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So Not Ready For My Close-Up

I’m going to be filming an ancillary video for an upcoming episode of Mom’s Homeroom next week.  Which is AWESOME since I lost my mind and gave my bangs a little self trim yesterday.  Before coffee.  While in the throws of a fever.

I get my best ideas when I’m feverish.  And uncaffeinated.

I’ve been comfortably seated behind the scenes of Mom’s Homeroom moderating the message boards.  A job I love.  And not just because I can do it in my camo pjs, without makeup, when my hair is doing its best Rosanne Rosannadanna impression.

I’m more than a little nervous to step in front of the cameras again.  Since we’re filming at my SIL, Trish’s house, I have considered hiring her as my body double.

No one will know.  Except that she’s a good foot taller than I am.  And younger.  And skinnier.  And she doesn’t cut her own hair.  But other than that, we could be twins.

They’ve asked me to do the video as a homeschool mom to discuss creative ways to help kids stay organized.  And we’ll be discussing the workbox system, I’m sure.

And my use of bribery and threats of boarding school in a really harsh climate.

Oh, just kidding.  Sort of.

To prepare I’m going to go to the beauty parlor tomorrow morning.  To see if anyone can fix my bangs and cut off some of the unfortunate layering that has plagued me since my last visit to a different beauty parlor.

Oh yeah, and I’ll get myself nice and organized so that I can intelligently discuss organization.

And pray that I don’t get an eyebrow pimple.

I ain’t skeert.  Really…


4 Responses to So Not Ready For My Close-Up

  • I’m not part of the homeschooling club (because I send my kids away to that den of sin called public school to be taught by strangers), but can I play in your homeschool games? (kind of like reindeer games, only nicer 😉 I would love to see your video when it’s done. I have a LOT of homeschooling friends btw!

  • Hmm – I’m planning to trim my own bangs tomorrow. So you’re saying that I should drink some caffiene & take some tylenol first? Ok – will do!

  • Okay. You. I love. I wish you lived next door to me. In Hawaii.