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“I’ll be in my trailer”

A while back, I told y’all that I had the opportunity to step out from behind the safety of my keyboard and job as Message Board Moderator for MSN’s Mom’s Homeroom, and film a little ancillary video for an upcoming show about Homework.  And how to get and keep your kids organized.


The video is up here. (And it’s best viewed in Firefox. I have no idea why.)

And yes, I did my own makeup, wardrobe, and hair.

Which should give you an idea why I prefer to be seated behind my keyboard.  In relative anonymity. Sporting stained yoga pants and a mismatched t-shirt.  And btw, that tall beautiful blonde that they show working with her boys is my SIL, Trish.  I tried to talk them into letting me use her as my body double.

I think they did a fabulous job editing, because they were able to make me look like I was keeping all the wild gesturing, nervous laughter, and fast talking to a minimum. While still stringing together coherent thoughts when all the while I was really thinking “how much weight does the camera really add?”.

And the answer to that question, my friends, is 50 pounds.  Just sayin’.


9 Responses to “I’ll be in my trailer”

  • You mean the OTHER beautiful blonde. You’re lovely!

  • I agree with GrammaMack you must have meant the other beautiful blonde. 😉 You looked amazing Deedee! You did an awesome job. how do you stay looking so young with your busy family?

  • Great job, DeeDee. I’m so intrigued by the workbox system but know I will have to keep taking the baby steps to get there. I’ll keep reading the good info you’re putting out there for us.

  • Dear girl, I’ve seen pictures of you and well you’re beautiful!

    Now off to watch you in action.

  • Great video DeeDee! We use PACES too and I always feel like I need to have her doing something else as well. We have only done one lapbook, but I am thinking we need to do more.

  • Even though the thought of homeschooling makes me twitch, and I really have no idea what all that stuff IS… that cool tower of organizing drawer thingies looks awesome and makes the type A in me want to go buy it all!

    You look great! And you sounded perfectly coherent. And you weren’t crying, which is what I would have been doing, so that’s a bonus right there 🙂

  • Great job!!! You look awesome!

  • You know, homeschooling doesn’t make me twitch but VIDEO TAPING sure does. Woot to you! Woot woot!

    I’ve never done a lapbook. They always look really cool, though. I gotta get my act together! One of these years!

  • You looked marvy and didn’t stutter or drool once…which is what I would be doing!

    Wonderful to “see” you again my friend!

    And btw – give those other two beautiful blondes….the darker one and the strawberry one…a big high five from Mrs. C – I thought they were marvy too! =)