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Praying for Mr. Right

My head is filled with the chatter of my children from sun up until sun-just-get-to-bed down.  And I do a pretty good job of filtering out what’s important from “MOM, HE TOUCHED ME.”

While stationed at my customary spot in the kitchen staring down into the sink wondering why I ever thought WHITE was a good idea, I heard the following float over the bar, from the lips of my 8 year old Cailey.

“When I grow up, I’m going to marry a boy named Pathetic.”

I looked up from my scrubbing.  WHAT?

She repeated it.

First of all, I was awfully surprised that she would even ever see herself married.  TO A BOY.  She finds most boys icky and distasteful.

And we’re doing everything in our parental power to sustain that line of thinking.

But really, I had hoped she would set her sights a good deal higher.

Many years ago, I began praying in earnest for the future spouses of my three children.  And not just because of each of my children’s unique quirkiness.

Although I’ve put extra thought into the prayers aimed at Cailey’s future husband.  She came out a fiery redhead, and persists in honing her scrappiness and strong willed nature.

I’m not even kidding when I say that I believe she has a wonderful future ahead of her in the law profession.  As an attorney, she will have criminals BEGGING to be locked up so that she will quit MAKING HER POINT UNTIL IT EITHER BECOMES LAW OR YOUR EARS BLEED .

It is going to take a strong prayerful man, with an awfully resilient nature to have a handle on that one.

In secret, as a woman, I admire her fierce tenacity.  But as her mother, I stay stocked with industrial strength Excedrin.

But in truth, I pray for each of my childrens future spouses because I want God to begin shaping them now.  To instill a heart of gold, a quest for excellence, and a tender hand to hold my child when I’m not there.

Oh, and I pray for fiscally responsible spouses so that her father and I can have our pick of rest homes.  In Barbados.

I managed to get to the bottom of Cailey’s odd choice of husband material.  Her baby brother had just bared his heart to her, telling her that he only wants to marry his Cailey.

Which should be a complement, since up until now he has had eyes only for Minnie Mouse.

And she responded to his heartfelt declaration of love with tenderness.

And resignation. “Gaaahhh.  When I grow up I’m going to marry a boy named Pathetic.”

It is these proud parenting moments that get me through each day.

7 Responses to Praying for Mr. Right

  • Well, I suppose she is setting her sights, um low, so that she can be pleasantly surprised by her future spouse!

    Who is to say that it is not a better and more realistic way to go about it than dreaming you are marrying Prince Charming who doesn’t leave his socks all over the place and a wet towel on the bed? LOL

  • I suppose, given the vast history of things big sisters call their little brothers, she could have chosen something even less flattering.

    I hope she holds out for a boy named “Showing Improvement” at least.

  • I am totally with you on praying for my childrens future spouses. But in addition I pray for their future in-laws. It hit me a couple of years ago that out there somewhere are a couple of parents (hopefully) responsible for raising my childrens future spouses. I know the challenges and choices involved in raising our children. I also pray for God’s guidance and that He will somehow shape my imperfect parenting to raise happy, well prepared, Christian adults.

  • My 8 yo told us (and has stuck to it so far) that she wants to live with us after college. She will buy us a nice house and car, and pay for “everything except your food”.
    Now I am not a twig or anything, but I always want to know, WHY not the food? But okay, fine with me, we like to eat out!
    She says if she marries he will have to live with us, too. Does the term “old maid” ring a bell here?
    I love that she loves us so much! I pray for their spouses all the time. God Bless them!

  • Both my boys have said they will live here with their father and I with their wives. They said their wives will sleep in the bunk bed with them and we will get to tuck them all in at night…Oh wow…I am sure these future brides will be so happy to know we will be tucking them in. LOL

    Apparently before they get married though, they are going to own a video game store where they are going to live in the back. It is a proud mama moment.

  • I am still lauging about the rest home. In Barbados. That’s great! I began praying for my children’s spouses after reading “The Power Of A Praying Parent”. It never dawned on me to pray for the In-laws however, as one of your commentors mentioned. Good idea, I suppose. As for Cailey, I hope her “Pathetic” husband can at least pick up after himself and is a good back-rubber. Frequent back-rubs (in my book anyway) can hide many a fault. =)

  • Haha! That is awesome!

    My kids say they want to marry each other, however, they will start screaming, “Let’s marry each other” and then grab hands and start dancing around the house… so I think they have a ways to go before the concept sinks in.