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Random & Disjointed Thoughts

•  Thank you so much for the Dressing recipes.  I loved hearing about your own family traditions.  Sturgmom, you totally reminded me about a family tradition I had forgotten about when I was growing up.  My mom, being the good southern woman that she was, always made ham, fried okra, cornbread, and black eyed peas on New Years Day.  I’m pretty sure she said that the black eyed peas were to be eaten on the first day of the new year for luck.

This was the same woman who loved to sing song “bread and butter” whenever we walked on opposites sides of a light pole, threw salt over her shoulder, and refused to step on a crack.  Knock on wood that I am NOT superstitious.


I’ve now amassed some amazing recipes for dressing/stuffing to try out on my trusting family.

And y’all, I’m serious, go check out Amanda’s food blog.  I giggle whenever I see the name.  And her recipes are to die for.

•  I finally got some good quality time away from this asylum/infirmary today.  Albeit in the form of a trip for the Annual Scraping of the Cervix.  You know that scene from “Cars” where Lightning McQueen speeds off down the road screaming FREEDOM!!!!  Well, that was me today.

Unfortunately I had 90 minutes to challenge myself to multiple games of iPhone Scrabble while sitting on my numb backside in the waiting room.   Without the benefit of snacks.

Still. It was quiet time. Time to contemplate what was about to happen to me while wearing a flimsy hospital gown.

I’m okay now. Don’t have to think about it for another year.

•  In completely unrelated news, Cailey finally learned how to ride her pink princess bike without the requisite  training wheels.  She’s 8. Her rotten mommy neglected to get her out and teach her when she hit the age of 6, which is generally the rite of passage age for two wheeled bike riding.

She finally took the handle bars into her own hands and just went for it.  I watched her fly down the street, wind in her blonde hair, bugs in her teeth, joy speed across her face.  Sadly, the art of turning and a small matter of braking have eluded her.

And remember, this is Cailey, who inherited her sense of coordination from me.

I’m staying well stocked in Barbie bandages.  And Amaretto.

The Amaretto is for me.  To wash down the Excedrin.

•  I learned this week that Mom’s Homeroom has been picked up for another year.  And best, they want me to continue on as Moderator for the Message Boards.  There will be some exciting changes and I look forward to sharing them with you when I’m able.

What a blessing that job has been to me and my family.

•  And I’m officially on the job as a Momspotter for BlogHer.  If you follow me on Twitter, that’s what all the #momspotting hashtags are about.  The Momspotters are roving reporters tweeting on how digital parenting is affecting our families.


A modern miracle.

BTW, has the Skype bug hit your house yet?

That’s all the bullet points I can muster.  Have a wonderful Thursday!


13 Responses to Random & Disjointed Thoughts

  • Skype yes, Twitter NO. And I’m not allowed on facebook though my husband has an account and uses it frequently. But I’m ok with it, b/c uh I spend enough time on the computer as it is – I agree with him that I don’t need to spend ANY more time on the ‘net. 🙂

  • Skype has allowed me to SURVIVE the separation from my kids since moving to S. America. We skype with our daughter almost daily; our son less frequently since he is both married and on the road a lot with his job. But it’s made being apart a whole lot easier.

  • We use Skype to visit with our 20-month-old grandson, whom, because of the distance, we only see in person two or three times a year. It means that we aren’t the strangers to him that we would be otherwise. It’s so much more satisfying than a phone call with our son and daughter-in-law as well!

  • We use skype whenever my husband is away on a business trip. The kids don’t sleep well when he isn’t there to say goodnight, so skyping with him before bed helps.

  • Hmmm, we finally got a netbook with a camera so Skype is an option…..haven’t taken the plunge yet. I’ll be watching your comments to learn more! Is it easy to use? Is there much delay? 😀

  • SKYE has been a blessing to our family for years! I have lived in the US for the past 14 years and it enables me to stay connected to my family in South Africa and my brother in the United Kingdom, as well as my friend who lives 45 minutes away!!!! How’s that for diversity? And it’s free!!!!! Have to love that! Also great for IM’ing- esp. when the person you are sending the message to isn’t available but you had a question for them or just a shout out of love! (quicker than e-mail) And you can conference call!!! THank you, Lord for SKYPE!

  • I don’t Skype, but I use the gmail video chat.

  • No Skype here yet.

    When my now 9-year old learned to ride a two-wheeler braking was not a problem with her. She just pointed her handle bars at whatever item looked like it would stop a speeding freight train and plowed into it.

    Tell me more about this BlogHer stuff…please.
    I’m one of BlogHer’s reviewers. Every once in a while they are able to get their reviewers involved in a campaign. The Momspotting campaign is sponsored by Sprint and involves 20 bloggers reporting on various aspects of digital parenting (how all of this quickly changing technology is affecting our families day to day activities). I am incredibly fortunate to be one of the 20. Some of the other Momspotters have formed a Skype chat group and we can jump in and out of conversations with each other at all hours. I’m really enjoying getting to know them. Look for the #momspotting hashtags on Twitter! Now you’ll know what we’re talking about! 🙂

  • Um, there’s such a thing as iphone scrabble???? Off to buy NOW.

  • Thanks for the love! And you totally had me at ham, fried okra and cornbread, but but the black-eyed peas, well, you know how I feel about those.

    My mom, who is retired, may be taking a temporary job in Oman. As in, the middle east. I have a feeling I’ll be learning about skype soon enough.

  • My 13 year old STILL can’t ride a two-wheeler, and our 10 year old learned just this past summer. Talk about failure as a parent!

  • Hey DeeDee Thanks for the shout out! I hope you read the story of how my blog got its name. http://thefrickinchicken.blogspot.com/2009/03/beginnings.html

    My Mom used to always say Bread & Butter to me when walking around stuff too, but I had NO idea anyone else said that or where it came from! And we also do black eyed peas for New Years good luck.

  • We use Skype for our parents to watch our son play & chat with him. 🙂 Hubby’s grandma calls it ‘that skypes thing’ which cracks me up. 🙂