blog may self-destruct

  • I was trying to figure out how to follow/subscribe to your blog. Please let us know when it is working again :o)

  • After three or four days of not updating, it did update this morning. Problem solved???

  • It finally updated this a.m. Now I have to catch up.

  • Looks like it’s fixed (maybe)! I had this brand spankin’ new post right there in Reader this morning. Like a gift. 🙂

  • But the good news is: all the missed blogs showed up at one time on my dashboard for a delightful period of reading!

  • I was wondering about that yesterday because I saw that you had posted something via facebook, but my google reader didn’t have anything new for you. It must be fixed though, because the google reader had 6 posts from you this morning. I’m all caught up now. 🙂

  • You’re updating fine up here in Illinois, Dee. I follow you both on my fancy new phone (husband said I needed it) and my hot pink laptop. I share your feelings on vomit and the tub and Crocs. But I redirect all your frog issues toward snakes. Ahhh…I can barely type the word.

    HOT PINK LAPTOP? Where did you get this and what kind is it? I’m still waiting for Apple to come out with a hot pink laptop. My iPhone cover is hot pink, my Sony Reader is hot pink, my iPod is hot pink. My Sony camera used to be hot pink. But alas I suspect it is now rust as it still lays at the bottom of a lagoon at Disney World.


  • Visiting from Google Reader where I read this update. So something’s working…


  • Yup, I got six new posts this morning, too. Good thing your reader problem didn’t happen AFTER your post about the vomit or we all would have called 911 for you.

  • I hate not being able to subscribe via email to a blog. Because the computer I use is a little older the rss feeds are so and reading blogs there are slower and as you said some peoples feeds stop updating. So those blogs don’t get read as often as my email ones. I am glad you have the email option on yours.