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The Shower Cleaner

Him: Where’s my shower cleaner?

Me: (knowing that he’s not talking about me)  What are you talking about?

Him: My shower cleaner.  I took the batteries out to dry it out.  It wasn’t working.

Me: Where did you put it?

Him: On top of the van.

Me: Why would you put the shower cleaner on top of the van?

Him: So the sun would hit it.  I put it on the back porch last night, but it rained.

Me: So you put it on top of the van?

Him: Did you go somewhere in the van today?

Me: Yes.  I left with the kids this afternoon.  You didn’t notice the silence?

Him: And you didn’t see my shower cleaner on top of the van?

Me: Um, no.

(At this point he walks out the front door.  I assume to walk the street, in search of his elusive shower cleaner.  Then he returns.  Empty handed.)

Him: You should always check the top of the van when you go somewhere.

Me: Apparently.

Later I notice “we need a shower cleaner” written on the grocery list posted on the fridge.

And he’d better not be talking about me.


19 Responses to The Shower Cleaner

  • That made me geezer-laugh. What a perfect picture of spouse-exchange! You need to pencil in “you got two hands, the cleanser is in under the sink” underneath “we need a shower cleaner”

  • A) like you’re supposed to be able to SEE the top of the van? Who looks on top of the van? You can forget stuff on top of the roof of a CAR, you could leave a whole person on top of a van and not see it. and B) why did it need to dry out? Isn’t it a shower cleaner? Silly Fiddledaddy!

  • All I can do is laugh! That is so funny. You should check the top of the van haaa!

  • Ah well, he was concerned with how it was working anyway.

  • I shared with my husband. We both cracked up!

  • Seriously, what is a shower cleaner?

    It’s one of those automatic Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaning thingies. You know, you push the button when you’re done in the shower and then you make a hasty exit before you’re permanently blinded by the sprayer.


  • Ack! You never, never put stuff on the roof of any vehicle, tall or short – if you must put something down on a car, put it on the hood, preferably on the driver’s side, so they’ll see it when they start to take off.

    “Didn’t you look on top of the van?” Snerk. Riiiight…. Poor Fiddledaddy!

  • I drove off with Hubby’s cell phone on top of the car about 2 weeks ago. Luckily he was able to find it about a mile down the road, the back and battery had separated from the body of the phone but he put it back together and it still works. Thank goodness. Phone shopping with him is painful.

  • I would tell the man, “Listen, I consider myself lucky I have never driven OVER anyone behind/under/in front of the van.”

    Anyone crazy enough to put something on top… well, they may need to reconsider who is driving the van… and who is inside the van… and who is the referree inside the van..

    I think we are on the same page!

  • This sounds like something that would happen at my house. Usually some vitally-important-life-or-death information is written on the back of a gum wrapper and I’m supposed to know that it’s wadded up and placed on the counter so that he won’t lose it… huh. A few days ago he asked me where his pin number was that he left on the counter back in the summer (“it should be right where i left it”). four months ago?????

  • One morning a while back, I was driving Jude to school. When I stopped at a stop sign, a man in another car started honking and pointing. When I got out and looked, I found my coffee cup sitting atop my Prius. And it was cooled just enough to drink. Clearly, that had been my plan all along.

  • ha ha ha ha ha – laughing out loud. I can’t believe he put it on top of the van, thinking that you would see it while getting three kids buckled & your arms full of stuff…guys just don’t think sometimes. 🙂

  • LOL. Why would it need to dry? You are as silly as me and you would frustrate my DH as much as I do with my mom logic.

    I made new workbox tags you can download from my blog. Tags include Charlotte Mason activities such as narration, nature walk, copywork, lapbooks, etc.

    Love your humor.

  • Fiddle Daddy should know not to put stuff on the top of the van. It just might be one of those days when you bolt for door as fast as you can and leave him with kids because Starbucks is calling and calling and calling. But have to say the the whole dialog is to funny.

  • Crack me up!

    So on top of everything else you are to check the top of the van before you leave to go someplace.

    LOL! Good luck with that one.

  • Maybe a tree frog took it….

  • My husband once put his almost brand new camera on top of the van while he helped a child get buckled. We drove 7 or 8 miles and then heard & saw our camera fall off of the van into the middle of the street. We pulled onto a side street and my husband went back to get our badly damaged camera. To say he was angry with himself would be a slight understatement. Pretty sure we’ve lost a cell phone that way too. I never put anything on top of my suburban… I can’t reach that high. 😉

  • LOL! Ah! The art of deflection! It wasn’t his fault for leaving it on top of the van…. it was yours for not checking on top of the van! Funny story!