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On Tap Tonight

I don’t know how I ever functioned without TiVo.  OH, I KNOW. I WATCHED LESS TELEVISION.

OR.  On Wednesday night, I would break the sound barrier to make it home after Awana so that I wouldn’t miss Lost.  Or American Idol.

Which is awesome if you think about it.  I rush out of a ministry opportunity to break the law by speeding home.  While wearing my Awana Leader t-shirt. I AM STORING UP TREASURES IN HEAVEN.

Okay, so we’ve all got stuff we’re working on.

Tonight at Awana, I had to bring Jensen with me because Fiddledaddy was working out of town.  When he got back, he drove up to the church to pick up the little man.

And the little man was none to happy to be taken away from ALL THE FUN that Awana can bring.  We were at game time, OUTSIDE, with all the boys running around in the grass.  AT NIGHT. IN THE DARK.

That makes for some good 4 year old fun.

But it was past the boy’s bed time, and we were about to go into Council Time which meant that a 4 yo who talks IN ALL CAPITALS would likely be a distraction.  So I assisted in wrestling my son into the car.  And while I was in there, I raided Fiddledaddy’s ice chest of snacks that I had packed him and procured a can of tomato juice to see me through the rest of the evening.

While I was quenching my thirst, one of the little girls in my group looked over at me and asked (in all caps) “ARE YOU DRINKING A BEER?” All eyes turned in my general direction.

Why yes.  As a matter of fact I am.

I made it a point to show the children and other leaders the LARGE TOMATO on the side of the can.

But you just know there will be a colorful rumor making the rounds at church about the crazy Awana leader who drinks beer during Awana game time.

The one who breaks the law while rushing home to watch television.

Pray for me.

And in the spirit of full disclosure, I neither speed or drink beer.

I did view American Idol – Orlando when I arrived home. Thanks to the miracle of TiVo.  I cannot go into any great detail because I was so very disturbed by the level of crazy here in Florida.  The guy who sang Amazing Grace and then was promptly cuffed was the wet blanket on my otherwise fun filled evening.

There were two standouts for me, though. Seth Rollins, who has an autistic son, made me weepy.  He had a lovely voice.  I’m not sure he’s ready for Hollywood, but I’m so glad that he’s going.

The other was Matt Lawrence, the last contestant on the second night.  He has spent 4 years in jail and wanted to audition to make his family proud. I was sputtering.  GORGEOUS voice.  I predict he will make it to the top 25.  At least.

And the line of the night came from Simon earlier in the evening.

“You walked in like a cocktail stick and then sang as if you’d sat on a cat.”

Nothing that a little tomato juice wouldn’t cure.

11 Responses to On Tap Tonight

  • My favorite line? “I done ripped my pants”.

    Bloody Mary.

  • Wow. I caught the tail end (pardon the cat pun) of Idol because we were also at church.
    The Amazing Grace guy, sad, so sad. I sense more empathy in this season though from the panel of judges. Interesting.

  • The only thing worse than drinking tomato juice, for me, would be drinking it from a can. Yikes! But I suppose it is probably healthier than getting my Dr Pepper fix through an IV.

    Yes, Orlando sure had more than it’s share of crazies! I sat in awe wondering if some of the folks were for real. There was all manner of crazy. I suspect I would fit right in 🙂

  • Oh and just for the record, when I submitted my comment there was a V8 ad running in the Blogher box 🙂

  • LMBO….i watched/listened to it while I painted one of my new projects. The Amazing Grace guy was sad…don’t freak all the crazy didn’t come from FL. They import a bunch of them from different regions to go before the judges.
    Charity that was on in Chicago was from AR….
    ok but I am now wishing the weekend away to see what LA has in store for us next week…

  • OK, my mom used to ADD beer to her tomato juice…makes me gag just thinking about it! LOL

  • My favorite line was Simon’s very dry “…Well… yes or no?” after they carted out the crazy Amazing Grace dude. I do wish he had picked something else to sing, though….


    YES! And that is why I will miss Simon.


  • Bleck…I cannot imagine drinking tomato juice. It makes me shudder to think about it.

  • I have to agree with Seth and Matt. My girls and I said, “OK Seth is our new fave!” then when we heard Matt, “OH, he is our new fave!” LOL Even my husband liked him.

    As for tomato juice, blech. My dh drinks V8 during the summer since he works construction and it helps to replenish him. But he chases me with it trying to make me smell it! LOL I cannot stand it! LOL

  • The beer/Awana/speeding story was the funniest thing I have read in a long time! Miss you much! Hope you weren’t affected by the tornado this morning!