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It’s official.  Our dance card is full.  After a two week respite after the first quarter of school (in which I got NOTHING accomplished AT ALL…well, other than to look into the cost of boarding schools really really far away) we’re back in the swing of things this week.

And by swing I mean the swimming lessons, Awana, American Heritage Girls, my job, and general church functions on the weekend.  Oh yeah, and then there’s the whole homeschooling thing.  Just typing all of that made me very very tired.  And wishing that I had the ingredients to make myself a cocktail.

I’m a Sunday school teacher and Awana leader.  Just kidding about the cocktail.  Sort of.

But even Jesus turned water into wine. Just sayin’.

My schedule has made me a little tense.  And I wanted to share with you what I do to unwind.  Besides long for drinks which bear tiny umbrellas and have long frothy names.

I have a new iPhone.  Which I fear.  I almost always fear what I don’t understand.  Which says a lot about my relationship with technology.

Anyhoo.  I’ve gotten to the point where I can actually answer and make phone calls from my iPhone.  Which is always a step in the right direction when dealing with a phone.  And then Fiddledaddy introduced me to the wonderful and vast world of phone apps.  That’s technological lingo for APPLICATIONS.  I had to have that explained to me.

It started when Fiddledaddy found himself a light saber app for his phone.  I have no interest in this app.  In fact, a good deal of mocking may have occurred.

And then he showed me the app for Scrabble.  SCRABBLE?  I dearly love Scrabble.  But I don’t usually have a worthy opponent.  For the sake of our marriage, we have found it best if Fiddledaddy do not play Scrabble together.  Especially since he plays fast and loose with the rules.

Some people take long hot baths to relax.  I prefer to pull out 7 tiles and tax my brain in order to configure the best possible word combo which will net me a double word score.

I find my iPhone to be a most worthy opponent.  Even though it has been known to totally make up words.  But at least it doesn’t sigh in exasperation when I’m thoroughly thinking through my options.

Phone Scrabble is how I unwind when my spinning plate is overburdened.  It perplexes my husband.  But I maintain that it serves to extend the air of mystery that is me.

When life is flying down the road at full tilt, what do y’all do to unwind?


25 Responses to Unwound

  • Hang out on Facebook for awhile…oh yeah, I should be really relaxed by now!

  • Read your blog.
    Also, been riding horses since I was a kid. Although unwind might not be the exact word when injuries, mass quantities of cash and my competitive nature get involved.
    But who wants to get all technical, right?

  • words, pages, chapters, books……i love to read. And find it very “unwinding” worthy. Also, although I don’t have the iphone (yet) my husband gave me his old blackberry that was perfectly fine except the speaker was broken. Anyway, we didn’t continue the service on it, but I keep the battery charged so I play the games…WordMole is my favorite! I am constantly trying to beat my previous high score…kind of like with the atari and a mean game of Pitfall back in the day! 🙂

    How weird am I that I keep an old cell phone like we give to our kids to amuse theirself with pretending to talk on them? 🙂 But I feel certain you will understand and accept my weirdness! 🙂

  • Like Sara Joy said, I read your blog. It always makes me laugh and then I feel better. And I mean that in the best way. 🙂

  • The drink doesn’t sound half bad. Okay enough on that…
    I like to put on my pj’s, jump under the covers of my soft cozy bed and turn on George Lopez, Home Improvement, Everybody Love Raymond, The Cosby Show, The Nanny anything Nick at Night is playing actually. It’s the only time I get to watch the boob tube and I prefer to watch brain numbing sitcoms over anything else.

  • I love computer solitaire and spider. But just wastin’ time in general helps though it makes me less productive (hate that!). Usually when I’m really stressed, a good cry and a long nap help the most. (And if we’ve been reading your blog long enough, we know you imbibe! Just as long as you’re not doing it while you’re teaching the church kiddos!!) 🙂

  • Off topic, but do you think this counts for South Beach – it is cheesecake after all – http://bakingbites.com/2008/01/no-bake-vanilla-cheesecake-with-thin-mint-crust/


  • I play “Unblock Me” on my iPhone. My husband swears it causes me more stress, but I like to think it’s a different kind of stress, that takes away from the “regular” stress!

  • one of the most relaxing things i have found to do is spraying the flowers outside with the water hose. except for the strength it takes to move the water/garden hose around the yard the time spent here is quite enjoyable for me.

    so, go water the flowers/plants outside – hopefully you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    enjoying the blog!

