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Score 1 for Moms Everywhere

I’ve blogged extensively about how I take issue with the fact that the majority of Disney films either kill off the mother within the first few minutes of the movie, or leave her out altogether before the first edit.

Well. A sweet reader, Maddie, wrote to me with important information. She went to see Princess and the Frog and guess what?  THE MOTHER IS ALIVE! The father is dead. BUT THE MOTHER IS ALIVE! And does not get killed off throughout the entire movie.

I may have to go and see this movie freak of Disney nature.

I just have to get around the issue of, you know, the frogs.

9 Responses to Score 1 for Moms Everywhere

  • You got me with the last two words!!! hahahahahaahaha

    Laughing…. the best way to start the day! (well, with a side of Dr.Pepper)

  • Let see, Lion king-single mom
    Little Mermaid-single dad
    Beauty and the Beast-single dad
    Toy Story-single mom
    Cinderella-single step-mom
    Bug’s Life-single mom
    Arisocats-single mom
    Dumbo-single mom
    Tarzan-gorilla dad is alive, but abdicates, single mom.
    Disney has a bad reputation for single parent families!

  • Um not to be a party pooper, ok I know I am, but the other main character seems to only have a father. I never thought about it before but you are so right– Disney has major mother issues. Also go figure that a brand that is all about fantasy would steer away from functional families…where would the drama be? I mean let’s face it, you take out the fairies and princesses saving poor helpless victims and what’s left?

  • oh, no! not the frogs!

  • Just couldn’t help but point out that the majority of the stories Disney turns into their childrens’ movies are classic stories. If you read the original tales they would make your hair stand on end. Really, why blame Disney when they are just maintaining the gist of the original? Really, I take more issue with the fact that Disney completely changed the original Princess and Frog story.

  • My issue is with the fact that they have a rebellious child that fails to obey or honor the parent that remains. I’ve never seen such a bad attitude towards authority as the Little Mermaid. I have had to explain to my kids on several occasions while watching a Disney movie, “Now, kids, that’s not the way a child behaves. That child will find nothing but trouble when acting like that!” But what is it about Disney that keeps drawing us back?

  • I have to tell you I saw this movie and was appalled. It deals with a lot of voodoo. I know that a lot of Disney movies deal with magic bit this one seemed dark. My 8 year old had bad dreams. Not one I would recommend. The music was not up to Disney standards either in my opinion.

  • I’m not sure it’s worth the drama to face the frogs!! But I’m glad to know that the mom lives. 🙂

  • Diana, you are so right. We call those “disobedient movies” and we don’t do Disney anymore, except the old stuff from when Walt was still at the helm.