When Technology and Social Networking Collide in the Kitchen

My pulse is racing.  It may or may not have something to do with the McDonald’s coffee that I had for dinner.

I’m about to embark on an adventure that requires a working knowledge of All Things Technological and has a good deal to do with Social Networking.

Both of these things I have been blissfully oblivious to since I began blogging back in 2006.  Honestly, when Fiddledaddy first mentioned that I need to get a Blog, I thought he was talking about a frothy adult beverage.  In the three years since, my blog and I have weathered many a storm, including a domain change, a name change, and countless spelling faux pause and grammatical issues.  Plus an excessive use of commas.  And made up words.

But anyhoo.

In about a week or so, I’ll officially start as one of BlogHer’s Momspotters.  I’m excited at the prospect of reporting on digital parenting, and how technology is transforming the face of raising somewhat normal children.

And who better to do the reporting than me?  Someone who gets heart palpitations from simply recording the outgoing message on the answering machine.  But, I ain’t skeert.

The bloggers involved in this project were asked to tape a little video introducing themselves.  They can be found here.  I’m so enjoying getting to know the other Momspotters.

One aspect of my new assignment is to be active on Twitter.  THAT IS JUST PURE-DEE FUN!  A plethora of information.  People follow me.  I follow people.  BUT IT’S NOT LIKE STALKING.  I’m still totally learning the Twitter etiquette ropes there, but if you happen to follow me, and I’m not following you, leave me your Twitter address in the comments.

Also, and this makes me really feel like a goober.  But at the suggestion of a friend who is WAY more blog savvy than I am, I created a Fanpage on Facebook for Fiddledeedee.net.  (There’s a groovy button on my top right sidebar.)

The creation of said Fanpage took me an entire day, and a bottle of Tums.  And I’m still working out the bugs.  But when I got my first 2 fans, I squealed.  REALLY LOUD.  SHOUT OUT TO MY SWEET KELLI AND DANA!

Say it with me. GOOBER.

You’ll be hearing more about how I stumble through this little venture while landing on my soft spot, through the coming weeks.

But, mostly it will be business as usual.  With riveting posts that revolve around vomit and menstrual woes.  And totally awesome syntax errors.

Have a fabulous weekend, and I’ll be here on Saturday with Saturday Stirrings.  And yes, I’ve added Mr. Linky back into the mix.  Because TECHNOLOGICAL DOODAA’S DO NOT SCARE ME!


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