  • Well, I’m here at Fiddledeedee while 4 little tornados swirl about me while we wait for departure time for a field trip. I am oblivious to the swirling because I am in Blogland. And THAT is what I do to unwind–at least in this season of life!

  • Scrapbook. Playing with paper and glue is a great way to unwind. When that doesn’t work, I escape to wherever a nice fiction book will take me.

  • Whenever I find that life is stressing me to the max, I like to try to find one of those people who says that working out is an enjoyable way to relieve stress. Then I punch that person in the face.

    Works every time.

    Really, thoguh, I pour myself a strong drink, like Coca Cola, and curl up with a great read. Or sometimes I just hide under the covers.

  • Read Harry Potter Books. Or Nora Roberts books. Or your blog, Pioneer Woman’s blog, BigMama or BooMama’s blog.

  • You know, for awhile, I was addicted to Animal Crossing on the Nintendo thingy. Because when I cleaned up the weeds or rearranged my house, it stayed nice and clean (unlike my real house).

    Otherwise, I do crafts. I make things to compensate for all the destruction caused by the small people in my house.

    It’s all about control, even if it’s only imagined.

  • I love Scrabble! I’ve been known to play a good game too 😉 We should start a game on FB. It’s convenient because you can play one word a day. The game might take 3 weeks, but you have all day to find the perfect word (and cheating is on the honor system…I don’t cheat!)
    I wish my husband would let me get an iphone. He’s just afraid I would never actually talk to him then (unless it was on the iphone.)
    Let me know if you want to ever play Scrabble online!!

  • I’m old fashioned and love to read a good book for pleasure. (For my job right now I need to read a lot of professional books and I do not find that as relaxing. ) I like real books with pages not the Kindle or whatever is the newest thing.
    I also love to sit and watch TV or a movie and cross-stitch.

  • I read blogs, and Christian fiction! It takes me to another place…far away from my own stresses!

  • I love to pretend shop!! I love to go to websites like Gymboree, Children’s Place, Hanna Anderson and Gap Kids and fill my virtual shopping cart full of goodies. I analyze outfits and prices and sales and promocodes and then……I take a deep breath…sigh…kick back and close the internet tab without ordering a ” durn thing”. Its so relaxing. A girl can dream can’t she!!

  • Oh please, please, PLEASE say you’ll play iPhone/Facebook Scrabble with me! Please!

    Oh…to unwind…I like to watch my minions clean the dungeon…when I don’t have them duct-taped to the wall.

  • Well, I generally bake. Oh yes, I’m that person who always has too many cookies and brownies, but God do the neighbors love me. Or bake bread, because quite frankly, when you’re stressed, there is nothing like kneading bread dough.

    I have resisted the iPhone, but my husband may cave when he realizes that there is a light saber app. So I won’t tell him.

    We play fast and loose with scrabble, which works for us. But it makes us giggle when others find out we like the game and we have to explain we cheat. A lot. And we like it that way.

  • Wordpopper is good too! (another app). And freeeeee! The best price of all. : )

  • I read blogs. For a very long time yours was the only one I ever read. But you introduced me to a few others through your sidebar blog list you used to have. now I read PW too and Sara’s In the Midst, and Bring the Rain by Angie Smith, as well as yours. Started one of my own but don’t post very often.
    I also like to read books. Just finished Crazy Love by Francis Chan… very good read.
    I’ve got to say the best stress relieving post I ever read of yours had me in tears I was laughing so hard…. the one about the taser gun.

  • I play Scrabble on my phone, too. But, mine is just a plain ol’ phone, not an iphone. 🙂 Occasionally, I challenge my hubby to a game (on the phone, player to player) and things can get a little ugly. But yeah, if I can’t get to sleep or need to chill out, Scrabble is a great stress-reliever!

  • DeeDee,

    I play Scrabble on the computer. I have been playing for about two years. My sisters and I and my mom will challenge each other from time to time or I will play strangers. Usually, I play 10 minute games. You are timed. The site is ISC or Internet Scrabble Club and it keeps your ranking. It is stress relief for me and fun to chat with my sister who lives 200 miles away. I do not play everyday, but my mom does. If I see fiddle anything on the site I will challenge hoping to play you. My scrabble user name is dedeo. Dee

  • I play Bejeweled Blitz on my iTouch. Love it.