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You know you’re at Disney World when…


This is what we discovered when we opened the fridge at the cabin this evening.  Jensen figures he is less likely to misplace his beloved hard Mickeys if he keeps them on ice.  And they are much less likely to spoil.

Please do not get the erronious impression that all we have in this refrigerator is healthy type food.  If you were to peek in the drawers, you would find not one, not two, but FOUR large milk chocolate bars.

We were all prepared for campfire smores, until the children actually tasted them.  Jensen made a spectacle of himself trying to get the offending taste off of his tongue at the Fort Wilderness Singalong and campfire extravaganza.  Then he had to eat 5 large PLAIN marshmallows just to restore his refined taste palette.  Both of my girls had similar reactions.  And they call themselves Scouts.  Whatever.

What this means is that now we have a plethora of chocolate bars.  And I have one enormous zit under my nose to prove it.

The freezer is stuffed with all manner of frozen prepackaged meals.  Because, hello?  Vacation!  And there may or may not be a box of Pop Tarts in the pantry.  Plus other contraband.  I hang my head in unhealthy shame.

All good vacations must come to an end.  Sadly.  Next week I’ll be reacquainting my butt with the eliptical trainer at the gym.  And Mickey and friend will be forced to hang out with the cottage cheese.


3 Responses to You know you’re at Disney World when…

  • They don’t like Smores???? Oh my goodness! There must have been some problem with the technique, or something. I don’t think it is possible to not enjoy the campfire smore experience!

    I am working through my feelings of jealousy, and the fact you have zits (no camera) and need to workout because of all your chocolate and churros consumption is making it a little, teeny bit easier!

  • What a great idea! I think having Mickey in the fridge would make everything more magical!

    In fact, I think I’m going to try it! Maybe he can make the meals that come out of it more magical too! 😀

    Enjoy! I {heart} Disney. We miss having annual passes!

  • Sorry about your camera. I would have cried I think.