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Snow Flakes

American Idol catching up and The Golden Globes have taken up a good bit of my down time this weekend.  Therefore, in lieu of a real post,  I am reduced to posting a picture of the alleged snowfall which occurred in our fair town this time last week.  By my calculations, 6 measurable flakes fell.  Along with assorted sleet and freezing rain.  Which are really the same thing.

Actual snow flakes in their hair. Not photoshopped.

Despite suffering from a winter cold epidemic, the children were beside themselves with glee. At one point I looked out the door to see them hunkered down in search of those elusive 6 snow flakes.  Before I drug them indoors to arm them with something warmer than short sleeved t-shirts and Crocs.

A hapless frog that met with an untimely death due to freezing. RIP SUCKER!

Alas, the cold spell has broken and we warmed up into the 70’s today.  Not bragging. I really loved the cold weather.

Because this is where I grew up.

Now, THOSE are some snow flakes.

Of course as my dad reminds me, I never had to shovel it.  Or drive in it. God bless those of you who do!!!

11 Responses to Snow Flakes

  • I have a friend who lives in Florida too, maybe she saw some more flakes in her neighborhood!
    We have about 6 inches sitting in our Frozen Tundra (Wisconsin) and we really don’t want anymore. Brrr, it’s cold here! Have a good day Dee Dee! 🙂

  • There is a HUGE difference between being a kid in it, and being an adult. . .


    But, the very first day of an excellent snowfall (regardless of your age) is magical!

  • Lucky you! We didn’t get snow here (of course) but it was fun to have some cold days. Now we’re back to high 70’s and sweating at soccer games. Ugh!

    We rescued a frozen gecko and had him in the house for a few days, but I finally turned him loose. I hope he fared better than your (poor, defenseless) frog.

  • PS I watched the Boston AI last night. Did you like any of those people? I thought it was pretty boring. And what the heck did Posh have on her head??? Just my 2 cents 🙂

    I sensed a bit of friction between Posh and Simon. Maybe that contraption was just a way to keep her head from exploding.

    There were a couple of people I liked. I adored the girl who had the grandma with Alzheimer’s. And the last girl was really good. Atlanta auditions were interesting. I need to keep better notes. Usually I prefer to pass on the initial auditions because I HATE the way they exploit the insane & untalented. But since this is Simon’s last season, I fear it will never be the same again…


  • My city (Austin) goes into lock-down at the mention of moisture with freezing temperatures. We may get solitary flakes every few years. It is not helped by the weatherman who admits he PARKS HIS RV AT THE STATION when freezing rain is predicted…and then whips the town into a frenzy over the ice we MAY get. And school children (and first grade teachers like myself) cry when the prediction for icy roads and closed schools never comes to fruition. 2014 is looking good for our next chance at winter weather…

  • If you ever want to see some serious snow fall, you can head up to WV. We’ve had inches of it the past few weeks.


    I don’t like shoveling it or driving in it.

  • Oh, and I forgot to mention the frog.


    Just gross.

  • While Cincinnati’s snowfall is considerably more impressive than that in FL, it is still nothing compared to that in MN. I still remember the fall of 1985, when my family moved from MN to Cincinnati, and they cancelled school due to slush that they were afraid was going to turn to freezing rain; I thought, “Are you kidding me??” I really thought the neighbor kids were joking when they told us. 🙂

  • Yep…that last pic is what it looks like here.

  • Seriously? I live for your frog stories. Love em!

    I too grew up with snow snow snow (yick). I can remember trick-or-treating in snow mobile suits. Really. Spring arrives there around, oh July. I gest, actually closer to April/May (ish). I was always in awe of outside Easter egg hunts. Now I live in SC … love it!

  • the last 5 days of hospital were totally worth one good frog pic.