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Endless Love

Jensen is still enamored with his first love, Minnie Mouse.  For his birthday earlier this year, his only request?  Not war gear.  Not GI Joe. Not Hot Wheels. Not a vacuum.  Not a toilet. Not even a dog.

(If you’ll recall, Jensen has spent a good deal of his 1st 4 years obsessed with vacuums and toilets.  And dogs.)

Jensen’s birthday request was simple.  A big Minnie Mouse.

With a blowed up dress.

We found such a Minnie Mouse at a garage sale, and I paid a whopping $10.00 for it.  Out of desperation.  She was sporting a purple polka dotted dress, with lacy white pantaloons underneath.  And she was nearly as big as Jensen.

Since I couldn’t machine wash her to rid her of the dreaded dust mites (because of her battery pack), I had to wrap her up in a garbage bag and stuff her into the freezer for 24 hours.

Not an easy feat, as our freezer is generally full of, you know, food.

Jensen adores her, and has since added a smaller stuffed Minnie Mouse to his beloved collection.  This one he can actually pick up and carry.  In relative anonymity.

Jensen’s boy cousins are horrified by this progression of events.  As they have taken on as their personal mission, the cultivating of Jensen’s testosterone.

When Jensen tells them that his favorite color is pink, they quickly bring out the camo and extol the virtues of the green and brown palette.

And when Jensen told them his favorite toy in the world was Minnie Mouse, the collectively slapped their own heads and knew that their work was cut out for them.

Fiddledaddy has told them not to worry.


Ask Jensen to tell you what he likes about Minnie Mouse.


And with that, he will demonstrate what happens when you twirl Minnie Mouse, to witness the white lacy pantaloons peaking out underneath.

“Oh.”  Nodding their heads as they all breathe a sigh of relief.

Yesterday we took Emme to the Magic Kingdom to celebrate her 10th birthday (another blog post in itself, as soon as I find the humor).  We ended the day in Mickey’s Toon Town to watch the fireworks.  We were directly across from Minnie’s house, which had since closed for the day.

Jensen thought he would just pay his beloved one more visit.


This is the picture that I will treasure when my Minnie Mouse loving boy grows taller than I am, and has long since put away his childish ways.


12 Responses to Endless Love

  • That picture is a gem. Treasure the moment.

    This, coming from a mother who’s baby boy just had his first shaving lesson with his father. I’m pretty sure it was just last week he was playing with trains and obsessed with wearing swimming goggles in public.

    Ah, motherhood. There’s nothing like it.

  • Awe… that is just so sweet! Well, till you got to the testosterone filled part about the pantaloons twirling up and all but still… awe!

  • Hysterical!!
    I wish my boys would fall in love with someone as harmless as miss Minnie.

  • Someday he’ll want to kill you for showing this to his girlfriend 🙂

  • Awww!! Trust me the stupid juice, aka testosterone, will show up all on it’s own and will do its thang.

    That will be blackmail picture at some point. May you treasure it and keep it in safe hiding. 🙂

  • Leave it to a man to find this particular “silver lining”.

    My youngest boy’s favorite color is pink too. He tends to find a lot of toys he enjoys in the “pink” aisle at the toy store (he loves horses).

    But he also has a massive fascination with cars, so his Daddy is happy.

  • Awww…I love this post!

  • I totally expect your next post to explain to us that you can not blog anymore because you are now gonna be a Disney Character full-time.

    I know you have acting aspirations, and in a suit, hey, who needs to be self-conscious about their thighs?

    I can tell you with 100% certainty that will never happen, my friend. When I was a starving actress in Hollywood 100 years ago, I worked for a children’s party company. I portrayed Big Bird, Minnie Mouse (don’t tell Jensen, because, eww, Oedipal complex and all that stuff…), plus a host of other headed characters.

    I equate that time of my life to what hell must be like. Those costumes are HOT. My heart goes out to anyone who works as a headed costumed character at Disney.

    And btw, I did have the opportunity to portray the princesses as well. Until I simply got too long in the tooth to pull it off anymore. And I began to not like children so much. I’m thinking this may morph into a blog post soon. 🙂


  • I love that you bought him the huge Minnie! I think too many parents worry about what toys their kids like, and I’ve especially run into that with our Christian friends. My thing is God didn’t say pink was for girls, in fact, for a long time, boys were dressed in pink!

    That pic is one to hide, because you’ll want to show it to his future wife, and chances are, he’ll want it destroyed (until he gets older and realizes it’s just something to laugh about, as he hides his huge Minnie in the attic out of sight, but where he can still visit her!).

  • Thanks for the Jensen post. I was wondering what he had been up to lately. Love..love…love the pic. I don’t know if you have Sam’s Club, but ours has a HUGE Minnie. It is about the size of a 5 year old. You might want to check it out.

  • My Alex loves Minnie Mouse, too!!! On Friday, we say a HUGE Minnie Mouse in SAMS. I think it was $50. or $60. bucks but it was all I could do to hold the thing. Alex said, Look mommy, it’s a big Minnie! I’m sure Jensen would love it!