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Celebrity Sighting in Podunk, Florida

(And yes, I totally butchered “sighting” at my first pass.  Went back and forth between “to cite” and “site” until the obvious came to me after I was sufficiently caffeinated.  Yes, it is shocking that English is my first language.)

I lived in Hollywood, California for a few years.  Back in the day.  I lived on the same street that led up to the Hollywood sign.  And celebrity sightings in Hollywood were commonplace.  You could trip over one of them on any given shopping excursion.

And that never ever got old for me.

It was one thing to work with a famous or semi-famous person.  But quite another to run into one when they were out being just a human being.  I never failed to see a “name” whenever I would shop at Mayfield Market in Hollywood.

And it thrilled me every.  single.  time.

But I NEVER had the nerve to go up to anyone and tell them that I enjoyed their work.

I wanted to.  But absolutely could not do it.

I’ve dropped names on this blog before, so I’ll try to think of some fresh new ones.  Forgive me if I repeat myself.  People who know me are use to it.  They just smile and nod their head, humoring me.  While thinking to themselves, THIS GIRL SHOULD REALLY GET CHECKED.

Okay.  I saw Keiffer and Julia (WAY BACK IN THE DAY) at the Beachwood Cafe on a Saturday morning.  Saturday morning breakfast was a weekly ritual with my Ladies Night girlfriends.

I spotted Matt LeBlanc dining at a sidewalk cafe on Franklin where I had coffee after a play.

Valerie Bertinelli and her then-husband Eddie attended a fund raiser that the acting company I belonged to threw.

That’s all I can conjure up at the moment.

Anyhoo.  There is a point to this post.  I KNOW!  HOW UNUSUAL!

Today I was doing some quick grocery shopping with Jensen.  Even though he’s 4 and can lift me over his head, I had him strapped into his dilapidated $5 garage sale stroller.

I didn’t want him lose, or touching a cart and possibly infecting other innocent children because HE HAS WHAT I THINK IS PINK EYE.

I just needed to run in and grab some emergency milk.  And emergency Snoopy Gummies.

And get this, a sweet lady complemented him on how good he was being.  JENSEN.  SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT JENSEN.

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you would know that because of Jensen, I’ve been BANNED from a few public establishments.

In fact, it was that very same grocery store that whenever he entered the automatic doors HE WOULD START WITH ALL OF THE SCREAMING and he didn’t stop until we had cleared the building.

I perfected the speed-shopping method of procuring groceries during this unholy period.

I thanked the lady profusely and kissed the top of the head of my boy who sat clutching his Snoopy Gummies, while smiling with shining pink eyes.

As I was turning into a check-out lane, I spotted who I thought was Robbie Carrico of American Idol fame from last year.

But you can never be sure about these things.  I remember a friend YEARS ago telling me that he was once waiting tables and he swore that the guy he was waiting on went to school with him.  He kept on with the “did you go to such and such school?”  Until finally the fellow just stopped the interrogation with, “I’m Christopher Reeve.”

Well.  Allrighythen.

So I’m unloading my groceries, and another guy gets into the line behind me.  And then THE GUY I THINK IS ROBBIE C. GETS IN LINE BEHIND HIM.

So because childbirth has equipped me with all sorts of nerve, I just leaned over the belt and looked around the guy behind me and blurted out, “Excuse me, but are you Robbie from Amer…”


And he sheepishly said, “yes.”  When he smiled I knew for sure who he was.  Well I went on.  YOU WERE AWESOME.  I TOTALLY VOTED FOR YOU!

And he was.  And I did.

His smile was so genuine, and he was so very gracious TO THE LADY WITH BLADDER CONTROL ISSUES.

He was just adorable.

And in my defense, the bladder control products were not for me.  They were for Jensen’s night diapers for added protection because it was YOU ALL that led me to that type of product when the dad-gum grocery store stopped carrying diaper inserts for added night time protection.

And that’s the truth.

And so, I went on my merry way. Happy that at last Podunk, Florida has something new to offer me.  I will be keeping my eyes peeled.  You never know what sort of citing I may find at the local Wal•Mart.

I mean, one celebrity sighting in 11 years.  We may just become the next entertainment capital of THE WORLD.

And I have a front row seat.  Padded.


7 Responses to Celebrity Sighting in Podunk, Florida

  • You are such a hoot! You really have a gift. The fact that you can take every day stuff and turn it into something hilarious is a real talent. So do you keep your family laughing all the time? (of course laughing with you…not AT you:) The last sentence of this post cracked me up. Padded. hahahahaha. (Yeah, I know I’m easily amused. Hey, it was still funny!)

  • So, I have to ask…what about my personal all-time favourite, Tom Hanks? Did you ever see him in the wild?

    No, but that would have thrilled me to pieces. I did, however, pass Donna Dixon (his co-star in Bosom Buddies) on the sidewalk in Santa Monica one time. 🙂

  • And this is why I love you. I do carry my own absorbent material so no need to worry about me draining your supply.

    Go Jensen! Lets hope he doesn’t do what my guys do and gas the place. I really should stop letting them eat at Taco Bell but it’s so much fun to commando crawl through a green cloud screaming, “save yourselves!”

    Not that I would do that. Ahem! 🙂

  • I would so do that!!! Bladder protection and all. 😀

  • I have a friend who now lives in Malibu, and hearing of all his celebrity sightings is really fun! Like, filling up at the gas station next to Mel Gibson, or having some bigshot musician directing his daughter’s school musical. Since I am “stuck” in Arkansas… I must live vicariously through others! LOL.

  • He. Was. Awesome. And so glad you talked to him. It was a great blogging story and I needed the laugh today, but only with my padded protection!

  • LOL! That’s awesome and you never know! My dad sat next to Joe Demogio on an airplane back when he and Marlyn were a thing. My mom almost ran over Johnny Cash. My parents lived next door to Irlene Mandrell in laws and we got a picture of her holding my son when he was a baby. I used the ladies room with Madam Sadat and saw Peter Arnett dance like a fool. And there are a few more, but I’ve dropped too many names already.