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American Idol – Chicago

Let me start by saying that I have never, in all the 42 seasons of American Idol, been able to watch the show before the final 12 were picked.

I attribute this to my inability to watch a show that exploits the Insane & Untalented.  HEY NOW. You know what I’m talking about.  There are a few contestants that YOU JUST KNOW are 45 cents short at the dollar store.

And frankly, I have always feared for the judges lives.  Just a little bit.  And I have to just HOPE that they have a metal detector ready and waiting before some of the people cross the threshold to audition.

Anyhoo.  It hurts my heart to see these people’s dreams crushed in front of millions of people.  And it hurts my ears to hear them sing.

But this year is going to be Simon’s last on American Idol. The show will never be the same without him.  Love him or hate him, but he’s usually right on the money with regard to criticism.  But I have one critique for Simon.

Simon, you make a bazillion dollars each season.  BUY A SHIRT.

Okay. I thought I’d sum up my thoughts of the Chicago auditions.  And keep in mind that I myself could not find the right note if it landed on my head.  Which will give you some idea why I never fulfilled my dream of trying out for Miss America.

Because MY mother had the good sense to tell me, “Baby, you can’t sing.” (insert heavy southern drawl)

Day 1: Chicago auditions

Little Kaitlin Epperly (girl with the very big hair and freshly divorced family) was EXCELLENT!  She’s adorable and very memorable.

And btw, I want to know the process by which the producers of A.I. choose who goes in front of the judges.  And HOW do they magically travel to select contestant’s home towns to film snippets of their life story.

Maybe I should have asked Robbie Carrico from last season when I stalked spotted him at Publix a few months ago.

Moving on.

The girl with the interesting talent who fainted before singing Aretha frightened me. But I think if she had been serious, her voice was a’right.

The little blonde girl, Charity (who sang Summer Time) had a beautiful voice.  I don’t know if it’s big enough for A.I., but she’s only 16.  I thought she was mesmerizing.

Angela Martin, who has made it to Hollywood twice before, hit it out of the park.  Third times the charm, baby.

Day 2: Chicago Auditions

First of all, I am a HUGE Shania Twain fan.  But Shania had me worrying that she was drinking out of Paula’s old cup when John Park sang.  She started gushing over his “bottom end” and lips.  I know she was using special singing terms, but still.  I WORRIED.

And John Park does have an amazing voice.  Did not expect him to croon like that.  Good bottom end.  Memorable.

Okay.  I love a good sob story.  And the little girl with severe asthma, Paige, did such an awesome job.  And I’m glad that the other 3 judges overruled Simon.  I think she may prove him wrong.

My favorite line of the night belonged to Randy.  In the midst of a really really bad ear drum assaulting audition, he said, “You shouldn’t be doin’ that.”

Right on, brother.

I look forward to Orlando auditions.  We have lots of young folk who can sing here closer to my neck of the woods.  And there gettin’ loads of practice at Disney World.  SO WATCH OUT!

What did y’all think.  Did anyone stand out? In a good way?

And for the record, I still cannot get “Pants on the Ground” out of my head.

10 Responses to American Idol – Chicago

  • That was totally my favorite line too…”you shouldn’t be doing that” I have been telling my daughter that all night! haha!! I used to not watch the auditions, and wait until the top 12…but started watching a couple years ago and now I have too!! It’s good entertainment. You know some of these people really think they can sing, but I honestly believe that some of them just want the chance to get on TV for 15 seconds!! It’s still funny! hehe!

  • Umm, my 5 year old was singing “Pants on the ground” at pre- school. That is a problem.
    I used to hide the fact that I watched Idol, for fear of being ridiculed, but now I admit it publicly. I do believe however that when Simon goes, the show will die too…I do appreciate his honestly if not his tactlessness!

  • The “pants on the ground”.


    Good social commentary directed towards teens (the ones who need to learn what a waist line is). . .but if my particular teen spouts that song off one more time I think I shall strangle him!

    We don’t watch Idol. . .”thank you” You-Tube.

  • OK, so I was waiting in line the other day and there was a gentleman in front of me. I happen to glance at his pants, which were hanging down all gangsta like and that song popped into my head. I busted out laughing. I laughed so hard I had tears running down my face. I am fairly sure he thought I was having a mental break down. Made my day!!

  • The past two seasons I pretty much only watched the auditions! The past 2 years I didn’t really enjoy the top 12. We’ll see if this season is any different. Crazy that out of 12,000 auditions that only 13 got through in Chicago! Those are some bad odds. Every year I tell myself I’m not going to watch Idol and yet I find myself watching more thank I think. I’m a sucker for competition shows. Project Runway being my all time favorite!

  • I started watching when Carrie Underwood was on, and have watched at least the auditions every season, but the last 2 years, I havent really found one contestant to jump behind……
    The ones who have made it thru seem further and further out there….
    It will be interesting to see what happens this year because it does seem as if the most amazing of the talent picked thus far is on the young side.
    For me last nights standouts were Charity and Paige. I really liked a couple of the ones in Boston as well, so maybe we will get a better offer of choices going into the final twelve this year.

  • I live AI and I love the auditions! I wish they would show more of them! I can’t think about AI without Simon but we’ll see I guess. I will also miss Paula and her crazy comments nonsense. She was part of the hype in my opinion. Anyway, love it!!!

  • I don’t know if your kids watch Phineas and Ferb, but if you do you will understand this. Every time I hear the song “Pants on the Ground” (which I hear a lot since my husband keeps walking around singing it) I automatically think of the song “Squirrels in her Pants” from Phineas and Ferb, not sure why but that is where my brain goes.

  • I have NEVER watched American Idol, and never intend to. Sorry, I’m a hater of reality tv…all of it. It annoys me. I did see the “Pants on the Ground” guy, but only because the link was all over the internet, so does that count that I’ve watched AI at least once?

  • It is kind of funny, because it seems that when I do watch American Idol it is only the first few weeks when people are brutal!

    Hey, I’m wondering how a site gets added to your blogroll? I have a blog I recently started that I think would fit well with your site.