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Giving Thanks

In the 12 years since I’ve been married, I’ve never cooked a Thanksgiving dinner.  Right after we were married, we celebrated our first Thanksgiving together.  I decided that I would make enchiladas.

Because tradition is important to me.  And I’m sure that’s what the pilgrims dined on if they decided that a whole turkey would be overkill for two.

Thankfully, sweet friends of ours took pity on us and invited us over for a dinner which I’m still thinking about.  It was an impressive layout, which she effortless served, for a gathering of about 20.  It was the best meal I think I’ve ever had.

And there wasn’t an enchilada in sight.

The next year we had moved to Florida and began the tradition of sharing Thanksgiving dinner with Fiddledaddy’s large, loud, and raucous family.  All of these years, I’ve mostly been in charge of bringing the mashed potatoes and the Death by Chocolate Cake.

This year may be different.

I am beginning to mentally prepare myself for the fact that I will likely have sick children, and they will be dependent on me for Thanksgiving sustenance.

Because sadly, Carrabbas will not be available for take-out on Thursday.

My sweet Emme stopped making out her Last Will & Testament long enough today to allow her father to take her to Urgent Care down the street.  She was diagnosed with a pretty nasty ear infection.  But she’s going to live.  I did receive a report that she nearly hit the nurse who administered the strep test.  The nurse was fast on her feet and stepped back just in time.

I’m so glad that Emme failed to make contact.  Urgent Care charges extra if you deck a health care professional.

The other two siblings are still fighting a cold.  But they are on the mend.  I know this because they expended most of their energy today torturing one another.  And me, just for sport.

The last time I prepared a Thanksgiving dinner was 1992 ish, in my tiny kitchen in Burbank, with my mom by my side.


Me & my mom during Thanksgiving dinner preparations, circa 1992

I am not afraid.  I come from good southern stock, and I have no doubt that my mom, who is always in my heart, will guide me.  But she would totally understand if say, packaged gravy were to make an appearance.

Instead of FREAKING OUT, which is what I would normally do, I’m going to think about all that I am grateful for.  I am so thankful for my family that surrounds me.  I’m thankful for an unfailing God, who provides for my little family.  I’m thankful for a community of moms and women that continue to encourage and inspire me.

God bless you and your families.

I’m going to take a nice long weekend and regroup (read: drag out my stretchypants).  I’ll likely post a few things from the archives because I’m not above re-runs.

Happy Thanksgiving and I’ll see y’all next week!


11 Responses to Giving Thanks

  • A turkey breast is nice for 2ish people. (in case anyone does a search and actually looks at the comments) But you can’t make gravy with it (but oh how I tried)! Packaged gravy to the rescue (or do without – poor hubby!). That is what I fixed the first thanksgiving we didn’t go visit family b/c my poor husband had to serve coffee at Starbucks to those who couldn’t live w/o their fix. And for 1 1/2 times regular pay (or was it 2 1/2?) I sort a made him! 🙂

    I hope everyone feels better soon, and I’m glad the nurse was smart enough to get out of the way. Usually grocery stores sell premade turkey dinners! 🙂 Too bad Carrabbas is out of the question.

  • We had a Cornish Game Hen for our 1st Thanksgiving together.

  • Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Happy Thanksgiving, and I think you should take them anyway… the gift of germs is the least of what my family has given me over the years! Ha!

    Anyway, I hope you have a great T-day even if there is NO “T” in it. Enjoy your respite, we are gonna need it to gear up for Christmas!

    PS- I saw the cutest little puppy sweater the other day, and I thought of… you guessed it, Jensen!

  • The key to a great Thanksgiving is to cheat like crazy! Do a turkey in a cooking bag (just follow the directions EXACTLY) no mess to clean up. Buy a jar of gravy. Do the mashed pots ahead of time. Cranberries from a can. Frozen pumpkin pie. If you serve it all up on pretty plates (and hide all the pre-made evidence) nobody will know the difference and you will have saved yourself much time, energy and frustration. Remember the holiday is not supposed to be a contest to see if you can make a spread Martha would envy, it’s about being grateful and enjoying your family. So cut yourself some slack.

  • I am totally available for any Thanksgiving crisis help you need. I remember the year after Mama died having to call her best friend Gaynell in Texas and ask her questions all through the meal. I am now an old hand at the turkey thing. So, email or Tweet and I’ll help if I can. Good Luck!

  • Dee Dee….a fine southern girls cooking bible—Paula Deens Lady n Sons cookbook has the closest recipe ive ever found to Grandmas for old fashion cornbread dressing.
    just the right amount of Sage and everything….

  • Well, at least they’re SICK, so they won’t have the appetites for a huge meal, right?

    Hope the germs vacate soon.

  • Does this mean that you get to eat the entire Death By Chocolate Cake? 😀 That’s better then Turkey any day!



  • Our household Turkey Day post sounds similar…sick kids and a first ever Thanksgiving feast at home. But I did make the turkey…easy as pie…and I made a pie too! Have a no fail turkey recipe from my husband’s Mimi….who has cooked the Thanksgiving turkey for more than 50 years. I think she knows what she’s doing!! 🙂 Can email you instructions….the best part is you put it in oven the night before, cook for an hour, and then cut oven off and leave it overnight….IT COOKS WHILE YOU SLEEP!!

  • Hope your family feels better soon! Also, today we had a late brunch with biscuits & gravy & egg casserole…and for supper…enchiladas (for real!) and cheese dip. 🙂