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Shoot Me


I shot the ancillary video for Mom’s Homeroom today.  And by ancillary, I mean that it will be a short video which will support an upcoming topic on organization.

I just like to say ancillary, because it’s a) technical sounding, and b) it took me a really long time to pronounce it correctly, so now I like to show off my newfound skill.

Nervous doesn’t even begin to describe me as the day of the shoot drew near.  I find it hard to believe that I once craved being either on a stage or in front of a camera.  I’ve said it a billion times, I love hiding behind my keyboard.  I’m a wee more articulate.

And have fewer hair issues.

I had the pleasure of working with Alba, the homeschooling Homeroom Mom.  I ADORE her.  She put me right at ease, and her enthusiasm for homeschooling is exhilarating.


Oh.  I jest.

Boarding schools are never inexpensive.

Anyhoo.  My hair wasn’t cooperating so I had to wear it up.  Accentuating my pointy head.  I had not choice.  The static electricity in the air was making me look like a science experiment from the neck up.

We shot at Trish’s house, because we’re still dealing with flooring issues at the House of Fiddle.  Trish’s house was IMMACULATE when we arrived.  And I must have forgotten to inform her that when a film crew comes into your home, it’s gonna get redecorated.

She and her family were VERY good sports about the whole thing.  I so owe her.  Not just for opening up her home, but for wrangling all the kids and dogs.  And yes, that does include Jensen.

The crew could not have been nicer.  And they were still speaking to me when I finished the shoot, so you know THAT THEY ARE REALLY REALLY NICE FOLKS.

I suppose I did okay.  What with all the FAST TALKING THAT INCLUDED A LOT OF WILD GESTURING.  And I may have uttered the popular phrase “pimp my ride” but I’m hoping that can be fixed in editing.

We talked about organization, and the Workbox System, and how INVALUABLE the online community is in their support of one another.  And boy oh boy can I ever vouch for that!  You guys are the BEST whenever I come to you needing ideas and help!

All in all, it was a fun day and it’s always good for me to be blasted from my comfort zone and to wear my big girl bra out in public.

And now I’ll happily slide back behind my keyboard, wearing my bunny slippers and red rhinestone eye glasses.

Where I hardly ever get nervous and say inappropriate stuff.

And yes, I’ll warn you all when (and if) my little ancillary video airs on Mom’s Homeroom.


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