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The Bras Have It

A few days ago, I received an e-mail from my niece telling me to post my bra color on my Facebook wall.  All in the name of breast cancer.

I thought it might be a trick. My family is known for their warped sense of humor and inappropriate fun.  So I filed it away in the recesses of my mind where stuff rarely ever comes back to see the light of day.

Like what I had for breakfast, what day of the week it is, are stretchypants fashionable.

Then I began to see my family members and girlfriends on Facebook posting their fabulous bra colors.  LEOPARD and CHARTREUSE.  Okay, the chartreuse was a post by my psychotic brother in law.

And I began to think about the significance of something that I started out dismissing as I would a chain letter, to what the underlying message might be.

Every time I walk into a store, I see pink ribbons and CANCER AWARENESS emblazoned on every product imaginable.  And truthfully, I get a little desensitized to the message.

Which I absolutely hate in myself.  Because cancer and all of its insidiousness has ravaged my family.  And many other families that I know.

I held my mother’s hand as she took her last breath because of cancer 12 years ago.  My sister-in-law lost her sweet 12 year old baby girl to cancer 8 years ago this month.

But my 80 year old mother-in-law is a breast cancer SURVIVOR.  A walking, talking, cookie baking miracle.

Because of early detection.

And I started thinking about all the other stuff in the dark recesses of my mind, like doctors and dentist appointments.

It’s time for my yearly mammogram this month.  I made that appointment.  And I remembered because of a silly Facebook posting.

Which really isn’t all that silly.  If it causes even just one person to make an appointment that they may have not really thought about otherwise.

Have you made your Mammogram appointment?

And yes, I posted WHITE on my Facebook page.  Which really wasn’t all that true.  It would have been more accurate to say OFF WHITE.  Because I go bra shopping with even less frequency than mammogram appointments.

17 Responses to The Bras Have It

  • My husband was like what in the heck is all this color posting about on FB so wanted me to go in and post on his FB Fushia with black and white polkadots. And being the good wife, while I was at work, I posted this for him. He got so many comments it was to funmy. But it made everyone think about breast cancer. And we even made the local news about all of our color posting in our area. Again bringing awareness to breast cancer. I guess it doesn’t matter how you remember as long as you remember!

  • I agree with you! I just had my mammogram last week…on the coldest day Memphis has seen since Elvis was singing about hound dogs and blue suede shoes.

    The whole screening took 20 minutes from sign-into sign-out. Then I treated myself to donuts and Starbucks. 🙂

    Like you, cancer has ravaged my family and took my father’s life two years ago. My dear friend is battling stage 4 ovarian cancer, and I found out today that another friend’s cancer is back.

    Kudos to you for posting about early detection. It’s just one more reason that I’m so glad I read your blog!

    On a totally different note, the weather here is so dry and cold that we’re lathering on lotion left and right. As I was driving home from the store today, I laughed out loud as I remembered your post, “Thanks Be to the Lard.” It still makes me giggle.

  • I happen to be going for my mammo today. I don’t have a FB page so can I post my bra color here? It is white. Perhaps after my mammo I should go shopping for some more exciting bras! Who knows – perhaps this “game” will stimulate the economy as well.

  • Today: black. 🙂 Thanks Dee Dee for that synopsis, I too saw these on Facebook!

  • Good for you….it doesn’t matter why we do it…as long as we do it!

  • Yes, awareness for early detection is great! Cancer has also hit my family a number of times. I almost feel as though I’m doomed for it. My mother passed this year to breast cancer (age52) and my father also has passed from cancer (age40). I just turned 30 and I think, wow, am I gonna be there for when my daughter grows up or am I just predisposed. It’s an ugly disease. I pray for a cure for all of them, just as I pray for those who are suffering through it! God Bless!

  • I had to post commando. It was one of “those” days. 🙂

  • Red lace. 🙂
    Got my 2nd mamagram this past summer. Took me all of 20 minutes also. Worth every minute for peace of mind and early detection.

  • I am laughing at your post because people kept posting Black lace, nude, and commando and all sorts of provacotive stuff.
    I typed: white, and I resisted the urge to type: Granny white.
    Because that would have been the truth, and I was not ready for the world to know it yet.
    Have to have them every 6 months because ‘the girls” aren’t symmetrical. Who knew?

  • I didn’t play along because I was SURE the whole thing was started by some middle school boy.

  • I posted “bronze, ok, tan” – but then later I changed it to commando too.

  • OK I wrote chartreuse too because no one would tell me what was going on, so I just started changing my status every two seconds, putting every bizarre color name I could think of until someone sent me a message to let me in on the secret. I think I got through carnelian, puce, cerulean, turquoise, magenta… and about 10 more. Then I felt bad because it was a serious subject… Then I was like, uhh, “serious”? People are posting their bra colors…it’s not that serious. So then I felt better. And I left “hooker red” up there.

  • The FB bra color thingy was on the news yesterday or today…I can’t remember I’m in winter time warp.

  • I did not post my color either. I too thought it was silly until I heard that the evening news featured an entire story on it. And, anyway, I’d either be stating one of three (because that’s how I roll) white, beige (or is it nude) or black. =)

  • Amen, DeeDee. Thanks for this post.

  • I was lucky enough to get that email on the day I was feeling spunky and wearing the LEOPARD one;)

    And while I am not old enough for a mammogram, I need to make an appointment to see the GYN…

  • I posted mine on my FB until I saw my old choir directore ask, “Are these colors what I think they are?” In which case I deleted it, deciding I’d rather not have him know my bra color.

    I’m very sorry about your niece and your mamma.