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Operation Christmas Child

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Christmas is only 8 weeks away.  Plus a little change.

Does that strike fear into your heart?

I cannot even wrap my head around the fact the October is nearly over, especially since our temperatures have risen back up to the point that I break a sweat going out to retrieve the mail.

And that’s just wrong.

One clue that signals the start of the holiday season is the distribution of shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  Operation Christmas Child is sponsored by Samaritan’s Purse, and is frankly one of our very favorite children’s charities.

The premise behind Operation Christmas Child is to reach millions of children all over world.  Children who are impoverished and may not know the love of Christ.

Shoe box distribution begins at the grass roots level, through a church or other organization.  Volunteer families fill the shoe box with small gifts of toys, art supplies, basic hygiene needs, for example and choose the age and if the box is filled for a girl or a boy.  You can also include a family picture and letter for the child.

We’ll be filling boxes for our Awana group and the girl’s American Heritage Girls scouting troop this year.  Each year that we’ve done this project, my kids have thoroughly enjoyed hand selecting what should be carefully packed into their child’s shoe box.

I cannot tell you how many stories I’ve heard about a child receiving an Operation Christmas Child shoe box at Christmas time, and how that one small act of kindness completely changing the course of their life.

And as you might know that I’m a hot weeping mess every time our church shows the video announcing the start of Operation Christmas Child.

Blessed are the little children.

Last week at church, I heard about a little girl in our Awana group that inspired her entire elementary school to get involved in the program.

A public school.  And yes, it had to be approved by the School Board.  And it passed.  Which is astonishing since Operation Christmas Child is an evangelical Christian organization.

That made my heart happy.

For more information on how to get involved with Operation Christmas Child, please visit their website.  You can order free materials for your own group or church, or find out where the closest drop off location is.  The national collection week is November 16th through the 23rd.

As we get closer, I’ll share what my children have packed this year.  Jensen is even going to pack a shoe box.  I’ll have to inspect that particular box very very carefully.

He’s not above an attempt to ship a pesky older sister off to another country.


9 Responses to Operation Christmas Child

  • Mornin’ – yes my girls and I have so much fun packing shoeboxes. It’s such a great idea!

  • We just packed our boxes this weekend!

  • Awesome! Have done the shoe boxes for years. Also love the Samaritan’s Purse Christmas Catalog where one can buy things for others around the world. ( a goat? a chicken? money towards a new church building? fresh water?) Making a real difference while reaching the world for Christ.

  • We’re doing it with our MOPS group. Every time I see the videos of those little faces it makes me cry. They just don’t have anything- and watching their faces light up when they get their boxes… it just brings tears to my eyes!!

  • We love Samaritan’s Purse OCC! Our church loads a huge moving truck and takes it to the Charlotte, NC headquarters.

    It is always fun to packthe boxes and talk to my kids about GIVING (instead of “what they want”) to kids who have real, live NEEDS.

    Glad you are supporting, and don’t pack any live animals, Jensen. We wouldn’t want a worldwide frog epidemic that originated in Armpit. Fla!

  • Thanks for the reminder. I have had the boxes for a while now, and they’re about half filled. I gotta get on that asap. I love Samaritan’s Purse.

    On another note: Think we’ll be sweating on Halloween, huh…

  • OCC is such a great activity and a wonderful teaching tool for old and young alike. We participate every year at out small church and it just feels so good to help even with 60 boxes being filled. Amazingly, our school’s student council is asking for donations this year to participate as well….a public elementary school!

    It’s about that time to start tearing up here as well, we show the video this upcoming Sunday!! 🙂

  • Oh, i loved packing shoe boxes a few years ago! We’ll have to do that again! Thanks for the reminder.

  • We love AWANA at our church too! A few of the public schools here used to do this project, but it was nixed several years ago, which was kind of sad. But the community and the churches still really get behind it!

    Thanks for linking up to the carnival, and be sure to tell others about the prizes if they post!