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A 2009 Bloggy Recap

My friend Jo-Lynne has a fun little carnival going on at her place.  The idea is to post the first sentence of the first post from each month from 2009.

And as I was reading through mine, I was struck by the fact that I really need to rethink the way I begin each post. And maybe, just maybe, I shouldn’t whine so much.


I thought it might be MORE fun to post the first comment I received from the first post of each month.  Especially since much of the heart and soul of this blog comes from you guys.  You continue to inspire and encourage me.  And make me laugh.  I am blessed to have so many sweet bloggy friends who stop by and let me know that I’m never alone in my insanity.

And in a couple of instances, the same commenter was first, so I went down to the second comment, to spread the linky love. 🙂


Sarah at themommylogues
“It is after every trip like this that I announce I will never shop with both children EVER. AGAIN. And somehow, it ends up happening.

“Yeah, there’s always hope for the “apparently” hopeless! Praise God! c”,)”

Angela in Ohio
“Gosh isnt allowed? If you were Mormon you could go with “Oh my heck”. This whole post reminded me of when
Jessica Simpson was on that show with her (then) husband and she started saying “Oh My Ga” to avoid saying OMG.



“Well, I just can’t help you out. I know I looked into it a couple of years ago, but it was very costly at that point, so we stayed the route (me planning for 4 boys).  I will tell you, planning on 3 levels is difficult, but doable. . .
Here’s a thought, though. How are you about someone else being in control?  I mean, it’s one thing to choose a particular course for your child to enroll in; it’s a very different thing to enroll into a complete “program”. (For example, I tend to be “classical” in thought / schooling. . .don’t know many virtual schools that give me that option.)
Maybe, it would be better to develop a list of questions / concerns about “your” (generic “you” here) ideas of schooling so that you can decide definitively whether virtual schooling could work for you.”

“Too funny. I loved Epcot, too. Only with teenagers. I’ve always said, “Never take your kids to Disney World until right before they get married.”

The Bug
“I injured my rotator cuff while carrying someone else’s baby into church (she was in one of those car seat carrier things). I guess her eensy mother was used to carrying something that weighed 90 pounds (give or take 60 or so). But childless me is a wimp! Now I get to have surgery. After carrying a baby! Yikes!”

“My mom did day care when I was in middle/high school. I formed the half dozen or so pre-school aged boys into the “Weiner Boy Choir” and taught them that jingle. “

Llama Momma
“The Weber white wine and herb marinade is my absolute favorite. So good on pork tenderloin!!”

“I can’t believe those are crocks!! That’s terrific! You GO GIRL, with your rhinestones, bling bling bag and what not!”

“I ALWAYS superglue my fingers together whenever I use superglue!!! EVERY time!!!! ”

“I am completely in support of uniforms. We live in Australia where all kids wear uniforms – whether it is public or private school. I think it just makes sense (financial and otherwise).”

Lisa B.
“We cook the traditional turkey and dressing (ours is cornbread in La.) for Christmas Day. Our favorite tradition is seafood gumbo on Christmas Eve served with hot garlicky french bread and bread pudding for dessert (plenty of carbs there) topped with rum sauce. For appetizers we have olives, pickles and dips. After dinner we also have homemade eggnog with spiced rum..yum! My dad loved letting the grandkids open one gift every hour…he couldn’t stand waiting…I miss that!”

Here’s to another awesomely terrific bloggy year!

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