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In an effort to simplify my life, I’ve been sorting, cleaning, tossing, and cutting back.  One area of my life that needed downsizing (besides my pants) was my aquarium.  For the last 10 years or so, I’ve had a beautiful 37 gallon aquarium.  It was situated in the front of the house, in the reading room.  A small room designated for adults only.  For reading, sipping coffee, and general serene quiet thinking.

The perfect location for an aquarium.

However, what I never took into account was the fact that I was going to push out 3 children.  Goodbye serenity.  Hello drinking my coffee while emptying the dishwasher.  Goodbye reading real books with no pictures.  Hello extra strength Tylenol.

Needless to say, the aquarium has suffered from neglect.  I seldom have the time to clean it, much less enjoy it.

I’ve had aquariums for the majority of my life.  I’ve documented well, all of the aquarium near catastrophes I’ve suffered.  We had a 10 gallon tank when I was little.  A tank which I enjoyed daily until I witnessed my angel fish, Angela, dine on Timothy.  Angela was no angel, I will tell you that.

It left an impression.

Yet I continued to keep my own aquariums. While steering clear of all angel fish.In high school I had a tank of goldfish.  All went well until I went to school one day while forgetting to turn off the heater in the tank.  A heater which sadly lacked a safety valve.  I arrived home to a tank of boiled fish.  Save one, a hearty calico that I renamed “Hotdog”.  “Hotdog” thereafter lived in a bowl by the sink for many years.

I went through a number of aquariums at all of my many different addresses as I moved about the country.  Except in Los Angeles.  I gave up my beloved aquarium just prior to the 94′ Northridge quake.  Good call.

When we moved to Florida I got myself a deluxe 37 gallon tank.  Which now sits idle in the backyard.  Up on cinder blocks.  In an area strewn with broken down automobiles and naked Barbies.  (Just kidding about the cinder blocks.)  There it will remain until I can decide if I’m ready to part with it.  I’m saddened to see it go, as it spawned one of my earliest blog posts.

While I love this new 6 gallon Fluval Edge, it does take some getting use to.  And I’m noticing that the fish are getting on one another’s nerves.


Not unlike what I’ve been going through while trapped in this house with 3 sick kids for the last 2 weeks.

But I have a little something that the fish don’t.  And it comes in a bottle labeled “Egg Nog” and may or may not have the Bourbon already included.  Merry Christmas to me.

Happy Monday everyone!


3 Responses to Downsizing

  • We used to have a fish tank when I was growing up and I loved it. But my parents took care of cleaning it and when I grew up, well I’m still growing, I decided I didn’t want the responsibility messing with it so I left it to them. But some where between getting married and having two kids we ended up with a 5 gallon fish tank…but not for fish…for the gerbil we had for 5 yrs!

  • We are about to build a koi pond. Am I crazy?

  • We have a 50 gal tank for fresh water fish and a 75 gal tank for a turtle! Yep – I’m nuts!!!