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How many cable guys does it take to install a TiVo?

Apparently, it takes 4.  Because that’s how many cable guys were standing in my family room last week.

And it took one of them 3 consecutive days to get everything set up correctly.  I felt like I needed to set a place for him at dinner.  Just when we were getting use to having him around, he finished the job, and was out of our lives.

TiVo was something that Fiddledaddy has been campaigning for and when he tried to explain how it all works, my eyes rolled to the back of my head, signaling that it was time for him to stop.

In a nutshell.  It’s a fancy television recording device.

And it’s smart.  Scary smart.

The last time I had the ability to record something on television was with our old VCR, and the year was 19 and something.

I don’t know why the setup was such an issue between All The Cable Guys and the TiVo apparatus.  I just know that had I not been home with the children, the cuss jar would have been filled to the brim.

But now it works, and while I pretend not to care about this new fangled technology, I have been known to sneak a peak at the tutorial (fancy name for THIS IS HOW YOU WORK THE THING WITHOUT ACTUALLY HAVING TO READ THE DIRECTIONS.)

And directions?  I am not a fan.

I can tell you that this TiVo business is moron-proof.

I can record whatever the heck I want.  Without having to rely on the guy who carries the remote around in his pocket for fear I will screw something up.

But it also means that I’m going to have to exercise a little self control, or my television viewing will eat into valuable blogging time.  And the rest of my life that happens only when the children are blissfully unconscious.

On a bright note, I have absolute power over what the children watch on television.  They can’t get out of “Kidzone” without the super secret password, and the only shows we have recorded in the “Kidzone” are ones that we’ve previewed and okayed by committee.

Committee meetings, btw, generally occur over a carton of no-sugar added ice cream.  After hours.

Below is my short list of stuff I’m recording, but may never have time to watch:

•  Biggest Loser (a guilty pleasure)
•  FlashForward (by the makers of Lost, so it had me at hello)
•  Giulianna & Bill – Style Network  (okay, I’m not a fan of this type of reality show, but these two make me laugh out loud)  (And I can’t believe I’m admitting that I watch this)
•  Glee (love the music, but I watch to see what Sue Sylvester will say and do next – she is brilliant)
•  The Brady Bunch (I’d like to say that I’m recording it just for the children..but that would be a lie)

My television tastes are eclectic and confusing.

So, what’s stored on your TiVo, or DVR, or VCR, or whatever?


19 Responses to Tee-Vogue

  • We DVR instead of TiVo. I just posted on this very same thing–the aspect of History channel and Discovery channel offerings that help make homeschooling a little more cool. We love various Food Network shows, and I’m a fan of Fringe, Monk, House and Bones.

    But the zooming through the commercials and fluff–AWESOME. Worth the monthly cost.

  • We DVR also…lots of Food Network things like The Next Iron Chef, Dinner Impossible, Extreme Cuisine. My daughter and I also love all of the Challenges because they usually involve sugar and icing.

  • Oh, and one thing we use the DVR for is to watch anything–whether it be news or the evenings sitcoms–after the kids are in bed. In pre-DVR days, we always felt like we rushed bedtime just so we could get to our shows (how sad is that??). Now with DVR, it doesn’t matter when you sit down to watch them, they’re there. Ahhh…technology! 🙂

  • FlashForward is awesome! That one’s on my DVR too, and always gets watched. Along with Grey’s Anatomy.

    Others that I DVR, and watch if I have free time (or need to fold laundry or iron clothes) are Private Practice and Brothers and Sisters. Private Practice because of the frequent Grey’s crossovers (otherwise I’m not really a fan) and Brothers and Sisters because I’m a huge Sally Field fan (I want to age a good as she has) and an even bigger Rob Lowe fan (in my dreams, sigh).

    Also included in the list for my teenage boys are The Office (which I don’t get at all) and Smallville.

    The other night I was upstairs in the bedroom doing something and turned on Greys Anatomy during the actual broadcast time. On the TV without DVR. At almost every commercial break I grabbed the remote and tried to fast forward through the commercials! Too funny!

  • I feel like we watch a little less TV with the Tivo. We don’t often just sit down to watch TV, and get hooked on random shows. We watch what we’ve recorded.

    So You Think You Can Dance is one of my favorites. The Office. Friends reruns.

  • I don’t have anything stored, but I don’t like to miss Fringe, The Amazing Race, or my husband’s favourite, Flashpoint. I’m trying to get into FlashForward because one son and his wife love it, but so far it’s not catching me.

  • We don’t have one! Dave has been campaigning for at least a year to get DVR, but he still can’t tell me WHEN he’s going to watch all these shows he never has time to watch.

