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Camping Trip

One of my girlfriends saw me filling out a permission form for my daughters at our American Heritage Girls Scouting meeting.  She called over, “SO, ARE YOU GOING TO CAMP?”


Giggles followed.  She has met me.  I’ll not be seen camping any time soon.  The permission forms are only for the attendance of certain functions during the weekend.  I’m not an outdoorsy sort of gal anymore.  And I’m not sure when that happened.  Because I use to be a country kind of gal who was up for most types of outdoor excitement.

I’m pretty sure that ended when I moved to Florida.  Where indoors is preferable to outdoors with all the snake, vermin, alligators, heat, humidity, and of course the elusive frog population.

Because as you may as well know, camping involves sleeping out of doors.  On the ground.  Because these people that I cavort with at A.H.G.?  They are a tent type of people.  And one of my children is in possession of a pea sized bladder and that would mean frequent trips out of the tent for potty patrol in the middle of the night.  With a flashlight.  In my bunny slippers.


All conditions must be met to ensure a good night of much needed beauty sleep for me.  I have my sleep-number bed adjusted to the perfect softness factor, my black Zorro mask to block out unwanted light, and the air purifier set so that no startling sounds are likely to awaken me.

But, the children really do want to experience a camping trip.  So, I’ve found the perfect solution.



Next year, look out.  The Fiddles are going camping.


12 Responses to Camping Trip

  • WHOA. Did you buy that?!? Holy spumoni. That’s a serious camper. Am I invited?!? I could use a road trip!!

    I WISH! This is the camper of our dreams. Which sort of defeats the point of camping, I suppose. But, whatever.


  • Yep! My kind of camping! We’ve had one of those for 7 or 8 years now. Before that, a travel trailer. Although we once camped in tents, only a wild-hair, spontaneous camping trip warrants dragging the tent out of it’s hiding place in my DH’s Suburban (where he stashes it in case he can con me into a spontaneous trip).

  • I’m so with you! I’m not sure when I became a not-out-of-doors-sort-of-gal, but my kids want so badly to go camping. We’ve been looking into renting one of those bad boys so we can “camp” in luxury!

  • We’ve never met, but I thought of you when cleaning my windows and shutters last weekend. We too live in Florida, and we too are overrun by cuban tree frogs. The frogs went flying whenever I’d spray the shutters. We discovered they’ve been living behind them, as if my shutters are a high rise froggy condo, we counted at least 24 of them. They didn’t seem to enjoy the experience one bit. I loved watching them fly 20 feet as they attempted to escape the high pressure spray, that is until one jumped onto my shoulder from behind. Then it wasn’t so fun anymore. I think with the RV on a paved camping lot with water, electric and cable hookups I could maybe consider camping.

  • Tent camping isn’t so bad…I grew up tent camping in the mountains of Colorado – summer and winter. I will admit that since my wife and I started going camping in a trailer instead of a tent we’ve grown to like our weekend get aways a lot more. Good luck to you in your new Class A and “roughing it”.

  • My theory is this: When your indoor living conditions become better than the outdoors (ie, after getting a real job that pays enough to rent an apartment that isn’t decorated with band posters and pizza cartons, leftover beer bottles and christmas twinkle lights), THAT is when you become “NOT an outdoor person”. Just my 2 cents 🙂

  • I’ve signed us up for Jude’s Cub Scout pack’s Winter Camping trip. Now before you spew out your coffee at the thought of Jimmy camping (even more unlikely than you), I have been assured that this trip involves cabins and hot toddies by the fire while the boys are all learning some kind of Cub Scouty survivaly thing in the snow. Could work.

  • Yes, that’s my idea of roughing it! 😀

  • I have to agree!!!! That is the way to camp!!! I’ll think of you this weekend….when I’m in my tent, with the fan on and possibly making that trip to the potty with some little ones. Nah, I’ll send hubby to do that!

  • Wow – you could be my twin.
    I am a mom of three, and there is no way I would go camping with children. Yet, others love it. I guess it must be a desire you are born with, and I was not.

    My daughter has a 10 month old now, and she and her husband said there is no way they would even sleep in a hotel with their little guy, yet alone camping. They indicated it is enough of a struggle for a decent nights sleep in the comfort of their apartment. And, she is my laid-back child.

    I guess I figure why pay good money for a lousy night of sleep, when I can get that at home for free!

    My husband and I have the same dream for a motor home.
    It is free to dream, right?
    One evening my dh called me in, all excited for me to look at something on the computer. He said “Hey honey, Alan Jackson’s motorcoach is for sale, must be he is getting a new one – $100,000.” What a deal! haha hehe

  • Oh wow!

    Ok I like camping but I love the idea of taking off in a camper like that. I simply wouldn’t come home, I would just stay on holiday forever. *sigh*

    Great fantasy.

  • That is how I would have to camp. Tents on the ground and potty in the trees, is just not for me!! That camper looks amazing though.