  • Confessions of a DVR addict:

    We got a DVR about 5 years ago. At first I used it constructively. It allowed me to control my viewing schedule. When I had time to watch TV, my shows would be waiting.

    Little by little I found more great shows to record. My husband found a way to record two channels at once. I am also a SAH homeschooling mom. I found myself making time in my busy schedule to watch more TV. All of those great shows were sitting there, recorded, calling my name. My 10 minute lunch break (after feeding the family) extended to 45 minutes (free time for the kids) so I could fit in a commercial free Bones.

    Lately we began a David Ramsey change in our household attempting to save money and become debt free. (Warning: Don’t watch Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University unless you are ready to make some PAINFUL changes.) We also grudgingly made the decision that we wasted too much family time on TV. After prying the DVR remote from my hands, my husband revealed how we can watch a many of our favorite shows by attaching our laptop to the TV. There are also shows online that the kids love. However the extra step helps us keep TV time to a mininum. The twitching is starting to fade, and the $1000 per year we are saving is a little comforting. But just a little…

  • We did the tivo thing but then graduated to Dish. I still want to know why we have 9,000 channels and can’t find anything to watch? Shows stored on my Dish DVR…

    CSI-Vegas, and NY
    Heroes-Hubs’ -I can’t get into it
    We Are Marshall
    Dirty Dancing
    Wipe Out- the boys love it
    The Next Iron Chef

  • Sniff…we don’t have one…YET! I’m looking forward to getting one soon though because we are buying ourselves a flat screen TV and hey gots to have all the fancy stuff to go with it. =D

  • Diego, Dora, Tom & Jerry, Glenn Beck, some random weird movies my hubby records and never watches, Biggest Loser (LOVE IT, HATE Jillian – but only when she is trying to kill me personally – I love her on the show when she’s screaming at other people!))

    So happy to welcome you to the new and wonderful world of dvrs. 🙂

  • The TiVo has saved my sanity. There is so little on TV that I want to watch, it’s so nice to pick and choose and then I can watch it when I have the time. I love the Cake Boss, The Duggar Family, (i used to love Jon and Kate but they are just sad now), That 70’s Show (my kids are grown and gone), The HGTV home remodel and International shows, Andy Griffith, I Love Lucy, Reba, Friends, and I wish TV Land would start back showing Dick Van Dyke already! Oh, and Little House on the Prairie. I dont get to watch half of what I tape, but just knowing I could, you know?

  • Well, we don’t have tivo or dvr. I hulu. My sister introduced me to hulu.com and I’ve been addicted ever since. I’m a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan. My son and I watch Dancing with the Stars together after the girls go to bed. And some of my other hulu favs are Greek, Glee, 10 Things I Hate About You, and Private Practice. I do have to wait until the day after they air on tv but it’s free!

  • oh lord i watch too much
    general hospital is recorded daily, csi miamis, ghost hunters, my antonio, tool academy, star wars clone wars cartoons, pink panther cartoons, the entire monday night cbs lineup…
    when its on big brother,
    top chef, food network, real stories from the ER, the dallas cowboy cheerleader tryouts, worlds strictest parents
    and the fri night syfy lineup for hubby.

  • That’s a short list for me:
    I’m not a fan of ANY of the reality shows.

  • We had DVR for two months, and I couldn’t find anything to watch. I recorded a few episodes of the Twilight Zone, but didn’t watch them much, and some Popeye and other cartoons for the kids, but again, rarely watched, so we cancelled.

  • Oh I am not sure where I would be without my DVR!!! This little device has helped my relationship with my husband tremendously! LOL I record the things *I* want to watch and then I can hand the remote to him and let him watch his own stupid, errr, man shows. That way, I can spend my days popping bon bons and watching MY stuff.
    These are the shows that I have set to record~The Hills (don’t judge!), 18 Kids and Counting, The Cleaner, Cold Case, The Dish (I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show~It makes me laugh out loud EVERY single episode!!). I am sure there are more and as I read the list it sounds like I am a TV addict. But I am not…OK, maybe a little.

  • Welcome to the cult. I’ve been a TiVo fan for a number of years. We just upgraded to the one that will record two shows simultaneously, you know because the Ratings people sometimes pit two of my favorite shows against eachother. Last week’s Thursday Thirteen was 13 things on my TiVo. Indeed it is an eclectic mix!!! =0)

  • Sadly I don’t own any of those fancy high tech stuff. So I’ve decided to superglue my bee-hind to the couch so I don’t miss must see TV. It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make once LOST comes back on.

    Thank goodness this is the end of it or I was going to have to hurt someone. Can’t take the cliff hangers no mo’. It’s causing my brain to cramp and then I get hit with who-cares-itis. There is no cure for that, btw.